Lucy Alexander Underwent Weight Gain After Menopause!


Lucy Alexander Underwent Weight Gain After Menopause! – Lucy Alexander, 53, has undergone drastic weight gain in recent years. Well, she previously revealed that she started gaining weight after she started experiencing menopausal symptoms.

Lucy Alexander is a 53-year-old English television presenter and property expert best known for her work on the BBC One property show, Homes Under the Hammer with Martin Roberts from its inception in 2003 until 2016 when she quit the show and has since guest-presented on Channel 4‘s A Place In The Sun.

Recently, the small-screen celebrity expressed her reservations about hosting the property program in another country, confessing that her age made her nervous. The real estate guru has also claimed that she has undergone weight gain in recent days which seems to impact her career. Well, here is everything you need to know about her transformation.

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Lucy Alexander Started Undergoing Weight Gain After Dealing With Menopausal Symptoms!

Lucy Alexander (@lucyalexandertv) has undergone a significant weight gain in recent days as evidenced by her appearance and social media posts. However, she disclosed the actual reason for her present-day transformation and her difficulty with the physical changes, earlier this year. She claimed that she began to gain weight while dealing with menopausal symptoms. She explained,

The thing I’m concerned about as a 53-year-old woman in menopause. I don’t want to feel hot,’ I reasoned. When you’re travelling and in the sun, you get hot flushes. I’m not like the younger guys and I’m the oldest one [on the show] and they’re all in their 40s.

Lucy Alexander before and after weight gain. houseandwhips.comLucy Alexander before and after weight gain.
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Moreover, Lucy Alexander was determined to motivate women in her age group, so she did not pass up the chance. She stated,  “I thought, ‘No Lucy come on. You’re a good audience for women your age. You’re not a little hen. I definitely put on a few pounds during the menopause. I had to push myself on that front.”

If you are not aware, a woman enters menopause one year following her last menstrual cycle. The years preceding that moment, during which women may experience changes in their monthly cycles, hot flashes, or other symptoms, are referred to as the menopausal transition or perimenopause.

Menopause usually begins between the ages of 45 and 55. It normally lasts seven years but can last up to fourteen years. The length of time can vary depending on lifestyle factors such as smoking, the age at which it begins, and race and ethnicity. The body’s production of estrogen and progesterone, two hormones produced by the ovaries, varies dramatically during perimenopause.

The menopausal transition affects each woman differently and in different ways. The body begins to use energy differently, fat cells alter, and women are more likely to undergo weight gain. Changes in bone and heart health, body shape and composition, or physical function may also occur. Well, let’s hope Lucy Alexander will find her way back to fitness very soon.

Lucy Alexander Issued a Warning After the Credits Rolled On Four Channel’s A Place in the Sun!

Former Homes Under the Hammer host, Lucy Alexander issued warnings just minutes into the latest episode of  Channel 4‘s A Place in the Sun. The show’s host was in Ibiza with husband and wife, Ross and Antonia in this week’s last episode of the popular Channel 4 show.

Lucy Alexander is a co-host on Channel 4's A Place In The Sun. houseandwhips.comLucy Alexander is a co-host on Channel 4’s A Place In The Sun.
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They both fell in love with the island before visiting together. So, they wanted to buy a vacation property to enjoy as a family now that they have a little kid. With a £350,000 budget, they wanted to live somewhere they might someday call home. The couple stated that they desired something modern and close to amenities. They also stated that they wished for their son to attend school in Ibiza and acquire a variety of languages.

Shortly after the opening titles rolled, Lucy Alexander introduced the audience to Ibiza’s various highlights, including its vibrant nightlife and renowned clubs, its beautiful surroundings and crystal-clear waters, its booming culinary sector, and its historical buildings. She did, however, issue a warning. She said:

Ibiza has the highest property prices in all of Spain. Right now it’s a whopping 40% more expensive than its neighbour Majorca. So, showing no immediate signs of prices dropping here, if you want to come house hunting you’d better have very deep pockets.