Is Andy Allo Lesbian? Does She Have a Wife Or Is She Dating a Male Partner?


Andy Allo's fans want to know if she's a lesbian with a wife or if she's dating a male partner.

Who is Andy Allo dating now? Who is her partner? Is she a lesbian? Are the rumors that she has a wife true? Fans want to know but the Upload star has stayed very tight-lipped about her private life, especially relationships. She was rumored to be in a relationship with Prince but that’s all we know about her love life. Andy Allo has not revealed if she has some partner she is currently dating or if she has a wife. No comments on rumors of her being a lesbian either.

Andy Allo is a very talented musician. I think the fact that the legendary Prince invited her into his band The New Power Generation speaks everything about her brilliance. She skyrocketed in fame after she collaborated with him and everyone saw for themselves how fantastic she was. They were blown away by her vocals and her guitar skills. They are extremely grateful to Prince for introducing her to the world by helping her gain more visibility and audiences.

After she worked with Prince, Andy Allo garnered a lot of followers who are now very invested in her and are curious to know about her private life. They are especially very curious about her relationships because there are lots of rumors about her dating life and sexuality and they would like to know if the rumors have any truth to them. Fans want to know if she’s lesbian and if she has a wife. In case she’s not, they want to know if she has a (male) partner she’s dating currently.

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Is Andy Allo a Lesbian? Does She Have a Wife?

Andy Allo‘s (@andyallo) fans would like for her to address the rumors of her being a lesbian and either confirm or deny them. There have been lots of talks about her taking a wife but she has stayed silent about that one too.

Andy Allo is rumored to be a lesbian. Fans think she has a wife. houseandwhips.comAndy Allo is rumored to be a lesbian. Fans think she has a wife.
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The third installment of Upload has premiered and Andy is back in the limelight with her new release. With her back in the spotlight and more attention on her, people are interested to know the deets of her relationship more than ever now that she’s rumored to be pregnant. She’s had weight gain and people think she is having a baby so, they would like to know who’s her partner or if she’s even dating anyone at all. More importantly, they want to know if she’s a lesbian and has a wife.

Andy Allo’s sexual orientation is often speculated on as there have been many rumors about it. But she has never addressed the rumors that she likes women. She has chosen to not comment on those rumors and in doing that, she has unintentionally created a mystery surrounding her sexuality. She has never stated that she is a lesbian but people continue to talk. Now, they have brought a wife into the equation as well but Allo seems unbothered.

It’s very baffling and unbelievable how rumors about her sexuality came to be. The speculations about her sexual orientation were mostly based on her appearance which is to say that people thought that she was a lesbian because of the way she looked. It seems to be mostly her hairstyle. It’s ridiculous how people tried to determine her sexuality based on her hair when there was absolutely nothing that hinted towards her being gay. Speculations about her taking a wife are even weirder.

Is Andy Allo Dating Anyone? Who’s Her Partner?

Maybe because of how baseless and stupid they were, Andy Allo never deigned to address the rumors of her sexuality. I don’t think you will ever hear from her regarding whether she’s a lesbian or whether she has a wife. I think she just wants her fans to not entertain those speculations.

Andy Allo has not revealed if she has a male partner she's dating. houseandwhips.comAndy Allo has not revealed if she has a male partner she’s dating.
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But I don’t think that her fans will be doing that any time soon. Like I said, the way she has chosen to not address all the rumors about her being a lesbian and her having taken a wife has created more mystery surrounding not just her sexual orientation but her relationship and love life as well. They are thinking along the lines of ‘Why won’t she just tell us who she’s dating? Why would she do that if her partner was a man? Is she not ready to come out yet? What happened with Prince must have traumatized her?’

Coming to what happened with Prince, there were rumors that Andy Allo was in a romantic relationship with him and that he broke it off with her when she came out as a lesbian to him. The pair supposedly began dating in 2012 and split in 2014. Again, she has not ever admitted being a romantic partner to Prince, she has always spoken of him as a mentor and teacher, nothing more. But her fans are too caught up in rumors.

Anyway, that relationship is in the past now and Andy Allo’s fans want to know if she has a partner she’s dating currently. But I guess they can draw their own speculations and make rumors up about her love life since Allo’s not going to speak about her love life.