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Danielle Macdonald Does Not Want To Talk Weight Loss!

Jan 7, 2024 @ 3:33 GMT+0000
Danielle Macdonald has reportedly had weight loss of about 30 pounds. - Danielle Macdonald has obviously undergone a drastic weight loss. Just look at her before and after pictures. She was overweight when she started her career but now, she's much fitter. She has reportedly lost about 30 pounds but because she doesn't want to make herself all about her weight, she won't talk about her weight loss. Danielle Macdonald doesn't want to address comments about her weight.

Danielle Macdonald is mostly recognized for playing the lead roles of Patricia "Patti" Dombrowski in the drama film Patti Cake$ and Willowdean Dickson in Dumplin'. The Australian actress is also known for doing the role of Olympia in the post-apocalyptic thriller film Bird Box, Julie in the film Skin, and Amber in the Netflix series Unbelievable and her role as Helen in the BBC One/Stan/HBO Max thriller series The Tourist is her new breakthrough role.

Danielle Macdonald has been in lots of stuff. She has done really well for herself. It's very heartening to see how far she has come since she was 18 and missed out on an acting gig because her visa came late. It also feels curious to see that she has lost a lot of weight since she got her first breakthrough role in Patti Cake$. Fans are very interested to learn about her weight loss. But she does not want to talk about it.

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Danielle Macdonald's Weight Loss: She Has Gotten Slimmer Than Before; Check Out Her Before and After Pics!

The fact that Danielle Macdonald (@daniellemacdonald) has undergone weight loss is not a secret because it's very noticeable but what she did to lose weight is kind of a secret because she has not shared anything about it and she will never share anything about in the future. She's reportedly lost about 30 pounds and that's all we know.

Danielle Macdonald supposedly underwent a weight loss of 30 pounds. houseandwhips.comDanielle Macdonald supposedly underwent a weight loss of 30 pounds.
Image Source: Variety

The Tourist star is very brilliant, isn't she? She's very passionate about acting and it shows in every role she plays. She's truly in it for her craft and not for fame. I think she would prefer not to deal with the consequences of fame but since it is a by-product of her acting career, there's not much she can do about it. It would be ideal for her if people just talked about her acting skills and career when it comes to her but no, people talk more about her weight loss than they do about her acting.

Danielle Macdonald has lost a lot of weight over the years and she is no longer the same overweight woman she was about six years ago. She's gotten much thinner since then and her fans are stunned to see her physical transformation because she looks much fitter and in better shape than before. She has reportedly lost about 30 pounds since she appeared in Patti Cake$ but that's all we know about her weight loss because she hasn't ever spoken about her transformation.

It does not look like Danielle Macdonald will ever talk publicly about how she lost weight, what diet she ate, and what exercises she did to get fitter because she has said that she does not want to talk about her weight at all. The comments about her weight have been following her, her entire career but she is an actress foremost and she would like her image to be all about acting. When people talk about her, she prefers it to be about her career and not weight loss.

Danielle Macdonald Has Not Revealed The Secret To Her Weight Loss!

Danielle Macdonald does not want to talk about her weight. houseandwhips.comDanielle Macdonald does not want to talk about her weight.
Image Source: The Hollywood Reporter

So, even if there are going to be lots of comments about her weight and her physical transformation, she will seemingly not acknowledge them at all. She is insanely frustrated by remarks about her body size and shape. Sure, she has gotten trimmer than before and she probably embarked on a journey of fitness. She may or may not have intended to have weight loss (her focus could be her health) but she did lose weight. That does not mean that Danielle Macdonald wants to talk about it.

I understand that the curiosity regarding her physique may not necessarily be coming from an intrusive and negative place but I think that fans should also understand that it's okay that Danielle doesn't want to talk about it and even though she's a public figure, she does not owe an explanation to anybody. Her weight loss is her business only and also, like what she said about her movie Dumplin' in which she played a plus-sized girl, it's great to have conversations about body image but maybe, it's not necessary to talk about weight and body image always. Nobody has explained it better than Danielle Macdonald when she said,

It feels amazing to have those kinds of conversations about body image in Dumplin’. That’s what that movie is about. But guess what? I don’t wake up every day and say, oh, let’s talk about my weight. It’s not something that affects me every day. So we should also be allowed to just do a film where it’s not even mentioned. In Skin and in Unbelievable and in I Am Woman, it’s not addressed. I’m playing a human being and it’s not about her weight or what she looks like, ever.

So, maybe in the future, we should refrain from making comments about Danielle Macdonald's weight. If you could really do with some weight loss advice, then maybe you should seek another public figure who does not mind sharing their journey. Or maybe a professional.

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