Conor McGregor’s Weight Gain: Is The UFC Fighter Competing in Heavyweight Class at 265 Pounds? Check Out His Diets and Weightlifting and Other Workouts!


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Conor McGregor's Weight Gain: Is The UFC Fighter Competing in Heavyweight Class at 265 Pounds? Check Out His Diets and Weightlifting and Other Workouts!

Conor McGregor managed to have a significant weight gain of about 109 pounds since July 2021 when he suffered a broken leg and had to spend his time in recovery. The UFC fighter was 156 pounds when he was injured and now he is extremely buff at 265 pounds. The massive weight gain Conor McGregor had with his special diet and workouts (weightlifting, hypertrophy training) shocked even the experts who had never seen such a transformation even in MMA fighters. 

Conor McGregor is an Irish professional mixed martial artist who is known to be the first UFC fighter to hold UFC championships in two weight classes simultaneously. He is also the former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) featherweight and lightweight double-champion. He is ranked #13 in the UFC lightweight rankings. He was ranked as the world’s highest-paid athlete by Forbes in 2021, earning a reported $180 million.

The MMA champion appears to be all set to make his fighting debut in the heavyweight class after his massive physical transformation and a significant weight gain of 109 pounds in just 15 months. He looks extremely buff at 265 pounds now. Here are all the details about Conor McGregor’s weight gain!

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Conor McGregor’s Weight Gain: The MMA Fighter Put on 109 Pounds With His Special Diet and Weightlifting; He Looks Extremely Buff and Ready to Compete in Heavyweight Class!

Conor McGregor (@thenotoriousmma) has been hitting the gym hard in anticipation of his UFC return to the Octagon next year and it has produced substantial results. He has had an impressive physical transformation and now he looks all buff because of his significant weight gain of 109 pounds.

As Conor McGregor spent his time in recovery (away from the MMA) after his shocking defeat to Dustin Poirier in a game where he suffered a broken leg in the first round, he continued to work his way into peak physical shape with whatever workouts he was limited to do. His weight gain should not have been a surprise. It never was, only just how much he gained was a shock.

The UFC superstar, having teased a move to welterweight for his next UFC fight (although an exact timeframe and opponent are uncertain), appears to be bulking up and bulking up potentially past the point of being able to cut down to 170lbs. It was in his recent tweet when he reshared a photo of himself post-transformation, fans were finally hit by his weight gain.

In the picture, Conor McGregor appeared all buffed up as he put his massive quads and veiny arms on display. With his beard trim, he was looking all ready to conquer the Octagon once again. He tweeted, “265 in the bank,” referencing his massive weight gain and that sent the fans into a state of frenzy.

They had a hard time believing how the MMA fighter weighed just 156 lbs at the time of his last fight (against Dustin Poirier) which was a little less than two years ago in July 2021, and now he was 265 pounds. The weight gain of 109 pounds in such a short time, even in him, was bound to be shocking.

Especially when you consider the fact that he was eligible for the welterweight class by just 21 lbs then and now Conor McGregor would have to compete in the heavyweight class (if his claims were accurate). The weight gain brought an enormous three-class jump in just 15 months which is very extreme for someone who has never competed in a weight class higher than welterweight, which requires fighters to be no heavier than 170lbs.

Though fluctuation in weight class is usually normal in the case of UFC competitors, that kind of massive weight gain is unheard of even among them and the stark increase in muscles is far from common.  But this is not the first time Conor McGregor has shocked fans with his transformation. He did that back in December 2021, just six months into his recovery when it was revealed through his personal trainer that he had gained 34 pounds (two and a half stones) to 190 pounds of granite since his injury.

Experts insisted that that amount of weight gain (he somehow managed to pack on a staggering two-and-a-half-stone of muscle) was nearly impossible for most people to achieve but the trainer Alejandro Celdran swore by a special fitness and diet regime that was tailored to meet the requirements of the Irishman.

There were reports that though Conor McGregor had been limited to just strength training by having been restricted to do a lot of things while nursing his broken leg, he had been increasing the intensity of his training sessions, which all showed in his weight gain.

As per Celdran, Conor McGregor’s physical transformation is down to plenty of hypertrophy training, free weights, and six carefully-considered meals a day that was tailored to his body. With his special diet and workout plan, he rose through multiple weight classes in the UFC, and with his dedication (his weight gain can be an example), he is going to cement his legacy as one of the best MMA fighters in recent years.

Though Poirier made fun of Conor McGregor’s weight gain and said that he looked a ‘little puffy’ whereas former UFC star Chael Sonnen said that he looked extremely bloated because he was not training the way he needed to in MMA, fans were impressed just the same with his weight gain.

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