Diane Abbott’s Weight Loss: Has She Lost Weight?


Diane Abbott's Weight Loss: Has She Lost Weight?

Diane Abbott appears to have undergone weight loss recently. These days, the politician is looking a lot slimmer than before when she had gone all bloated when her diabetes got out of control. Whether her weight loss has something to do with her treatment of diabetes, Diane Abbott has not said, and until she does, we won’t know how she lost weight.

Diane Abbott is currently under a lot of fire because of the anti-Semitic remarks and comments about there being a hierarchy of racism she made in an article she wrote for a newspaper. She has been in politics for very long. She has been a Member of Parliament (MP) for Hackney North and Stoke Newington since 1987. So, nobody expected her to make such a big mistake.

Anyway, this controversy has brought her to the forefront of the media which has shed light on her new appearance and weight loss. She appears to have lost weight. Nowadays, she is looking a lot slimmer than how she looked a few years ago. Let’s discuss Diane Abbott’s weight loss!

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Diane Abbott’s Weight Loss: The Politician Appears to Have Gotten a Lot Thinner Than Before!

So, Diane Abbott (@officialhackneyabbott) hasn’t been having the best time lately. She made an article for a newspaper about racism in which she made some comments that have been perceived to be anti-Semitic and she also talked about there being a hierarchy of racism which didn’t go down well with a lot of people. Now, she’s been suspended as a Labor MP.

Diane Abbott seems to have undergone weight loss recently. 
Diane Abbott seems to have undergone weight loss recently. 
Image Source: BBC

She may have been having a rough time but she doesn’t look like she’s having a rough time. If you have seen Diane Abbott recently, then you might have noticed that she looks very different and a bit brighter from how she looked a few years ago. You might have observed, in particular, that she has gotten a lot slimmer than before. Do you remember how she looked in 2017 when her diabetes had gotten out of control? She gained so much weight back then and looked very heavy and bloated. Now, she’s had a weight loss and she looks much like she did before.

Now, Diane Abbott seems to have gotten her diabetes under control because if weight loss is not the sign that she has gotten healthier since then, what is it? She had never been obese and when she gained weight, it was most likely due to diabetes as it was around the time when she got diagnosed with that. So, now that she’s lost weight, it has to be because of the change in his health condition.

Many people, on having seen how Diane Abbott recently, noted that she was looking very bright and perky and they also observed that she had gotten almost back to her old self (pre-diabetes) after losing weight. They could see the weight loss because everybody could tell that she was unwell when all of a sudden, she gained weight and started behaving erratically like she was distracted all the time and kept on rambling.

As it turned out, the politician had been battling some health problems then. It was in 2017 when Diane Abbott revealed she has Type 2 diabetes. She was not fine and too unwell to the point that it essentially hampered her political career. She even said that her health condition forced her to take a break from the election campaign. The deterioration in her health condition really showed in her body with weight gain.

Diane Abbott's weight loss likely happened because she got her diabetes under control.
Diane Abbott’s weight loss likely happened because she got her diabetes under control, many observers believe.
Image Source: Yahoo News

She had been diagnosed with the condition two years before but it only got “out of control” during the election campaign. She gave some faltering performances then because of her health condition. Not that she is doing much better now that she’s in a much better place health-wise (her weight loss has to mean that, right). But still, she is not fighting fitness like back then.

Diane Abbott said that she was forced to step aside from the Labour frontbench on the eve of the election due to her health condition which was worsening every day. She rightfully told that she was ‘back to fighting fitness’ (and also health complications arising from her Type 2 diabetes) because she could no longer fight to be elected. Now, she does not have to fight fitness because she is at a normal weight now, the one she was at before she was diagnosed. Her weight loss has made her look very healthy and happier as well.

That time when Diane Abbott’s health condition had slipped out of control was a difficult one for her. She had never considered quitting the frontbench because of her health problems, she revealed during an interview with BBC Breakfast. But after her brother told her that she was not managing her condition, she changed her mind and decided to step back.

I’m a type 2 diabetic, I wasn’t managing it but it is a very manageable condition. It took my brother to ring me up and tell me off and tell me about the importance of eating properly and glucose tablets. But the thing I would urge all your viewers to do – because I developed type 2 diabetes later on in life, is to go and get tested.