Elisabeth Moss Has Had Weight Gain? Is She Pregnant in Real Life?

Derick Scholz

Elisabeth Moss' fans want to know if her weight gain is because she is pregnant. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Elisabeth Moss has sparked discussions about her weight gain after she was pictured as she took a break from the shoot. The Handmaid’s Tale star, in her baggy outfit, looked bigger than we remember and had a noticeably large belly pooch that led many to think that she is pregnant. Now, fans want to know if Elisabeth Moss underwent weight gain for a role or if she is pregnant in real life. 

Elisabeth Moss was named the “Queen of Peak TV” by Vulture and we couldn’t agree more because isn’t it phenomenal how she slips into every character that she portrays? She proved her acting mettle when she played the role of Peggy Olson in the AMC period drama series Mad Men and she earned even more critical acclaim for starring as June Osborne in the Hulu dystopian series The Handmaid’s Tale. She has two Primetime Emmy Awards and two Golden Globe Awards to her name.

Elisabeth Moss has fared well in movies and theaters also. She has done supporting roles in movies like Girl Interrupted, Get Him to the Greek, and Us, and she has played leading roles in The One I Love, The Square, The Invisible Man, and Shirley. As for theaters, she has been a part of the Broadway productions of David Mamet‘s Speed the Plow and Wendy Wasserstein‘s The Heidi Chronicles. She was even nominated for a Tony Award for her performance in the latter. The point is her acting is top-notch. But let’s talk about her weight gain today and let’s find out if it’s for a role or if she is pregnant!

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Elisabeth Moss’ Weight Gain: She Has Gotten Bigger Than Before!

Elisabeth Moss (@elisabethmossofficial) has obviously undergone weight gain. Many people have said that she looks pregnant.

Elisabeth Moss sparked weight gain speculations with her recent appearance. houseandwhips.comElisabeth Moss sparked weight gain speculations with her recent appearance.
Image Source: The Hollywood Reporter 

So, The Handmaid’s Tale star was spotted in public after a long time and oh, hasn’t she changed a lot? To be more specific, hasn’t she gained a lot? She was very low-key as she stepped out in LA make-up free but her physique had her fans doing a double take on the photographs of her on the internet. She looked like she had piled on a lot. It could be the outfit she was wearing, a loose white T-shirt with the words ‘Los Angeles’ written on it and a pair of baggy black sweatpants. But maybe it was not and she did actually have weight gain.

I mean, certainly what Elisabeth Moss was dressed in did her no favors because such clothes are extremely unflattering for anyone’s figure especially if they aren’t impossibly thin like models. But she had a notable belly pooch which makes me think that she has actually gotten bigger than before. She clearly didn’t look like that when she was last pictured in public which was in May 2023 when she was filming the FX mini-series The Veil in England. It has almost been seven months since then, during which she may have gone through weight gain.

Since Elisabeth Moss was photographed as she took a break from the shoot and made her way to her trailer, the question that arose in people’s minds regarding her weight was whether she gained weight for the role she was playing or if it had nothing to do with her career. She has never talked about gaining weight for a role but in 2009, she did wear a fat suit and clothes with more padding and used prosthetics to play the pregnant Peggy in Mad Men. And going by how she looks pregnant with her weight gain, she could have been using prosthetics too.

Is Elisabeth Moss Pregnant in Real Life or Did She Have Weight Gain for a Role?

Elisabeth Moss' fans wonder if she is pregnant in real life. houseandwhips.comElisabeth Moss’ fans wonder if she is pregnant in real life.
Image Source: Variety

Also, there’s a possibility that the Mad Men actress is pregnant in real life because the belly pooch she had looked pretty real in the pictures. When she talked about marriage and relationships in an interview in 2018, she admitted that she did want to be a mother and that she liked the thought of passing on what her mother had passed on to her. She also said that she had no plans for a baby at the time and that she had no idea how she would do it. Maybe she finally decided to do it. Maybe that’s the reason for Elisabeth Moss‘ weight gain.

She could be pregnant for real. If you are thinking that she can’t be pregnant because who is she even dating or who is she even married to, then think again because she has been extremely private about her love life, and just because there’s no information about who she’s dating does not mean that she is not in a relationship. There must be something that caused her to have weight gain and pregnancy could be it.

Or maybe Elisabeth Moss couldn’t find time for herself for some reason, so didn’t maintain herself well, which might have led her to gain weight and get fatter. Well, whatever the reason is, the point is that she has had weight gain and we don’t know if it’s because pregnant or for other reasons because she has not confirmed or denied these speculations.