Giancarlo Esposito’s Former Spouse Convinced Him to Audition for Breaking Bad!


Giancarlo Esposito's former spouse is Joy McManigal.

Giancarlo Esposito does not have a spouse at the moment. The Breaking Bad star has four lovely daughters he dotes on but he’s not married to their mother, Joy McManigal anymore. He took her as his wife in 1995 and got divorced from her in 2015. Giancarlo Esposito shares a cordial relationship with his ex-wife now. Not much is known about why he split from his spouse. 

Giancarlo Esposito shot to international fame after he played the role of Gus Fring in one of the most well-made and an Emmy Award-winning series Breaking Bad. He shared the screen with two of the most talented actors in Hollywood, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, and held his own. He portrayed the role of the cold, calculating drug lord with such brilliance that he really struck fear into the hearts of the viewers when he came on the screen. People would be on the edge of their seats during his every scene because they couldn’t tell what to expect from him.

Giancarlo Esposito played one of the most powerful and dangerous villains and nailed it to perfection and now, people can’t imagine that he would be anything other than cold and calculating. So, you know how unsettling it is to see him being the complete opposite of his character in real life. I know that he’s just pretending on the screen but still, it’s jarring to see that he’s quite the family man who dotes on his daughters! Well, more ‘daughter’s father’ than  a family man because he has split from their mother and his spouse. He’s no longer married to him but he shares a cordial relationship with him. Let’s learn more about his relationship with his ex-wife Joy McManigal!

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Giancarlo Esposito’s Spouse: He Used to Be Married to Joy McManigal!

Giancarlo Esposito (@thegiancarloesposito) does not have a spouse to name. He used to be married but he is currently single and he seems to have stayed single since he divorced his former wife, Joy McManigal.

Giancarlo Esposito was married to his former spouse, Joy McManigal for 20 years. houseandwhips.comGiancarlo Esposito was married to his former spouse, Joy McManigal for 20 years.
Image Source: AmoMama

I know that it’s hard to take it in how Esposito is in real life because he’s the complete opposite of who he played in his most prominent role which is of the cold, ruthless, and dangerous drug lord Gus Fring. It’s jarring to see that he’s so animated and lively in his interviews and how he has no similar mannerisms as Gus. Like I said, it’s hard to take it because he acts so well but you know what’s harder to believe? That he’s such a family man who dotes on his daughter but does not have a spouse.

That’s right! Giancarlo Esposito is not married to the mother of his children, whose name is Joy McManigal. Well, no longer married. The pair used to be husband and wife but now, they are not together anymore. They got hitched way back in 1995 and they stayed together as a couple for twenty years before they got divorced in 2015. It seems like, since then, he has mostly stayed single. He has not taken a spouse after Joy.

Many of his fans would probably be sad to learn that the Breaking Bad star has split from Joy McManigal because, from what he saw of his relationship with his daughters, you can just tell that they were the nicest and the most adorable and happy family. Now, Joy’s not his family. She’s a former spouse. Not to get all parasocial but they were so wholesome and Giancarlo and his daughters look happy but can it be the same without the mother of the girls, who is now an ex-wife?

Giancarlo Esposito Has a Working Relationship with Former Spouse Joy McManigal!

Giancarlo Esposito still shares a very cordial relationship with his former spouse Joy McManigal because she still is the mother of his children and they were married to each other for two decades. But people are never going to look at the old pictures of them together and then, not wonder why they divorced. I mean, they seemed like they would last forever. Esposito seemed very much in love with his former wife. What made them fall out of love with each other?

Giancarlo Esposito's ex-wife Joy McManigal convinced him to audition for Breaking Bad. houseandwhips.comGiancarlo Esposito’s ex-wife Joy McManigal convinced him to audition for Breaking Bad.
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There’s no answer to that. The couple has been very private about their split. They were private when they were married and they were the same way when they were no longer together and each one became just a former spouse to the other. Esposito and his ex-wife Joy McManigal share four daughters, Ruby, Shane, Kale, and Syrclucia with each other, and now that’s all they share.

Not much is known about Joy but from her LinkedIn profile, it seems as though she started her career in the 1980s as she worked in a pub in Ireland and then, ventured into different fields. She got married to Giancarlo Esposito before he was famous. She was the one who convinced him to audition for Breaking Bad. Anyway, about her, according to AmoMama,

Over the years, Joy has expanded her career in different fields. She has gained expertise in dynamic and entrepreneurial experience in event planning, youth leadership, life coaching, career counseling, non-profit management, and more. She has held senior management positions in different organizations over the years. Currently, she is the founder of The C4 Way, a program that promotes the common good by encouraging people to be themselves. The program focuses mainly on empowering youth to be their best versions.