Did Jordan Lloyd Have Weight Gain Because She Is Pregnant?


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Jordan Lloyd is speculated to have weight because she is pregnant. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Jordan Lloyd’s recent appearance as one of the co-hosts of Big Brother Reindeer Games has sparked discussions of her weight gain. The television personality looked a lot heavier than how people remembered her from Season 11 and 13, which led people to wonder if she is pregnant. Jordan Lloyd has not responded to speculations about her weight gain and she has not bothered to shut down the rumors that she might be pregnant.

Jordan Lloyd is very non-controversial and kind of stays away from drama and is generally, a bit atypical for a reality star, isn’t she? I mean, you would think that you need to get a little loud in order to be heard at the Big Brother house but no, she was just her usual self and many thought she was an underdog who had no chance at winning. Imagine their surprise when she became the winner of the 11th season of Big Brother!

Jordan Lloyd is kind of great at navigating the social dynamics in reality shows. Her time in The Amazing Race 16, Marriage Boot Camp, and Big Brother 13 also shows that. I think she has earned her position as one of the cohosts of Big Brother Reindeer Games. The viewers were very excited to see her return for the reality show special when she was announced as a co-host. Now, they are discussing her weight gain on social media and making speculations that she might be pregnant!

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Jordan Lloyd’s Weight Gain: She Looks Much Heavier Than People Remember!

Jordan Lloyd‘s(@bbjordanlloyd) recent appearance shows that she has had a bit of weight gain and that she looks nothing like how people remember her from seasons 9 and 11 of Big Brother in terms of her physique. Now, social media is flooded with discussions about her weight and the speculations that she might be pregnant.

Jordan Lloyd has sparked weight gain discussions with her recent appearance on Big Brother. houseandwhips.comJordan Lloyd has sparked weight gain discussions with her recent appearance on Big Brother.
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Weren’t people all excited when it was announced that Big Brother was doing a two-week special called Reindeer Games and that too, with six action-packed holiday-themed episodes? I know I was. The show became more anticipated when it was revealed that, along with Derek Xiao and Tiffany Mitchell, Jordan Lloyd was going to be one of the co-hosts called ‘Magical Elves.’ People were really looking forward to watching the show with its’ holiday theme but now that the show has aired, they are talking more about Lloyd’s weight gain than they are discussing the show.

Not to say that the reality show didn’t land well because if Big Brother’s not entertaining and does not keep the viewers on the hook with the drama of the contestants, there’s really no hope for reality shows, is there? It’s just that the viewers were looking forward to getting reacquainted with Jordan who has a history with the show. And I don’t know what they were imagining how she would be or what she would look like, but they were shocked by her weight gain.

Did they expect Jordan Lloyd to look the same as she did in Season 9 and 11 even though it has been more than a decade since then? Maybe not but still, the truth is that she does not look the same as she did back then. She used to look very slim and now, she does not. She has a different physique and is now much more full-figured than before. And people want to know the reason behind her weight gain anyway. They especially want to know if she looks that way because she is pregnant.

Is Jordan Lloyd Pregnant? Is That The Reason For Her Weight Gain?

Jordan Lloyd's fans speculate that she might be pregnant. houseandwhips.comJordan Lloyd’s fans speculate that she might be pregnant.
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Well, Jordan has not recently announced any pregnancy. So, from that, I think we can tell that she’s not pregnant currently. She has given birth to two children, however, and child-bearing tends to do a number on a woman’s body. She’s got a mom bod now and if you look at it that way, her weight gain might not be recent. Jordan Lloyd must have accumulated all that weight on her as she settled on being a mother for her two kids. She might not have managed a little time for herself to maintain herself and that might be why she gained weight.

Also, we do know that the television personality struggled with her weight in the past, don’t we? She once talked about how she gained almost 17 pounds when she was a participant in Big Brother. Jordan Lloyd said that she put on weight because she ate a lot of cookie dough because she was under a lot of stress as she was confined to the house. She might have gone through something stressful like that. So, why are we then speculating that she is pregnant because she had weight gain? It could be because of various other reasons.

Well, whatever the reason behind the change in her physique, we don’t know it because Jordan Lloyd has not responded to the discussions about her weight gain and she has not confirmed or denied the rumors that she is pregnant either.