Sam Kim Still Struggling With Weight Gain!


Sam Kim Still Struggling With Weight Gain! – Fans have been concerned about Sam Kim as he has undergone drastic weight gain in recent years. Looking at his Instagram profile, it appears the 25-year-old singer has been gaining weight since the COVID-19 pandemic. There’s a chance his lifestyle, including eating habits, changed at that time. Additionally, he does not appear to be involved in exercising.

Sam Kim is a Korean-American singer-songwriter, producer, and guitarist, known for his deep vocals and musical prowess. He rose to fame after finishing as runner-up of the South Korean music competition show K-pop Star 3, where he attracted listeners with his distinct tone and talent.

His music, known for merging genres such as R&B, soul, and folk, has emotive depth and genuineness, as evidenced by successes like Make Up and Who Are You. His talent extends beyond singing; he’s also an accomplished guitarist and songwriter, displaying musical maturity beyond his years. In South Korea’s music scene, his ability to stir emotions through passionate lyrics and melodies has earned him enormous acclaim and a devoted fan base.

On the other hand, we have found that his fans have recently been concerned about his appearance. Ever since the pandemic, Sam Kim has undergone significant weight gain. Well, let’s discuss his transformation in detail.

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Sam Kim Looks Like a Different Person After Weight Gain!

Sam Kim‘s (@leegititssam) weight gain appearance has recently sparked controversy all over the internet. According to rumors, he began to gain weight during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. However, he has not talked publicly about his weight gain. As a result, it is unknown what caused it. Yet, there are a few explanations as to why he gained weight.

Sam Kim's latest appearance after weight gain.Sam Kim’s latest appearance after weight gain.
Image Source: Instagram

The lifestyle of a singer/songwriter has changed considerably in recent years. He travels frequently, which may have led to him eating more unhealthy foods and exercising less. It is probable that his weight gain is caused by bad lifestyle choices such as overeating or excessive alcohol consumption. It could also be attributed to natural changes in his body.

As people get older, their metabolism slows down, and they may gain weight even if they don’t change their diet or exercise habits. Some people can maintain a healthy weight for the rest of their lives, but for many, weight control becomes increasingly difficult as they become older.

Without a doubt, Sam Kim’s face appears bigger in 2023 than in previous years. However, comparing his before and after images reveals a significant shift in his weight over time. However, the singer/songwriter is the only one who knows how he acquired weight. It is critical to understand that weight growth is a normal part of life and does not always imply that something is wrong with him.

However, it is important to understand that all information above about Sam Kim’s weight gain is based on speculation. We hope he will soon find his way back to fitness. In addition, we’ll be back soon as we gain more information about his transformation. Till then, keep following our articles.

Sam Kim’s Father, Kim Han-Soo, Was Shot to Death as the Victim of an Armed Robbery in Seattle, Washington!

On January 13, 2023, Kim Han-soo, the co-owner of a teriyaki restaurant in Seattle, was there like any other day conducting his duties when an armed group of thieves entered the shop and killed the father of singer-songwriter, Sam Kim.

Sam Kim’s Father, Kim Han-Soo, died in an armed robbery in Seattle, on January 26, 2023.Sam Kim’s Father, Kim Han-Soo, died in an armed robbery in Seattle, on January 26, 2023.
Image Source: The Star

After police gathered at Rainier Teriyaki’s location, Kim Han-soo was quickly brought to a hospital. However, he died at the age of 58 after succumbing to the injuries caused by the gunshot to his chest during the heist.

Following Sam Kim’s father’s death, a funeral was held for the victim on January 24 in a Seattle church attended by 200 members of the Korean-American community. The current Consul General of the Republic of Korea Consulate General in Seattle was also there to pay tribute to the deceased.

When the news broke, his followers were stunned and expressed their condolences and support for the artist. His agency has also told the public that he will be taking time off to mourn the death of his father.