Lynda Carter Has Never Considered Plastic Surgery!


Lynda Carter insists that she would never get plastic surgery. – Lynda Carter is never going to have plastic surgery because she is afraid of looking different and she has noticed that many people look creepy after they go under the knife. The Wonder Woman has had a little Botox and that’s it. She is suspected of having a facelift as well but she has never confirmed that. Lynda Carter has said that she has never considered plastic surgery. 

Lynda Carter is a pop culture icon and a legend. The actress cemented her legacy in Hollywood in the 1970s as one of the most celebrated superheroes with her unforgettable portrayal of Diana Prince / Wonder Woman in the live-action television series Wonder Woman. She infused the character she played which was based on the DC comic book fictional superhero character of the same name with so much fierceness, charm, intelligence, and strength, that it continues to inspire people to date. She became a symbol of courage and empowerment with that role.

Nobody imagined that Lynda Carter could ever embody such boldness when she emerged into the public consciousness when she was crowned Miss World USA in 1972 because she was so soft-spoken and charming. But she proved them wrong and showed the world that you can be strong and feminine. She didn’t win the Miss World and just finished in the top 15 but she successfully established herself as a beauty icon. As someone who used to be so revered for her beauty, it’s nice to see that she hasn’t resorted to plastic surgery to borrow her youth temporarily and is letting herself age naturally and gracefully. Let’s talk about that, shall we?

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Lynda Carter’s Plastic Surgery: What’s The Reason Behind Her Ageless Looks?

Lynda Carter (@reallyndacarter) has always said that she would never have plastic surgery but some people just don’t believe her and think that she has had a facelift. She has admitted to having Botox but she does not consider it surgery.

Lynda Carter says that she has never considered plastic surgery.
houseandwhips.comLynda Carter says that she has never considered plastic surgery.
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Isn’t it amazing how delightfully wonderful Wonder Woman looks? She was a beauty icon in her youth and she could very well be a beauty icon now because she does not look much different from how she was back. I mean, she has definitely aged but she has aged naturally and there’s a timeless beauty to her that only a few possess. She practically looks as though she has defied her age and she still has that charm she had when she was young. So, what’s the secret of her beauty? Is it plastic surgery? Or is it just her skincare regimen?

Well, if you ask Lynda Carter, she would say that cosmetic procedures have nothing to do with how she looks because she has not had them. So, what is it, you ask? Did beauty and youth embrace her just like she embraced the natural process of aging? It sounds good in theory but does it happen for real? If it does not happen, how does Carter manage to look so stunning? Surely, there must be some reason why she hasn’t ever considered getting any plastic surgery to turn back the hands of time as she said in a 2018 interview on Closer Weekly.

I’m just too afraid of looking different. I don’t think I’m ever going to go under the knife — I am what I am!

Lynda Carter did admit that she’s dabbled in “a little Botox” but that’s it. She also shared that she exercises on a Peloton bike to stay in shape. And that’s all she has to say about her beauty. She has looked the best she can which is amazing for a 72-year-old and that too, as she said, without changing her features permanently. Without getting any plastic surgery at a time when almost everyone in Hollywood has gotten work done.

Lynda Carter Insists That She Would Never Have Plastic Surgery!

Lynda Carter has said that true beauty comes from within. houseandwhips.comLynda Carter has said that true beauty comes from within. 
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Miss World USA 1972 seems to think that she does not need to have plastic surgery because according to her, true beauty comes from within.

We are still full-blooded women with the complexities we all have and the powerful inner selves we all have. That’s the part of ‘Wonder Woman’ that resounds in people — it’s that person inside of us who is so powerful that we create life. As I like to say, we are the mothers of all mankind!

Lynda Carter has always maintained that she would never go under the knife because she does not want to look unlike herself and plastic surgery is not known for making people look like themselves.

It is what it is. I’m not going to cut myself all the way up. With all that stuff, I’m too scared to look different, so I don’t think I will.

It helps that genes are on her side because it takes a lot more than just proper skin care to look the way she does at her age and not have to resort to plastic surgery. Also, she has seen a lot of people who have gone on to look creepy after getting cosmetic work. So, of course, she would want to avoid it. Lynda Carter said,

I think part of it is just genetic. And my dad looks really great. He’s 95, he looks fantastic. I know too many people who have jobs behind them and they look awful. I’m scared of looking creepy.

The actress has been very sure about not having plastic surgery but people don’t believe that she’s had nothing other than Botox and suspect that she has had a facelift. They might be wrong about this one because her face does not look too tight or pulled back in any way. Also, Lynda Carter really seems to have an aversion to cosmetic procedures.