Chris Mortensen’s Weight Loss: How Is His Health Now?

Derick Scholz

Chris Mortensen’s Weight Loss: How Is His Health Now?

Chris Mortensen, 71, has undergone massive weight loss ever since he was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2016. Even though he is in good health now, he has lost massive weight after all the treatments and medications. 

American journalist, Chris Mortensen, has been working for ESPN since 1991. Once an athlete, he started his journalism career after he realized he could not compete in any sports beyond high school.

Mortensen joined ESPN in 1991 and became one of the network’s most respected and renowned NFL reporters, covering numerous stories and providing analysis and commentary on a variety of NFL topics. Known for his deep connections within the league, his ability to get insider information on breaking news and rumors earned him huge respect from NFL enthusiasts.

Since he was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2016, Chris Mortensen has not been regular on the news coverage as much as he was before. However, he was there at ESPN’s NFL draft coverage on Thursday and many viewers have been pretty shocked by his appearance as he has lost massive weight. As a result, many people are curious to know if his health is the reason behind his weight loss or if there’s another reason. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Chris Mortensen’s Weight Loss: The 71-Year-Old ESPN Analyst Has Lost Significant Weight Ever Since He Was Diagnosed With Throat Cancer!

Together with fellow ESPN veteran Adam Schefter, Chris Mortensen covered the first day of the draft, and the two of them offered insightful analysis of what happened. On the other hand, many viewers were concerned about Chris’ health because of his significant weight loss appearance. Even though he has been recovering, his health is the primary reason for how he looks now.

Chris Mortensen before and after weight loss.Chris Mortensen before and after weight loss.
Image Source: HOUSE & WHIPS

Chris Mortensen has been in rehabilitation ever since he was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2016. He since has had his new, leaner body. Thankfully, Chris is still fighting cancer, but shortly after being given the all-clear, he started to see results from his therapy. he previously said:

I received very encouraging news last week from my oncologist team of doctors at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center that now enables me to completely focus on recovery rather than treatment. The Stage IV throat (oropharyngel) cancer that was diagnosed in early January and treated with intensive chemotherapy and radiation has been virtually reduced to zero detection of the disease through the latest scans and exams.

Some fans speculated that since this was the first time Chris was seen in a while that something might be wrong with his health as a result of his new physique. Fortunately, Chris had a large number of ardent supporters who clarified what had happened and expressed their pride in the reporter for his dedication to fighting his cancer. One user tweeted,

You can tell who the people are who haven’t been watching ESPN football for a couple of years. Chris Mortensen has looked like this for a few years, after kicking cancer’s a*s.

Similarly, another added, “Didn’t know Chris Mortensen had throat cancer. Glad he still doing what he [loves].”

Chris has been working at ESPN again since recovering from throat cancer and has been in good health for years. Chris’ appearance may have startled some fans who have not followed ESPN closely over the years, but they can relax knowing that he is still in excellent condition and that his weight loss is only a result of his diagnosis.

Chris Mortensen's latest appearance.Chris Mortensen’s latest appearance.
Image Source: Sports Spectrum

Since joining the network in 1991, Chris has established himself as a mainstay of their NFL coverage. He has been one of their longest-running analysts, so it’s obvious that he truly loves what he does and is quite skilled as a sports reporter and presenter. He will undoubtedly be a regular on ESPN’s coverage of the draft for the whole weekend, and ideally for many years to come. We wish him nothing but good health in the coming days.