Jordan Lloyd Does Not Seem to Have Gotten Plastic Surgery!


Jordan Lloyd does not appear to have had plastic surgery. – Jordan Lloyd does not look as though she has had plastic surgery and altered her facial features in any way. The television personality, however, was once suspected of having breast implants to enhance her breasts. Jordan Lloyd has never acknowledged the plastic surgery speculations. She has not confirmed or denied the rumors that she has had breast implants. 

Jordan Lloyd has been around doing reality shows for more than a decade. There’s no way you don’t know her. She’s not very high profile aside from when she’s doing shows but you can’t not know her, right? I mean, she was crowned the winner of the 11th season of Big Brother and then, she participated in the show again for its 13th season. She also did other shows such as The Amazing Race 16 and Marriage Boot Camp.

Jordan Lloyd, as a hit television personality, has garnered thousands of followers on her social media who have an un-vested interest in her personal life. Now that she’s in the limelight, they are taking more interest in her appearance. They have discussed her weight gain and speculated that she might be pregnant. Her plastic surgery is next. Fans are wondering if she has had cosmetic procedures even though she looks completely natural.

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Jordan Lloyd’s Plastic Surgery: Has She Gotten Any Cosmetic Work? Breast Implants?

Jordan Lloyd‘s (@bbjordanlloyd) followers have now taken to social media to discuss whether or not she has had plastic surgery to alter her features and standardize them in accordance with the current beauty trends. It does not look like she has had anything done to her face. But she was suspected of having breast implants once.

Jordan Lloyd is currently the subject of plastic surgery discussions. houseandwhips.comJordan Lloyd is currently the subject of plastic surgery discussions.
Image Source: Entertainment Weekly

Isn’t Jordan beautiful? She has always been that way. You remember her from her Big Brother Season 11 days, don’t you? She looked so cute and was the ultimate girl next door. Even without makeup, she looked stunning. She was 22 at the time. She returned two years later for the 13th season of the show. She had not changed much in those two years. However, now she looks much different than how she looked then. And so, the plastic surgery discussions have started.

Though much of the difference in Jordan Lloyd’s appearance and physique is due to her obvious weight gain which we saw for ourselves as she played ‘Magical Elves’, one of the co-hosts for Big Brother Reindeer Games, the viewers could not help but wonder if she has chosen to go under the knife or take any injections to her face in the years that has gone by as she aged. They want to know her plastic surgery status even though she looks natural.

The television personality has not really gone through any drastic changes in terms of her appearance so, nothing in particular has sparked the speculations of cosmetic procedures. It’s just the combination of her reappearance in Big Brother for its special and people’s general interest. It’s not unusual for people to get curious about how celebs are aging these days, with or without plastic surgery. So, that’s where the speculations come in.

Jordan Lloyd Has Not Responded to Plastic Surgery Speculations!

Jordan Lloyd was once suspected of having breast implants. houseandwhips.comJordan Lloyd was once suspected of having breast implants.
Image Source: Us Weekly

Jordan, however, looks like she has chosen to age gracefully. Well, she’s only 37 so, how much can she have aged, really? However, a lot of time has gone by since she first appeared on Big Brother so, she has aged and she has done it naturally. No artificial enhancements to help her hold onto her youth a little longer and a little more. I mean, it looks as though she has not had anything. She was once suspected of having breast implants because she had ample breasts once but that’s it. Jordan Lloyd does not look like she has a plastic surgery face if you know what I mean.

Just scroll through her Instagram pictures and you will see that she does not look refined or yassified in any way. She does not look generic. In fact, she has a kind of unique beauty to her just like she had when she was young. The only difference in her looks is that she has put on weight and you can tell that she has aged. She does not look old exactly but she does not look like she did back then. It’s like her face shows the years she has lived and the experiences she has had since then and I think that’s how you can tell that she has not had plastic surgery to retain her youth.

Even if Jordan Lloyd has had some cosmetic procedures, she has done it very well and hasn’t gone overboard with it. She doesn’t have the smoothest forehead or puffy cheeks or overly plumped lips or stretched cheeks and such. She looks very natural. If she has had plastic surgery, she got the best doctor in the world because nobody would be able to tell if she had had any work. Note that she has never responded to the speculations of cosmetic surgery but I really don’t think her silence amounts to confirmation in this case.