Kimberley Strassel’s New Husband: Who Is She Married To?

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Kimberley Strassel has maintained extreme privacy about her new husband.

Kimberley Strassel’s fans want to know who her new husband is. They know that the columnist was once married to Matthew Rose with whom she had three children. They also know that the couple got divorced quietly and that Strassel has remarried since then. They just don’t know who Kimberley Strassel’s new husband is because she has never shared any information about him publicly.

Kimberley Strassel is a prominent conservative columnist and writer. She is an esteemed member of Wall Street who is more known for writing the weekly column called Potomac Watch. Many of her followers eagerly look forward to it. She has a way with words that captivate her readers. She is very outspoken and fierce and lots of people admire that quality in her and take interest in her that goes beyond her career.

They take a personal interest in her and they are curious about her love life and her relationships. There’s more mystery surrounding her love life because of how much privacy she has maintained when it comes to her partner. What we know about her relationship is that she has remarried after her split from her first husband. What we don’t know about is the person who she married. Let’s find out about Kimberley Strassel’s new husband!

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Who is Kimberley Strassel’s New Husband? When Did She Get Remarried?

Kimberley Strassel (@KimStrassel) is extremely secretive about her personal life which has only contributed to the mystery surrounding her. Her fans and followers are more curious than ever to get an insight into her and how she is with her family. They especially want to know about her relationships because relationship status is the one thing that intrigues everyone. They want to know who her new husband is.

Kimberley Strassel's fans want to know who her new husband is. houseandwhips.comKimberley Strassel’s fans want to know who her new husband is.
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That’s right. Fans want to know who the Wall Street member’s current spouse is. About her relationship and love life, they already know that she was once married and that she got divorced. They also know that she went on to get remarried. They just don’t know with whom. They have no idea who her new husband is which drives them crazy because what is it about him that she’s so secretive about?

Is it just how Kimberley Strassel’s new husband wishes it was or is there more to it? Is there some other reason than that he must value the privacy that Strassel’s maintained complete silence about him? Because it sure seems like it. I mean, she could have perfectly been private about him by revealing who he is. But she has not even shared his name with the public.

And not that she owes the public to share any of her new husband’s personal information with them but since she’s a public figure, people expect to know at least a little about him but because she has not even given his name, people have gotten weird about it. If this goes on for longer, they might even develop some conspiracy theory about her spouse and make their own speculations and project them onto her.

Why is Kimberley Strassel So Private About Her New Husband?

Kimberley Strassel's new husband lives in Alaska and has an established business there. houseandwhips.comKimberley Strassel’s new husband lives in Alaska and has an established business there.
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It was not that way with her previous marriage. Everyone knew about it which makes privacy regarding her current relationship and new husband even more baffling. It was public knowledge when Kimberley Strassel tied the knot with Matthew Justin Rose in 2000 in her parents’ home in Buxton and that the Municipal Court officiated. There was no mystery regarding who her first husband was.

Matthew Rose was known to have been a colleague of hers. They worked together at The Wall Street Journal in New York. While she was a features editor for the editorial page, he was a reporter covering the publishing industry. While she was a Princeton University graduate, he had graduated with first-class honors from Oxford University and obtained a master’s degree in international studies from Johns Hopkins University. Compared to Kimberley Strassel’s new husband, he was an open book.

The only thing that’s been revealed about her new spouse is that he lives in Alaska. In a 2021 interview, Strassel shared that her new husband has lived in Alaska most of his life and that he has an established business in the state. We don’t know the exact day that she got remarried, we only know that it was around 2017. We don’t know when they first met and when they started dating.

Kimberley Strassel has not shared how long she dated her new husband before she got married to him. She has maintained complete silence when it comes to him. She has also maintained silence about her split from her former spouse with whom she has three children. We don’t know why and when she got divorced from Matthew Rose. She’s been so private about it. Maybe she would like it if her fans respected that.