Dana Brooke’s Plastic Surgery: Check Out Her Before and After Pictures!


Dana Brooke's Plastic Surgery: Check Out Her Before and After Pictures!

Dana Brooke is often criticized for her choice of getting plastic surgery. Her fans always talk about how she looked much more beautiful before she had cosmetic works such as Botox, a nose job, cheek fillers, lip fillers, and a facelift, whenever the discussion comes to the wrestler’s appearance. Dana Brooke, however, has denied having plastic surgery and said that all the differences in her before and after pictures were because of her weight loss.  

Dana Brooke‘s gimmick is never looking the same twice is what one fan said in reference to the tons of plastic surgery she allegedly had. The WWE fans often ridicule and mock her for her appearance, sometimes a little too unkindly and a little too unemphatically. Because she looks very unlike herself at the start of her career and now has that generic Instagram face, people believe she has had tons of cosmetic work done.

The wrestler looks like a completely different person. Just put her before and after pictures side-by-side and compare. You wouldn’t be able to tell that they are the same person. There’s not a single feature on her face that she hasn’t altered. Her forehead is the smoothest which means that she has had Botox. Her cheeks look like they are filled with balloons which means that she has had fillings in them. Her pout is much more voluptuous than ever and it has to be because of lip fillers. Let’s take a look at Dana Brooke before and after plastic surgery!

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Dana Brooke Before and After Plastic Surgery: Fans Say She Looked Much More Beautiful Before She Got Cosmetic Works!

Dana Brooke has messed up her face with plastic surgery, her fans think.
Dana Brooke has completely messed up her face by getting plastic surgery, her fans think.
Image Source: New York Post

Dana Brooke (@ashasebera_danabrooke) is often criticized and ridiculed by her fans for getting plastic surgery. They speculate that she has had Botox, a nose job, lip fillers, cheek fillers/ implants, and a facelift. They often talk about how she looked much more attractive before the tons of cosmetic work she had done and how she had only turned herself into a generic influencer-type girl.

Dana Brooke has most certainly had Botox which is something you get as an anti-aging procedure to remove the wrinkles and look younger than your age. But it is ironic that all the plastic surgery has had the opposite effect on her and despite having no wrinkles and fine lines on her face, she looks much older than her age. She doesn’t even look like she is 34. At best, she looks like she is in her early forties.

Dana Brooke’s nose job, if she had it, was more of an aesthetic thing and did not contribute to her aging. She is believed to have gotten plastic surgery to refine her nose and make it narrower and align with the beauty standards. Some think the change in her nose is just the magic of makeup and contouring.

Dana Brooke looks completely different in her before and after pictures.
Dana Brooke looks completely different in her before and after pictures.
Image Source: FOX Sports

On her cheeks, she did a terrible job or more like, got a surgeon who did a terrible job because they really look too big for her face and as someone said, look like they are filled with balloons. People thought it was because Dana Brooke had an overdose of fillers before but now, it is looking like she had cheek implants because when she smiles, in some of her profiles, you can literally see the outline of the implants. It was the worst plastic surgery.

The wrestler also got her lips filled. Not that her lips weren’t already full before but in solidarity with the rigid and ridiculous beauty standards, she went on to overinflate her lips because as per the standards, you are not beautiful if you haven’t got the hugest lips. Dana Brooke’s pout is much more voluptuous now and sometimes (must be the times when she’s fresh on the fillers), she looks as though she has been stung on her mouth.

She is also believed to have a facelift and she may have had another plastic surgery to tighten her face but it’s also possible that her face looks that tight because she is only 34. Anyway, facelift or not, Dana Brooke has ruined her face and messed it up when she already looked great before all the changes. Some fans feel sad about the fact that she felt pressured by society to look like a generic influencer when she was already naturally pretty.

Dana Brooke has denied getting plastic surgery.
Dana Brooke has denied getting plastic surgery.
Image Source: WWE

However, all these reactions to her new plastic surgery face, be it insensitive mocking and ridiculing, or be it the emphatic understanding of the pressures that women face, Dana Brooke hasn’t taken it kindly. She hates it and she has made it clear that she doesn’t appreciate being body-shamed and allegations of cosmetic surgery because as per her insistence, she has not had anything done on her face.

In an Instagram post, Dana Brooke once retorted to all the plastic surgery speculations she had gotten so annoyed with and said that she was secure and it didn’t affect her state of mind when people said that she looked better before and that she had so much work done. She also went on to explain that she looked different because when she lost weight, she lost weight in her face as well which altered her face.

Dana Brooke denied having plastic surgery (no nose job, no lips in over 2 years, no facelift) and said that she hasn’t planned on it. She then told people to stop the body-shaming because no one needs that.