Diana Jenkins Before Plastic Surgery; The Latest Scandal of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Cast Explained!


Diana Jenkins Before Plastic Surgery; The Latest Scandal of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Cast Explained!

Diana Jenkins before plastic surgery when she was young looked drastically different as a post reposted by a woman who ran a Bravo fan account showed. But the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast didn’t like the insinuation that she had had plastic surgery. So, Diana Jenkins lashed out at the fan and made a racially insensitive comment which is a new scandal now.

Ever since the 12th season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills premiered on Bravo, a new addition has been overshadowing every other wife with a series of controversies and racking up a pretty high-profile fan base in spite of that. Diana Jenkins looked very promising (as in promising that she will be providing loads of drama and content) in the trailer itself.

In the trailer, when Sutton told Diana that she thought Diana was a soulless person, Diana didn’t defend herself and instead responded with, “You need a new villain? Here I am.” Don’t we all just love the villain or those who say they are?

However, Diana Jenkins couldn’t be a villain whatever she says because she was a Bosnian refugee who has been extremely involved in advocacy for the last 20 years. She has launched several advocacy programs, including UCLA’s Sanela Diana Jenkins Human Rights Project. She also founded The Irnis Catic Foundation in 2002 in memory of her brother who was killed during the Bosnian War to help with the essential funding for the medical facilities at the University of Sarajevo. She also formed Jenkins-Penn Haitian Relief Organization with actor Sean Penn following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. And she was also named one of the World’s Top Three Justice Innovations by The Hague Institute.

Diana Jenkins is not just a reality show star but she is also an entrepreneur who has a few businesses to juggle. She had purchased the swimwear line Melissa Odabash in 2009. She also runs a beverage company called Neuro and D Empire Entertainment, a full-service music label.

She just made her debut on television in the latest season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, after which it has been scandals after scandals for her. The latest controversy has not just landed her in trouble for making a racist comment but it has also fueled the speculations of plastic surgery. People are slamming her on the internet after she made a racially insensitive comment to a fan on Instagram after the fan put a comparison photo of her from the past and now side-by-side and alluded to her having plastic surgery as the reason for the difference in them.

Previously, we touched on the plastic surgery efforts of Goldie Hawn and Bruce Springsteen.

Diana Jenkins Before Plastic Surgery: What Did The Bravo Star Look Like When She Was Young; What Caused The Racist Scandal of The New Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Cast?

Diana Jenkins‘ plastic surgery has become the latest topic of discussion among the fans of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after a comparison picture of her photos from the past and recent photos put side-by-side which showed a stark difference in her looks before and after (plastic surgery) gained traction on the internet.

Clearly, Diana Jenkins looked drastically different before plastic surgery and she has had a lot of work done on her face. As the post that Kristen Dionne ‘Philly Diva’ who runs a Bravo fan account reposted on Instagram said, ‘my mind can’t comprehend that this the same woman.’ Kristen herself had captioned the post, ‘Uuhhhh I guess the first @sdjneuro was the one that shopped in stores and the 2nd is allergic to dust and doesn’t know what an outlet is.’

Diana Jenkins did not take it lightly as it was probably intended and didn’t seem to appreciate the insinuation that she had undergone plastic surgery as she commented on the post,

“I was probably 20 or 30 Pounds skinnier and having glam was last thing on my mind. Also looks like picture is manipulated. But shame on you!!!! You and your bulls–t shopping!!!” 

Maybe if the Bravo star hadn’t bothered herself to respond to those plastic surgery-hinting posts, the post wouldn’t have gone viral and speculations of her having undergone cosmetic surgery wouldn’t have been so intense (there would have been speculations for sure, but only as much as the next RHOBH cast). But because she couldn’t refrain herself from lashing out at the comments about plastic surgery, not just fans of the show but others as well couldn’t help thinking if the loudest one isn’t the most guilty.

And thus began the dissection of her old pictures and recent ones to see what plastic surgery procedures she has gotten. Diana Jenkins is very obviously not going to admit that she has gone under the knife given her fury at being associated with it but that hasn’t stopped people from making the speculations.

Fans have come to the conclusion after examining the before and after plastic surgery images of Diana Jenkins that she has had a facelift and lip fillers. They also think she might have gotten Botox injections as well because her forehead is as smooth as when she was young. She is also believed to have had a brow lift and cheek fillers.

That’s a lot of plastic surgery for someone who bullsh**ts even the implication of it. Had she not given any weight to that harmless post made by a fan, she could have easily avoided this harsh glare through the lens of plastic surgery. But when she chose not to take the high road and continued arguing with Philly Diva, she ended up in yet another scandal.

Diana Jenkins should have never made that mocking racially insensitive comment of ‘It can’t feel good being a black content creator’ when the fan asked her to ‘keep the same energy (of her bullsh**ing the plastic surgery insinuation) with the rest of Instagram that thinks you have no storyline and should be fired and not just with the black content creators.’ But she did and it’s a new scandal now.

The Bosnia native apologized quickly but Kristen Dionne claimed that she never got the apology because how could she when Diana Jenkins has her on the block list. It could be it’s another scandal now.

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