Catherine Tate’s Weight Gain: Has She Gained Weight?

Derick Scholz

Catherine Tate's Weight Gain: Has She Gained Weight?

Catherine Tate’s weight gain speculations took over the internet after her recent appearance at the BAFTAs and Eurovision. In both events, the comedian was dressed in extremely tight dresses which made her look much bigger than before. This made many think that Catherine Tate has undergone weight gain since the last time we saw her. However, some argued that she was larger just in the chest area because of a boob job.

Catherine Tate rose to fame in 2004 when she appeared in the BBC sketch comedy series The Catherine Tate Show. The comedian won numerous awards and received nominations for an International Emmy Award and seven BAFTAs for her performance in the sketch show. After the show ended, she went into acting and starred as Donna Noble in the 2006 Christmas special of Doctor Who. She reprised the role later on and became the Tenth Doctor’s regular companion for the fourth series in 2008.

She recently reunited with her Doctor Who costar David Tenant in the BAFTAs 2023 but their reunion was overshadowed by the speculations of her weight gain. She was wearing a figure-hugging dress in which she looked very much full everywhere, especially in the chest area. Let’s discuss Catherine Tate’s weight gain or was it just a boob job?

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Did Catherine Tate Have Weight Gain? Or Was It Just a Boob Job?

Catherine Tate has sparked weight gain speculations after her appearance at the BAFTA 2023. She looked much bigger than the last time we saw her and fans are curious to know what caused her to gain weight.

Catherine Tate sparked weight gain speculations after she appeared at the BAFTAs in an extremely tight dress.
Catherine Tate sparked weight gain speculations after she appeared at the BAFTAs in an extremely tight dress.
Image Source: Radio Times

Catherine Tate has always been a woman of average size with wide hips and she has never been known to have many weight fluctuations. There was a time when her weight used to be often discussed and her size would always come up when she was brought up. There used to be a lot of weight gain and weight loss speculations about her about a decade ago because it looked to people as though she seemed to be a different size every time they saw her.

However, that was back when she was doing The Catherine Tate Show, and what people perceived of her looking a different size – sometimes thin, sometimes fat – was just her in different sketches. Many of the viewers were like ‘I can never decide if she is a thin girl padding herself for some sketches, or if she puts on and sheds off weight too fast?’ One week, she had a very slim figure and then the next, she looked like she had a drastic weight gain. This used to baffle her fans.

Some even joked that there was no real Catherine Tate and that it was just a series of her clones that vary in size and stature. However, the ‘mystery’ about her size difference and her rapid weight gain and weight loss was all along that she would wear padding to play some of the characters in different sketches and that she was always of average size. It should not have even been a discussion because people should have realized that it was all for her sketch.

Her weight gain in different sketches was never real like it is now. Though there were many pointless discussions about her weight and size a decade ago, they never had any substance. Only recently is there something to talk about because from her recent appearances, it looks like Catherine Tate has definitely gained weight. She was featured in Eurovision 2023 and the very next day, she attended the BAFTAs as well. And the difference in her figure was very noticeable.

Catherine Tate looked much larger in the chest area which made many think she had a boob job and not weight gain.
Catherine Tate looked much larger in the chest area which made many think she had a boob job and not weight gain.
Image Source: The US Sun

Catherine Tate reunited with her Doctor Who co-star David Tenant at the star-studded ceremony and fans were over the moon to see them together after so long. However, not all of them were interested to see them reunite because a lot of them were distracted by her ‘legendary cleavage.’ Yeah, nobody missed that she was wearing an extremely figure-hugging dress and that she looked much bigger than how she looked the last time we saw her. How much weight gain did she have, some fans wondered.

However, some wondered if Catherine Tate had a boob job because if you look at her more closely, she did not look huge overall. It was just her breasts that looked too big. The rest of her does not seem to have changed much and if it wasn’t for her squeezing her curves into that green leopard print dress, people would have noticed that sooner. Wearing a figure-hugging dress can make it appear as if you are fuller everywhere which seemed to have sparked weight gain speculations about her.

But Catherine Tate does not look much different except she’s been flaunting her cleavage and new much bigger breasts. She has been gaining weight over the years over several years now but nothing looked drastic as it does now. If she gained weight, it just went to her breasts because the rest of her looks the same size. Or she did not have a weight gain and she just got a boob job.

If Catherine Tate did have a weight gain, it was not recent. She has been looking much larger in recent years compared to when she was younger. Maybe she’s just getting bigger with age. Until she says it herself, we cannot be sure about that.