Maddy Gutierrez Is Not A Weight Loss Influencer!


Maddy Gutierrez has had a noticeable weight loss in the past year. – Maddy Gutierrez has undergone a dramatic weight loss in the last few years which is very noticeable. However, the influencer has not revealed what diet and workout routine she managed to pull off that transformation with. Many people on Reddit have speculated that she might be on Ozempic but since Maddy Gutierrez is not a weight loss influencer, she does not share much about losing weight. She mostly only shares fashion and makeup stuff.

Maddy Gutierrez is one of the very few plus-sized social media influencers who is very different and more grounded in her approach to dealing with her weight and size. While she definitely seems to focus on fitness and health for the sake of it and not aesthetics, she also has accepted her body the way it is. What’s interesting about her is she has found a niche audience in plus-sized women who are inspired by her to carry themselves the way they are.

Maddy Gutierrez mostly posts fashion and makeup stuff. She posts a lot about where she shops, so women her body size can have easy access to the outfits that fit them. This is what makes her more real to many plus-sized women. That she is not embarking on a weight loss journey. At least, she’s not trying to lose weight for the sake of it. But that does not mean that she has stayed the same. She has definitely lost weight and that’s a different conversation we are going to have today.

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Maddy Gutierrez’s Weight Loss: How Much Weight Has She Lost?

It’s not very difficult to see that Maddy Gutierrez (@maddy_gutierrez_) has undergone weight loss in the last few years because the transformation she has had is not exactly subtle. She used to be very large and now, she’s not yet not a plus-sized woman but still, she is much thinner than she was back then.

Maddy Gutierrez has undergone a noticeable weight loss in the past few years. houseandwhips.comMaddy Gutierrez has undergone a noticeable weight loss in the past few years.
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You can see it for yourself when you compare her old pictures to more recent ones. There’s no question as to whether or not she has lost weight because she certainly has but there’s a question about how much weight she has lost. She has considerably slimmed down and a lot of people are curious to know how much lighter she is compared to before. They want the numbers to define her weight loss journey but it does not look like Maddy Gutierrez is ever going to share it.

While there are lots of plus-sized influencers on social media who are very open about not just their struggles with weight but also their journey of fitness and health (I know that it seems unbelievable that there is a market for content that consists of a raw look into the physical transformation journey for overweight people but given the obesity rate and the rise in body positivity movement, it is what it is) and are very appreciated for their authenticity, Maddy is not one of them. She’s not a weight loss influencer so, she does not share about her journey of fitness.

It’s her prerogative to share or not share about her physical transformation but she cannot escape the speculations and curiosity of her followers as an influencer. Anyway, Maddy Gutierrez may not have been very open about her diet and workout routine but she has been very candid about her struggles with her weight. It’s mentioned on her website that she has struggled with her weight for as long as she can remember. Now that she’s had a weight loss, she is in a much better place but it was not always so.

I have struggled with my weight for as long as I could remember. I think I was asking to go on a diet in the first grade! I spent so many years waiting for my own life to start. To lose five pounds before I bought a pair of jeans. To get to my pre-pregnancy weight before trying for a second. Telling myself that I needed to EARN things like love and acceptance.

Reddit Users Think Maddy Gutierrez Had Ozempic For Weight Loss!

Maddy Gutierrez is speculated to be on Ozempic by some Reddit users. houseandwhips.comMaddy Gutierrez is speculated to be on Ozempic by some Reddit users.
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Now, she does not struggle with her weight as in she does not obsess over it in an unhealthy way and let it affect her self-esteem and worth but if her goal is to be ‘slim’ slim, maybe she’s still struggling with it because though she has lost a lot of weight over the last few years, she is still a plus-sized woman. Not that there is anything wrong with being a plus-sized woman, I’m just trying to give a perspective about her weight loss. That may not be the case however because Maddy Gutierrez mentions on her website,

I’ve finally made it to a place where I know that I deserve that self-love regardless of the scale. That I can work out to feel good, not to punish myself or prove my body worthy. This is my body. And just like the rest of my life, it is amazing. Just how it is in this moment.

She has lost weight over the years so, she’s clearly on a diet plan and follows a workout schedule that helps her maintain herself. But because weight loss is not her goal and for her, it’s all about fitness and keeping in touch with her body, she has never revealed how many pounds she has lost or what she eats and what exercises she does to maintain her shape.

Maddy Gutierrez once wrote a blog about the time she made it to 25 classes of OrangeTheory which is like a fitness class with gym sessions. In the blog, she mentioned that she was not motivated by weight loss specifically.

I didn’t start OrangeTheory to lose weight. It was never a goal, nor has it been my primary motivator for getting my booty to the gym three or four times a week. I have chosen not to keep track of my weight, and it makes going to the gym so much less pressure.

As she said,

You CAN workout without weight loss being the goal. You can see “results” and have no idea if you have or haven’t lost a single pound.

Maybe Maddy Gutierrez herself does not know how much weight she has lost because she is not focused on the weight loss, only on fitness. Many Reddit users think she is on Ozempic or something but that may not be the case.