Has Andy Allo Had a Weight Gain? Is She Pregnant and Having a Baby?


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Andy Allo's fans think she had weight gain because she's pregnant and having a baby. houseandwhips.com

Andy Allo has sparked weight gain speculations after the release of Upload Season 3. Her styling in the series has led people to think that she is pregnant. With her baggy clothes, it really does look like a baby might be on the way. Andy Allo has not yet responded to speculations about her weight gain and her being pregnant and expecting a baby. 

Andy Allo is really one of the most fantastic guitarists and one of the coolest musicians out there. She is simply brilliant on her own and as a band member. We saw that when she joined Prince‘s band The New Power Generation in 2011. She’s very creative in how she acts as well. Oh, yeah, she acts too. She played a recurring role in three episodes of the comedy-drama series The Game in 2011. Since then, she has gone on to do a supporting role in the 2017 film Pitch Perfect 3.

One of the most notable things Andy Allo has done is her portrayal of the lead character Nora in Amazon Prime’s series Upload. Now, she is back with its third season and fans were excited and all for this new release but now they are more interested to know about her weight gain. It looks like she’s put on a few and many people think that the extra weight is ‘the baby weight’ because she’s pregnant. Let’s find out if she is actually having a baby!

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Andy Allo’s Weight Gain: Has She Gotten Bigger?

Andy Allo (@andyallo) is believed to have undergone weight gain and lots of her fans are speculating that she’s pregnant and she will be having a baby soon.

Andy Allo has sparked weight gain speculations after the release of Upload. houseandwhips.comAndy Allo has sparked weight gain speculations after the release of Upload.
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So, the third season of Upload has premiered (not all of it) and so far, it’s really good. The viewers of the show were very excited about the release and they are not disappointed. And while they are really looking forward to the finale of the show, they are also discussing Andy (who plays Nora) who appears to have had a weight gain because their curiosity regarding the difference in her appearance compared to the previous seasons has equaled, if not surpassed, their anticipation of the finale of the show.

Andy Allo is not the same person she was in the previous seasons of Upload, which is to say that she looks very different in her appearance. She looks much bigger and more mature. She has definitely gotten heavier since the last time we saw her, fans think. They want to know the reason she’s gained weight. They are curious to know that because she always seemed to be into fitness. Not the kind who would just let herself go and have weight gain.

Nothing wrong with gaining weight but the actress used to be very fit before and it does not look like she would just gain all that weight by letting herself go by just sitting around. So, the question that her fans have is how did she gain weight? Is she pregnant? Will she be having a baby soon? But is that the real question to be asked? I think the more appropriate question is did she really have a weight gain? I mean, did she really?

Is Andy Allo Pregnant? Is She Having a Baby? What’s The Reason For Her Weight Gain?

Andy Allo looks huge compared to before but that seems to be the impression because of her mostly monochrome and hideous styling in the series. It does not necessarily have to be that way because she’s pregnant and carrying a baby. I mean, she’s always wearing those baggy clothes that make her appear very big. So, maybe she’s not gained weight after all. Maybe it’s just her clothes. That seems more probable than her having weight gain all of a sudden.

Andy Allo's fans think she is pregnant and having a baby soon. houseandwhips.comAndy Allo’s fans think she is pregnant and having a baby soon.
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But fans don’t seem to buy that. Whenever her styling is brought up in the context of her bigger appearance, they argue that Nora, her character has always dressed the same way in the previous seasons as well because she’s not exactly an expert in fashion, she’s more of a nerd and she didn’t look fat before. They are very convinced that she is pregnant and is expecting a baby and that’s why the weight gain.

They have also pointed out the fact that the kind of styling that Andy Allo has in the third season, while not much different from previous seasons, seems a little modified seemingly to hide her pregnancy. According to many of her fans, she has the kind of styling that is done when the show tries to hide that their actresses are pregnant. They really think that she’s going to have a baby soon. Based on a slight appearance of a weight gain.

That’s really intrusive but people always think they know it all. Also, note that these are just pure insufferable speculations on their part and Andy Allo has never responded to weight gain speculations. She has not yet bothered to acknowledge the rumors that she is pregnant and going to have a baby any time soon.