Clive Mantle’s Weight Loss: Is The Actor Ill?


Clive Mantle's Weight Loss: Is The Actor Ill?

Clive Mantle shocked everyone with his weight loss last year when he appeared on Beat The Chasers. Many fans were concerned about his health because they thought that he had lost so much weight because he was ill. If he has some kind of illness, he has never said what it is. Clive Mantle has not revealed how he had that significant weight loss, he only said that he had lost a couple of stones.

Clive Mantle is a fine actor who is much-loved and appreciated because an entertainer of his caliber is rare to find. He has done television and he has done stage shows. Every scene he’s in, he steals the show. He has been doing that for over 40 years, dominating both screen and stage with his performance. You might best recognize him from the many television shows he’s done.

He played general surgeon Mike Barratt in the BBC hospital drama series Casualty, he starred as Little John in the 1980s fantasy series Robin of Sherwood, he portrayed Lord Greatjon Umber in HBO’s Game of Thrones, and he’s known for playing Tony Curry in the BBC’s White Van Man. He was much renowned for his acting skills in his heyday.

Now, it’s all about his weight loss. All people talk about when it comes to him is his drastic physical transformation. He has gotten extremely thin and fans are concerned that he might be ill. He doesn’t look as healthy as he looked back then. Here’s everything to know about Clive Mantle’s weight loss!

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Has Clive Mantle Had a Weight Loss? Does He Have Some Kind of Illness?

Clive Mantle has undergone a significant weight loss and now, that’s all people can talk about when they see him. He looks completely unrecognizable now that he’s lost tons of weight and his fans cannot see beyond that massive physical transformation.

Clive Mantle has undergone significant weight loss.
Clive Mantle has undergone significant weight loss over several years.
Image Source: Reader’s Digest

If you have not been keeping up with Clive Mantle (which is hard to do because he’s very low-key and private and he does not even have any social media handle except for Twitter on which he mostly just tweets and does not post pictures), you might not have realized how drastically he has transformed in terms of looks. He has had substantial weight loss over all these years.

Because the actor has not been as active as he was about a decade ago and because whatever projects he’s working on have not gotten mainstream prominence, many people don’t realize that he has changed a lot. His weight loss has made him completely unrecognizable. Before he basically semi-retired from acting, he looked very healthy and was not all bones like he is now.

Now, Clive Mantle looks painfully thin. There’s no other way to describe him physically than by saying that. He looks extremely thin and it seems as though it might be painful, which is to say he looks sick. The Game of Thrones actor didn’t look like that before. Before he lost a ton of weight, he was of average size and he looked quite healthy. Now, fans are concerned that he might be ill.

Ever since Clive Mantle made that appearance at Beat The Chasers, people have been worried about him. It was just last year – November 2022 – when he appeared on the show that he left the viewers stunned with his weight loss. He looked completely different and nobody associated him with the person he was when he used to receive huge amounts of fan mail from female viewers when he was on Casualty. He simply didn’t look like the person he was when he was voted 7th in a poll of Top 10 Heartthrob Docs On The Box.

Fans wonder if Clive Mantle is ill because of how sickly thin he looks.
houseandwhips.comFans wonder if Clive Mantle is ill because of how sickly thin he looks.
Image Source: The Mirror

Nobody could process it in their brains that Clive Mantle was the same person as he was back then because he looked like a completely different person. He had gotten so sickly thin that all people could think about is, ‘Is he ill? What kind of illness does he have?’ His face seemed as though it was in danger of sinking into itself and his cheeks looked so hollow. It did not look like it was a healthy weight loss.

Not that any drastic weight loss would be a healthy look on Clive Mantle because he was never an overweight person who needed to get thin to be more healthy. Fans were worried that the Casualty star might be ill and they were also curious as to how he had lost so much. However, the actor didn’t reveal much.

When host Bradley Walsh brought up his weight loss (because let’s face it, it was definitely not something that could go unnoticed) during the introductory chat, Clive Mantle only acknowledged it and didn’t choose to elaborate on it. He just said he had lost a couple of stone. He didn’t say how it happened. He didn’t say if it just happened because of some kind of illness or if he deliberately lost weight. Now, fans are left concerned about his health.