Froomes’ Weight Gain: The Real Reason Behind the Australian Comedian’s Transformation!


Froomes’ Weight Gain: The Real Reason Behind the Australian Comedian’s Transformation!

Froomes (real name: Lucinda Price) has undergone a significant weight gain transformation recently and people wonder about the reason behind it. Well, the Australian comedian has not made any remarks on the topic. However, we’ve discussed some of the possible reasons right below.

Lucinda Price aka Froomes is an Australian comedian and podcaster. In addition, she is also the CEO of FROOMESWORLD, a global one-woman company that specializes in writing, producing, presenting, and editing unique material.

According to her website, she does interviews, participates in panels, provides radio interviews, writes, composes music, gives live performances, and emcees events. Additionally, she was the first person to ever k-hole on national television. She also claims that her goals are to win an ARIA and host her own variety show.

Most recently, Froomes’ fans have noticed her appearance and claim that she has gained a few extra pounds of weight. We did our speculation and can confirm that they’re absolutely right. She definitely looks a little heavier. Additionally, some people have been curious to know the reason behind her weight gain. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Froomes aka Lucinda Price’s Weight Gain: While the Australian Comedian Has Not Made Any Remarks About Her Transformation, Here’s Our Take on the Possible Reasons!

No doubt, Lucinda Price aka Froomes (@frooomes) has been going through a significant weight gain transformation for the past few months. When you compare her before ad after pictures, you can clearly see the difference between the two pictures. However, her current body shape does not really seems to be out of control or unhealthy. To be honest, our team personally found she looks better now.

No matter what, we should be concerned about the reason behind Froomes’ weight gain transformation. However, the Australian comedian has not made any remarks regarding the topic. It seems there’s there are no major reasons behind her transformation.

However, our team has listed some of the possibilities. Firstly, it might be because of her change in diet and exercise. As mentioned above, she looks in better shape now and there’s a chance she must have been following a proper diet and exercise to maintain her current weight. She might have wanted not to become a skinny-looking woman.

On the other hand, Froomes might be diagnosed with a disease. Yes, many diseases and medications lead us to gain weight. However, looking at her Instagram, we don’t really believe she is suffering from any kind of major health issues. In fact, we pray she is doing just fine.

It’s hard to determine what’s really going on with Froomes. And we can’t just really make speculations based on our personal opinions. We promise we’ll get back to you as soon as we get information from our sources.

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