Gillian McKeith’s Weight Gain: How Did She Gain Weight?


Gillian McKeith's Weight Gain: How Did She Gain Weight?

Gillian McKeith has been revealed to have undergone weight gain in her appearance on I’m A Celebrity… South Africa. The television personality looked a lot bigger than the last time she made a public appearance which was about two years ago. Fans want to know how she gained weight but Gillian McKeith has not discussed her weight gain.

Gillian McKeith might not be very beloved because she is a very controversial figure but she is definitely very well-known even though she is known as someone who peddles pseudoscientific ideas about health and nutrition. If you can’t remember and place who McKeith might be, then let me remind you that she is the former host of Channel 4’s You Are What You Eat. She also hosted Granada Television’s Dr Gillian McKeith’s Feel Fab Forever, and W Network’s Eat Yourself Sexy.

In 2008, McKeith made a regular appearance on the E4 health show Supersize vs Superskinny, and in 2010, she took part as a contestant on the tenth series of the ITV show I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! Now, she’s back in the spin-off show and she is back with some extra weight on her. She had a weight gain and that’s what everyone is talking about. Wasn’t she a kind of an unofficial expert in losing weight? What happened? They want to know. So, let’s talk about Gillian McKeith’s weight gain!

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Gillian McKeith’s Weight Gain: She Looked a Lot Bigger in I’m A Celebrity… South Africa Than Before!

So, what sparked Gillian McKeith‘s (@gillianmckeith) weight gain speculations? Well, her re-emergence on television, obviously. Her reappearance in the reality show I’m A Celebrity…. South Africa, to be more specific. Anyway, she has come back and she seems to have come back with some extra weight on her, the weight that wasn’t there before because she certainly didn’t look that big before.

Gillian McKeith appears to have had weight gain recently.
Gillian McKeith appears to have had weight gain recently.
Image Source: Derby Telegraph

I’m A Celebrity…. South Africa viewers nearly fainted or at least, pretended to really faint when on the scene, arrived new contestant Gillian McKeith. She joined the new ITV spin-off show with the first nine contestants Carol Vorderman, Shaun Ryder, Helen Flanagan, Janice Dickinson, Amir Khan, Jordan Banjo, Fatima Whitbread, Paul Burrell, and Phil Tufnell in South Africa’s Kruger National Park, making a public appearance in what feels like forever.

In that forever, a lot of things have changed. Especially Gillian McKeith’s physical appearance. She seems to have undergone weight gain since the last time we saw her and heard from her, which was probably around the time she was peddling her anti-vax theories during the height of COVID-19. When she was speaking at an anti-vaccine protest in London in 2021, she definitely looked thinner than she does now.

Now, Gillian McKeith doesn’t look as thin as she did back then. She has put on some pounds and it shows. Fans are curious as to how she gained weight but I really don’t think there’s much to it. Maybe it’s her age. It’s much easier and faster to put on weight as you age because of low metabolism. If she lags behind in maintaining her diet and continuing with her workout routine (something tells me she has a diet plan and workout routine she follows), it will definitely show.

Gillian McKeith looks a lot bigger than she did a few years before.
Gillian McKeith looks a lot bigger than she did a few years before.
Image Source: Daily Star

Anyway, aging and failure to stick to her diet and workout might be the reason why Gillian McKeith gained weight. But that’s just speculation and we won’t know the reason why she put on weight until she herself shares it. But whatever the reason is, her weight gain is so ironic considering she once presented herself as an expert who helped in losing weight.

Remember that book Gillian McKeith wrote – You Are What You Eat? You must have heard of it because not only did it sell over two million copies by 2006 but it also was the most borrowed non-fiction library book in the UK between July 2005 and June 2006. Anyway, it was derived from the Channel 4 Show she presented You Are What You Eat in which she attempted to motivate people to lose weight and change their lifestyle. Now, seeing her weight gain, it seems like she failed to motivate herself.

In each episode of the fourth series Gillian Moves In: You Are What You Eat, two people would join McKeith at a house in London with ‘no escape.’ She would then show each of the people their typical week’s food consumption which would be the food laid out in a cold, congealed, and unpleasant state on a table. The condition of the food would be enough to help them lose weight because the participants would never eat their food, they were often shown emptying the display into refuse sacks. That did it for their weight gain.

As Jan Moir noted in The Daily Telegraph, Gillian McKeith would often “shout at sobbing, fat women while forcing them to eat quinoa and undergo frequent sessions of colonic irrigation enthusiastically administered by her good self.” She would then offer advice on diet and exercise, forbid them alcohol, and then the women would return home after losing weight. They were shown at the end of eight weeks to have reversed their weight gain and lost their body mass.

It seems as though Gillian McKeith needs to be one of the participants in her own show if she wants to lose weight herself. Not that she does not look healthy with her weight gain but if she ever wanted to lose weight, people think she has an option.