Kimberley Strassel Plastic Surgery Makeover: What Did She Do To Her Face and Teeth?


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Kimberley Strassel is suspected of having a plastic surgery makeover.

Kimberley Strassel’s fans think she has had a plastic surgery makeover. According to them, the columnist had already started to age and then she stopped aging abruptly, supposedly by getting Botox and fillers on her face. There are also rumors that she had something done to her teeth. Kimberley Strassel has never admitted to getting a plastic surgery makeover. She has never confirmed having work done on her teeth or face.

Kimberley Strassel currently serves as a member of the editorial board of Wall Street. She is a conservative columnist and author. You might remember her from the weekly column of Wall Street that she writes called “Potomac Watch.” It appears on Fridays and it’s very popular among the readers. Though she has not earned much credit and is still somewhat controversial (some of her claims have been falsified), people still love to read her weekly column.

Also, lately, her audience has begun to take more interest in her, especially her face. As it turned out, something about her appearance made it seem like she had had a plastic surgery makeover to them. They also think that she has had something done to her teeth because it didn’t look the straightest and now, it looks good. Let’s discuss Kimberley Strassel’s plastic surgery!

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Kimberley Strassel’s Plastic Surgery Makeover: Fans Think Her Face Looks Different Now!

Kimberley Strassel (@KimStrassel) allegedly had a plastic surgery makeover. She is suspected of having Botox and fillers on her face to remove the signs of aging. She is also believed to have some dental work done on her teeth.

Kimberley Strassel supposedly had a plastic surgery makeover by getting Botox and fillers on her face. houseandwhips.comKimberley Strassel supposedly had a plastic surgery makeover by getting Botox and fillers on her face.
Image Source: Fox News

Strassel is undoubtedly very accomplished in her field. She is a prominent figure in the world of American journalism and an esteemed member of the Wall Street editorial board. She is celebrated as a conservative commentator and novelist even though she has some controversial opinions and some of her claims have proven to be false. Anyway, as accomplished as she is (or maybe it’s because she is accomplished), she has reached a stage in her career where she has started to be targeted with plastic surgery speculations.

Yeah, now, it has gotten to a point that whenever Kimberley Strassel comes up, her face and appearance and the supposed makeover she seemed to have undergone in recent years always come up. Fans perceive that she has changed a lot in the last few years and they suspect that it’s because of plastic surgery. They were prompted to speculate that she had work done after she started to age and then stopped abruptly.

The columnist has reached her fifties which means she is supposed to be aging. But looking at her, it might feel that she’s defying the rules of nature by not aging. Her face does not reflect the time she’s spent. It’s more notable to people who have noticed that it had not always been that way. Just a few years ago, she had very clearly started to age. She had developed wrinkles and her face had started sagging down. But now, it seems as though she had a plastic surgery makeover.

Because Kimberley Strassel does not look as old as she is supposed to be but she does not look young either, people think she may have had plastic surgery. Her face is pretty much devoid of any wrinkle and she has a much smoother skin texture like any young person. But very unnatural. It’s as though the lines of her face have been removed by some filter. Her face looks very blurry in some of her pictures. Going from an age-appropriately wrinkled face to a much smoother one is definitely a makeover.

Kimberley Strassel Had Botox and Fillers? What Did She Do To Her Teeth?

Kimberley Strassel is rumored to have some work done on her teeth. houseandwhips.comKimberley Strassel is rumored to have some work done on her teeth.
Image Source: The Epoch Times

Kimberley Strassel is believed to have pulled off that makeover by getting Botox and fillers on her face and getting some work done on her teeth. Though none of these cosmetic procedures qualify as plastic surgery because they are non-invasive, they have noticeably altered her face (if she had it) and so, they count. She used to have wrinkles. Now, she does not. It must be because of Botox. And her face had started to sag and her cheeks had sunk down. Now, they look plump. It has be to because of fillers.

There were rumors that she got plastic surgery (Botox) because she had 7th cranial nerve palsy on the left side of her face. This is a condition when there is damage to the facial nerve which causes discomfort and pain on either side of the face or head. Because her face looked lopsided in some of her pictures, some people were inclined to believe that but she has never admitted to that and if she really had gone through that, I think it would be something she would share publicly.

Anyway, Kimberley Strassel has never confirmed having cranial palsy and neither has she admitted to having any kind of plastic surgery. There are rumors that she had some work done on her teeth. But she has not responded to those speculations either. She appeared to have an overbite in the past with not very straight teeth. Now, she has a perfectly straight teeth. It’s possible that she may have had some dental work but nothing can be said with certainty until she admits to it.