Daisy Edgar Jones Had a Great Nose Job But Fans Don’t Like It Much!

Derick Scholz

Daisy Edgar Jones' fans think she should not have had a nose job. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Daisy Edgar Jones has had a nose job which she didn’t need, is what her fans have been saying about her. The actress indeed seems to have traded her original cute button nose for the sharp and slim one. Daisy Edgar Jones has not revealed having a nose job but if you compare her before and after plastic surgery pics, you can notice the change even if it’s subtle.

Daisy Edgar Jones is a brilliant actress with a great screen presence which is something you must have recognized from her performance in starring role in the miniseries Normal People. She really earned the nominations for a British Academy Television Award and a Golden Globe Award she received for her work in it. You can see that she was a very promising actress from the start of her career when she did the television series Cold Feet and War of the Worlds.

Since Normal People in 2020, Daisy Edgar Jones has starred in the mystery film Where the Crawdads Sing, the comedy-thriller Fresh, and the crime miniseries Under the Banner of Heaven. She was nominated for her second Golden Globe for the latter. She deserves all the accolades coming her way because she is a very terrific performer. Also, a very beautiful one. Nobody would ever think she would get plastic surgery. But oh, how she proved them wrong when she got a nose job! Yeah, let’s talk about that today!

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Daisy Edgar Jones’ Nose Job: What Did She Do With Her Nose?

Daisy Edgar Jones (@daisyedgarjones) has sort of disappointed her fans by getting a nose job because many of them thought that she would hold her own in the face of the unfair and boring beauty standards as she was so pretty with her original nose.

Daisy Edgar Jones' fans do not like her nose job. houseandwhips.comDaisy Edgar Jones’ fans do not like her nose job.
Image Source: HELLO! Magazine

People didn’t realize just how much they were in love with Daisy’s old nose until she went ahead and modified it. Now that she’s changed it, they make occasions on social media to lament the loss of her old nose and regret the reason she ever felt the need to change it in order to ‘make it better’. Clearly, they are not taking the plastic surgery well. But she has already had her nose job and they can’t do anything about it. What’s done is done!

It’s not that Daisy Edgar Jones’ plastic surgery went botched or something because the procedure she underwent is truly one of the best cosmetic surgery that anyone in Hollywood has ever had as it’s so subtle and you wouldn’t even be able to tell that she has had it (the change is only distinct when you compare her before and after pictures) but still, her fans hate that she had a nose job because she already looked great with her original nose.

The Normal People star had a very cute button nose which fit her face perfectly. It was very much in harmony with the rest of her facial features. But she got it modified to make it slim and narrow and sharp and it just took away the character of her face. Not to say that Daisy Edgar Jones doesn’t look great after her nose job because she looks good with her new nose as well, but in a more generic kind of way than the natural way. She was a much more striking beauty before the nose job.

You can’t possibly tell that Daisy from Normal People and Daisy from Under the Banner of Heaven give you the same vibe. She, before the plastic surgery, seemed to be a cute girl next door whereas, after the procedure, she began to look like someone so generically but unattainably and artificially beautiful. Her nose job can’t have been an improvement on her because at least, she used to look so strikingly appealing before.

Daisy Edgar Jones’ Nose Job Doesn’t Impress Her Fans Much!

Daisy Edgar Jones' fans prefer her original button nose to the new sharp and slim one. houseandwhips.comDaisy Edgar Jones’ fans prefer her original button nose to the new sharp and slim one.
Image Source: Vogue Australia

Anyway, suffice it to say that people are not in love with the Fresh actress’ plastic surgery. Most of them have been very vocal about how they prefer her older button nose to the new one because the natural one was much cuter and charming and she really didn’t need to have a sharp and slim nose to be beautiful. They regret that Daisy Edgar Jones ever thought that she needed to have a nose job just because of her button nose (bulbous tip). Redditors, in praise of her old nose, have said,

The old nose is so cute. Gave her so much personality. She kinda looks very bland/ generic now. I wish people wouldn’t always fix noses as a first resort. They are often naturally appropriate for the size/ shape of the face, or have a cute quirk that makes a face more interesting/ beautiful.

Another wrote,

man, i always thought her original nose was one of the most enchanting and distinctive features of hers 🙁

As for Daisy Edgar Jones’ new nose after the nose job, people have left comments such as,

Her current nose is too long for her face. It was literally perfect before!!

Another said,

Her new nose seems to pull her face down and gives her a sad look! She’s still very pretty but was gorgeous with her real nose.

A third wrote,

I think her nose had character and made her face features more unique. The new nose is not bad either tho.

I think we can establish that Daisy Edgar Jones’ fans are not impressed by her nose job. Also, note that she has never confirmed or denied having the plastic surgery.