Ryan Serhant’s Face May Not Have Gone Through Plastic Surgery!


Ryan Serhant does not look like he has had plastic surgery. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Ryan Serhant does not appear to have had plastic surgery. Fans think the reason behind the real estate broker’s flawless skin is Botox or some laser treatments. If he has indeed had any cosmetic treatments, it might just be those non-invasive procedures. Ryan Serhant has never mentioned anything about plastic surgery.

Ryan Serhant rose to fame in 2012 when Bravo came out with a real estate reality show called Million Dollar Listing New York. He was featured on the show that documented the lives of several luxury real estate agents and brokers as they went about securing their listings with some of the most elite clientele in New York City. He was a hit among the audience and he went on to star in two spin-off series on the network, Sell It Like Serhant and Million Dollar Listing: Ryan’s Renovation.

Ryan Serhant, who has his own real estate firm in New York, is also an actor and author. He notably played a supporting role in Noah Baumbach‘s 2014 film While We’re Young and he also made an appearance in Sex and the City spin-off series And Just Like That. His book Sell It Like Serhant: How to Sell More, Earn More, and Become the Ultimate Sales Machine became a best-seller on the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, and New York Times book lists. Let’s talk about his plastic surgery now!

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Ryan Serhant’s Plastic Surgery: His Skin Looks Flawless!

Ryan Serhant (@ryanserhant) does not appear to have had plastic surgery. If he has indeed had any cosmetic procedures, it might be non-invasive stuff like Botox and laser treatments.

Ryan Serhant has sparked plastic surgery speculations because of his flawless skin. houseandwhips.comRyan Serhant has sparked plastic surgery speculations because of his flawless skin.
Image Source: CNBC

Ever since Serhant revealed that he is going to make a return to television and ‘bring the real back to reality TV’ with a new show in a recent interview on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, his followers have been very much anticipating the new real estate series. What else they have been doing is wondering if he has had plastic surgery because his face looks flawless. His skin is radiant and shining which makes people think because how can anyone glow so much?

Ryan Serhant looks exceptionally good and groomed and when you look that groomed and fine when you are pushing 40 and are in showbiz, you are going to get people speculating if you have had cosmetic procedures because why are your face not covered in wrinkles and lines and why is your face not sagging up to your neck already? 40’s too geriatric to look anything but that. I swear this is how the current generation thinks. The trend of plastic surgery has only raised the unfair beauty standards and exacerbated the condition of showbiz.

However, it does not look like Ryan Serhant has had any work done on his face because, for the most part, he looks natural. It would not be totally invalid if someone pointed out that it’s sus how smooth and flawless his skin looks and that he may have had some help to remove wrinkles but that could very well be because of a really great skincare regime. Anyway, even if it turned out to be true that he got some cosmetic treatments, it would probably be non-invasive treatments such as Botox and laser treatments. His face does not look like it’s been through some hardcore plastic surgery.

Ryan Serhant Has Not Mentioned Anything About Plastic Surgery!

Ryan Serhant has not responded to fan speculations about his cosmetic surgery. houseandwhips.comRyan Serhant has not responded to fan speculations about his plastic surgery.
Image Source: People

I mean, there’s a chance that the Million Dollar Listing New York alum may have gone under the knife for some surgical procedures which is not very obvious because he went to the best surgeon who performed the best cosmetic surgery on him. We can’t rule that out. Subtlety when it comes to cosmetic procedures is very much underestimated and it shouldn’t be that way if you want to delve deep into the grooming techniques of people in showbiz in order to pronounce the unfair advantages they have in comparison to regular people. Ryan Serhant may have benefited from it.

Anyway, whether or not the real estate broker has had invasive procedures, we can’t really point it out because he has not revealed his cosmetic surgery status. He has never talked about his stance on going under the knife for modifications. He has never mentioned anything about how he’s dealing with aging and has not opened up about any insecurities that he may have about his looks. Ryan Serhant has never ever acknowledged the speculations that he has had plastic surgery and it seems like it’s going to stay that way.