Jamie Lynn Sigler Had a Nose Job At The Age of 16!

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Jamie Lynn Sigler's nose job is very obvious and well-done. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Jamie Lynn Sigler has gotten one of the best nose job procedures in Hollywood. The actress had a very big and curved nose in the pilot of The Sopranos but by the time the first episode was shot, she had straightened and slimmed down her nose. Jamie Lynn Sigler has never admitted to having a nose job but it’s very obvious that she has had it.

Jamie Lynn Sigler had her breakout role at a very young age which is the most prominent role she’s ever done and which gets her the most recognition even today. She was the perfect cast to portray the character of Meadow Soprano, the daughter of New Jersey mob boss Tony Soprano in the HBO series The Sopranos. She did a brilliant job in the series and nothing she has done since then comes close to that role in terms of popularity. She cemented her legacy with that one in one of the greatest television series of all time.

Jamie Lynn Sigler also garnered a lot of appreciation for her acting chops when she did theater. She played the titular role in Cinderella on tour and at The Theater at Madison Square Garden and she played Belle in Beauty and the Beast on Broadway as well. She is a fantastic performer and she has a very versatile range. She’s also very beautiful. Many people claim plastic surgery is to be credited for her beauty, especially her nose job, and we shall be talking about it today.

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Jamie Lynn Sigler’s Nose Job: When Did She Get Rhinoplasty?

Jamie Lynn Sigler (@jamielynnsigler) underwent a nose job when she was very young and it changed her appearance significantly. People have been obsessed with her plastic surgery ever since.

Jamie Lynn Sigler has had a very obvious and well-done nose job.
houseandwhips.comJamie Lynn Sigler has had a very obvious and well-done nose job.
Image Source: CNN

Even though The Sopranos star has never admitted to having cosmetic work on her nose, it forms most of the discourse related to her because people can never forget how she had the most dramatic transformation after her rhinoplasty. Usually, people want confirmation or denial of their suspicion about a celebrity’s possible plastic surgery but not in Sigler’s case because, with her, they are certain that she had a nose job because they have been witness to her procedure.

Not to say that people were literally in the operating room with Jamie Lynn Sigler when she was having her nose done but you really didn’t have to be in the room with her to know that. The shape and the structure of her nose completely changed and she went from having a very unconventional large nose to having a perfect straight and narrow one. Nobody could miss her nose job because it wasn’t exactly subtle. She was not going for minor tweaks, she was going for a small nose with the plastic surgery.

Also, Jamie Lynn Sigler couldn’t stay under the radar with her rhinoplasty because of the timing of it. She had her original large nose when she shot the pilot of The Sopranos in 1997. The rest of the season was filmed later in 1998 and in between that time, she changed her nose so, it was very noticeable when the viewers watched the show and she looked like a different person in the pilot and the first episode. Some were unable to recognize her and thought that they had cast a new actress. It took some time for them to register that it was the same actress but before and after a nose job.

Somebody mentioned that you could see an incision on her nose in the fifth episode when Jamie Lynn Sigler’s character Meadow asks her father Tony if he was in the mob. Give it a rewatch and you will indeed see a scar. Many have argued that she possibly couldn’t have gotten plastic surgery because she was only 16 at the time she shot the pilot. But what else could explain the scar and the fact that her nose changed completely? It was too big and I think it pushed her to get a nose job.

Why Did Jamie Lynn Sigler Get a Nose Job?

Jamie Lynn Sigler had a very big and curved nose before she got it straightened and slimmed down. houseandwhips.comJamie Lynn Sigler had a very big and curved nose before she got it straightened and slimmed down.
Image Source: New York Post

The entertainment industry is very shallow and judgemental and big noses have always been mocked and considered ugly. And she was 16 at the time and was pursuing a career in showbiz and she was not totally wrong in thinking that her nose would hold her back. So, ultimately, at a very young age, she made a decision to have her nose altered and it turned out fine. In an ideal world, Jamie Lynn Sigler would have been appreciated for her unconventional looks and acting skills and she would not have to have a nose job but in the real world, even though she had plastic surgery so young, it turned out well.

Also, sooner or later, the actress would have gotten it either way because the kinds of things people say about large noses especially her before nose in particular are very harsh and cruel. Here’s what one troll wrote in a discussion forum,

I was watching sopranos season 1 and she had a curved nose, and was disgustingly ugly in season 1 and as the seasons went on she became much better looking. Her nose was disgusting and she looked like a witch or something, im amazed how she looked back then vs now.

You have to have the thickest skin to not get a nose job if people were saying what they say about Jamie Lynn Sigler’s nose.

Did you ever notice she [Jamie] was the only motherf*cker who could smoke a cigarette in the rain with her hands tied behind her back? That nose was like a natural canopy.

Even the kindest comments about her plastic surgery were like,

She has one of the best and most needed nose jobs in Hollywood. To the people that say she didn’t need it – oh please sthu – her old nose did not belong on her face.

Jamie Lynn Sigler would never have made it through The Sopranos without getting a nose job if she hadn’t gotten one during the pilot.

Just started rewatching the show now and that beak of hers always throws me. It is a bit sad, that the chick had to go have plastic surgery at 18 years old, but on the other hand, what are you gonna do? Either you get rid of the schnoz and keep working, or you keep the schnoz and go into a different line of work.