Cole Prochaska’s Weight Loss: How Did He Lose 336 Pounds?

Derick Scholz

Cole Prochaska underwent a massive weight loss of 336 pounds in less than two years.

Cole Prochaska underwent a significant weight loss of 336 pounds in less than two years. The South Carolina native used to consume more than 5,000 calories a day and would not engage in physical activities. Now, he eats about 2,000 calories a day and walks 10000 steps every day. Now that Cole Prochaska has been successful in his weight loss journey, he is looking forward to having excess skin removal surgery.

Cole Prochaska went viral after he shared the story of his dramatic weight loss and health journey where he went from being 585 pounds to 226 pounds in less than two years. He had the internet on the hook with his story and now, he is a source of inspiration to his thousands of followers who are trying to get started on their own health journey and to those who are trying to lose weight and take control of their body.

Here’s everything to know about Cole Prochaska’s weight loss!

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Cole Prochaska’s Weight Loss and Health: He Shed More Than 336 Pounds in Two Years!

Cole Prochaska (@3to1fitnesspro) took over the internet in April when he shared his weight loss journey on Twitter. He was all people could talk about because it’s not every day you hear of somebody achieving a feat like losing 336 pounds in less than two years.

Cole Prochaska’s weight had been an issue ever since he was a child. Because he didn’t do anything about it, it started being a greater problem as he grew. He was big as a kid and only got bigger and bigger as he became an adult. And why wouldn’t he? With his lifestyle? Which was mostly just eating and not doing any physical activities. He overate and got obese to the point that it never looked like he could ever have a weight loss.

Cole Prochaska had a weight loss of 336 pounds in less than two years. houseandwhips.comCole Prochaska had a weight loss of 336 pounds in less than two years.
Image Source: The US Sun

That kind of sedentary lifestyle of his – he used to through bags of chips daily, he would drink a 12-pack of soda cans a day, he used to go to fast food restaurants and eat five cheeseburgers in a sitting, and he would eat a whole pizza “easy.” As per his estimation, he was regularly consuming 5,000 calories a day. No wonder he got so big but he did not give much thought to having weight loss even then.

Much less attempting to make any effort for weight loss, Cole Prochaska didn’t even engage in any physical activity. He just hated the thought of it because as an obese person, it was difficult for him to even move. Exercise left him out of breath. He had never walked on a beach and he would never attend a pool party without a shirt on because he was very self-conscious about how huge he was. He didn’t feel very good about his way of living.

I felt pretty bad. I would always put on a happy exterior because that’s what a lot of big people do. But I was a pretty lonely person. You don’t want to go to anything because you don’t want to have to worry about fitting in the chairs and worry about having to walk very far, what you’re going to wear.

Cole Procashka was tired of not being able to move and feeling lonely. He hit his scale’s maximum weight of 585 pounds in 2021 and he was sure he was more than that. Even then he did not do anything to lose weight. What eventually set Cole Prochaska off on a weight loss journey was when his girlfriend ended their seven-year relationship. He was aware that he lost her respect because he didn’t do anything about his weight and he wasn’t going anywhere in life where he needed to go.

Cole Prochaska weighed 585 pounds in 2021 which was him at his heaviest.
Cole Prochaska weighed 585 pounds in 2021 which was him at his heaviest.
Image Source: New York Post 

After the breakup, Cole Prochaska began taking small steps in his weight loss and health journey. He started walking just a few blocks a day and gradually began to go farther. He cut out all sweets, chips, and snacks, and began drinking water instead of sugary drinks. He also began to count calories and eat a high-protein diet. As he began to see the change in his body and started to feel better, he joined a gym and began doing bodyweight exercises such as weight lifting.

His efforts worked and now he has one of the most incredible weight loss stories to tell. Cole Prochaska is no longer morbidly obese today. He’s 226 pounds and he makes time to walk 10,000 steps “every day, no matter what” be it on a treadmill or outside. And now his diet consists of lean beef, ground turkey, chicken, and beans. Bread and other carbs, he eats in moderation, and he avoids sweets and chips altogether because he’s still addicted to them.

Cole Prochaska Wants to Get Skin Removal Surgery Now That His Weight Loss Goal’s Accomplished!

Now that Cole Prochaska has successfully undergone weight loss and improved his health condition, he is now looking to get rid of his excess skin. His weight loss journey might have come to an end (he needs to maintain it) but he is not really done. When anyone loses weight significantly, they are sure to be left with excess skin and that’s his next obstacle.

He said that he feels “trapped” in a body covered in excess skin and it’s true because his skin is clinging from everywhere and it does not look good. Plus, it becomes harder to move with all that skin hanging around. Weight loss is not the end of his health and fitness journey.

I’ve lost all this weight, and I have muscles, but if I take my shirt off, I’m still self-conscious about all the loose skin. I’ve got loose skin on my legs, so if I try to go running, it’s hard to run.

Cole Prochaska now wants to get his excess skin removed and has started a GoFundMe to raise funds for the procedure.
Cole Prochaska now wants to get his excess skin removed and has started a GoFundMe to raise funds for the procedure.
Image Source: New York Post

Cole Prochaska has met up with a California plastic surgeon to discuss having excess skin removal surgery. He’s currently looking to remove the excess skin from his upper body and anticipating up to five surgeries in the next few years. He has started a GoFundMe to raise money to pay for the procedures.

I didn’t want to do it. But I was like, you know what? I need to show everybody all the skin I have and how far I’ve come and just embrace it. And that’s what I did.

Cole Prochaska pulled off a weight loss of more than 336 pounds, so we better believe that he will go through with the surgery to remove excess skin. Besides, he’s already raised about $40,000 of his $60,000 goal. In time, when he reaches the goal, he is going to go ahead with the surgery. Meanwhile, he continues to inspire people who are trying to lose weight.

Cole Prochaska often touts his own dramatic weight loss and posts motivational messages on Twitter such as,

You’re never too far gone. It’s never too late. You can always come back.