Chris Evans’ Plastic Surgery Might Not Be Very Subtle After All!


Chris Evans does not appear to have had plastic surgery but he has definitely had it. – Chris Evans might not look like he’s had plastic surgery but a lot of people seem to believe he has had subtle cosmetic work. The Captain America star allegedly has gotten Botox a nose job, fillers, an eyelift, plugs, and laser treatments. Chris Evans has never responded to such plastic surgery speculations. 

Chris Evans rose to international fame when he first portrayed Steve Rogers / Captain America in Captain America: The First Avenger. Even now, his worldwide recognition comes from playing one of the superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) films. It also established him as one of the world’s highest-paid actors. Comic book roles have always done well by him. He was much praised for his performance as Human Torch in Fantastic Four and his appearances in film adaptations of TMNT, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and Snowpiercer, also garnered him a lot of attention.

Chris Evans has equally shined in non-comic book roles as well. He really delivered in the drama Gifted, he was very charming and elusive in the mystery film Knives Out, he was very intense in the television miniseries Defending Jacob, and he was perfect in the action film The Gray Man. He is a brilliant performer and very handsome as well, speaking of which, do you think he has had plastic surgery? He doesn’t look like he has had cosmetic treatments at all, does he? But does that mean that he’s all-natural?

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Chris Evans’ Plastic Surgery: He Looks Natural But Is He Natural?

Chris Evans (@chrisevans) is suspected of having refined his looks with the aid of plastic surgery including Botox, a nose job, fillers, an eyelift, and hair plugs.

Chris Evans has had too many subtle plastic surgery procedures. houseandwhips.comChris Evans has had too many subtle plastic surgery procedures.
Image Source: Vanity Fair

The Captain America star is the epitome of a Hollywood hunk. There was not a single person in America who didn’t fall for his gorgeousness when he was in his prime. I doubt there’s anyone now who can just look at him and not think about how handsome he is. The only difference is that, now that he’s older, people think his refined looks are to be credited partly to plastic surgery whereas when he was young, the thought of him having cosmetic works never occurred to anybody.

Even now, Chris Evans looks very natural but only to the untrained eye. Those who are more into pop culture and are used to the nitty-gritty of cosmetic treatments believe that he has had subtle work done to refine his appearance. They are very observant and the things they have pointed out about his looks do seem to have altered the way he looks as subtly as possible. So, he may not be natural after all. He might really have taken the aid of plastic surgery as he grew old.

Not that Chris Evans would have been anything but a silver fox even if he had aged naturally but I can’t imagine how hard it must be to age for someone who was once considered the most handsome man and see that handsomeness slipping away with youth. I think the pressure of Hollywood got to him which made him go the route of plastic surgery. He’s definitely had lots of stuff done. He looks too polished as in to make him look more youthful and that’s how you know that he is not natural.

Chris Evans Possibly Has Had Too Many Subtle Plastic Surgery Procedures!

For one, have you noticed that Chris Evans‘ cheeks look tighter and higher than when he was 30? Also, there’s something about his eyes too. He seems to have had an eyelift. Just compare his pictures of when he was young and his recent photos and take note of the outer corners of his eyes. It was droopy before whereas now, it seems to have been lifted. If you dissect the before and after pictures more closely, you will notice that the Knives Out star plastic surgery might not be very subtle after all.

Chris Evans has had Botox, fillers, a nose job, an eyelift, and more. houseandwhips.comChris Evans has had Botox, fillers, a nose job, an eyelift, and more.
Image Source: Us Weekly

You would probably be like ‘However could I miss this obvious nose job’ when it was as clear as day! Speaking of his nose job, yeah, isn’t it obvious? He already had a beautifully shaped nose but I guess, for him, it was not thin enough because he went on to get it slimmed down. Compare his old pictures and more recent ones and you will see that it’s very noticeable how the sides of his nose have been shaved down to be narrower and less bulbous. It looks more amorphous now but also too thin. And it’s all thanks to Chris Evans’ plastic surgery, of course!

Also, there are chances that he has gotten hair plugs because his hairline was already pretty high when he was young, it was already receding, and he really should have gone bald by now (he has spoken about his struggle with hair loss) but now, his hair has gotten thicker and his hairline is lower. He may have dyed his hair as well. And he seems to have had fillers as well, going by how tiny his eyes look and how swollen his cheekbones look. I can’t remember why people ever thought that Chris Evans looks natural and is without any plastic surgery.

They should have been able to tell it from the smoothness of his face alone. He has most likely had Botox and other works like microneedling and laser treatments to prevent wrinkles on his face. He has never admitted to it but does he really need to? Can’t we tell by ourselves? Also, only a handful of mainstream celebs ever bother to respond to the speculations of cosmetic treatments because they like ‘being natural’ more than anyone. Chris Evans has never confirmed or denied plastic surgery but don’t expect him to and believe what you see.