Haley Moore Weight Loss: How Much Weight Did She Lose?


Haley Moore has had a significant weight loss. houseandwhips.com

Haley Moore has undergone dramatic weight loss which has completely changed her appearance. The golfer had always struggled with her weight throughout her career and in order to improve her shape and game, she decided to be more active and then dropped 35 pounds. Haley Moore now looks much more energetic after her weight loss. 

Haley Moore is a young up-and-coming professional golf player who has been a source of inspiration for plus-sized girls out there to pursue their dreams and not hold themselves back because of their size. The LPGA Tour player has had an incredible journey in golf. She has played on the Symetra Tour and the Cactus Tour and she has done very good at it unlike what people say about her performance being compromised by her weight.

As someone who struggled with obesity since childhood, the sports personality couldn’t take it when people blamed her weight for holding her back from having success in golf. Thus, she embarked on a weight loss journey because she started to feel that she could do much better if she had her weight in control. She changed her diet and began working out and eventually lost 35 pounds. Here’s everything to know about Haley Moore’s weight loss!

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Haley Moore’s Weight Loss: She Lost 35 Pounds in 2021!

Haley Moore (@haleymoore14) underwent a significant weight loss of 35 pounds in 2021 and she has looked much more energetic and fitter since then.

Haley Moore had a dramatic weight loss in 2021. houseandwhips.comHaley Moore had a dramatic weight loss in 2021.
Image Source: Golf Digest

Moore had never been able to properly savor the winning moments in her golf career because she always had a chip on her shoulder that she could have done way better if she was more in shape because that would change her game. She was not exactly who you would call fit, in fact far from it, she was overweight and her weight was a source of frustration for her till she had weight loss.

Haley Moore had struggled with obesity since her childhood and it only intensified after she began her career. It didn’t help that people began to bully her for her body size. Her weight didn’t do wonders for her career and she was painfully aware of that. Of course, not having a swing coach, trainer, or nutritionist is also one of the reasons her career didn’t turn out the way she expected it to but she always felt that it was more about her weight. So, to rectify that situation, she embarked on a weight loss journey.

In 2021, with the thought of body shape in her mind and the intention of wanting to stay active when there were strict COVID restrictions, she changed her diet and then began working out to get the body she wanted. She splurged on a Peloton, starting slowly in the beginning and then ramping up with a goal to ride 2,021 miles. It was the beginning of the end of her struggle with weight as she started to have a weight loss shortly after.

Haley Moore Feels Much More Energetic After Her Weight Loss!

Besides Peloton, Haley Moore also began working out at 24 Hour Fitness. As for her diet, she started following the Optavia diet and limited her intake of sweets and carbs. She also learned to stomach cauliflower rice and dabbled with the George Foreman Grill as well. She focused on a low-carb and high-protein diet and began eating in a strictly controlled portion. Eventually, she had a weight loss of 35 pounds.

Haley Moore feels much more energetic than before. houseandwhips.comHaley Moore feels much more energetic than before.
Image Source: New York Post

She really put a lot of effort into changing her way of living by changing her eating habits and beginning workouts and biking and that paid off really well for her because she lost a lot of weight as a result. Now, it seems like her game has improved in so many ways. Even if it was not because of her weight loss, it was probably because of the confidence she found after her transformation.

Not to say that it was Haley Moore’s weight that was the problem (though many people have alluded to it) because she never had any problems performing even when she was obese (she had a natural talent at playing golf) but she herself has admitted to feeling a  lot more energetic after her weight loss. She said that she does not tire as easily and often during championships like before.

I’m not as tired as I was when I get off the course. I just have a lot more energy. I’m sleeping a lot better which is important, especially as we travel to different time zones week after week.

Haley Moore has been very inspiring to all the plus-sized women and obese women out there with her incredible weight loss journey.