How Did Harry Styles Get That Chin Scar?

Derick Scholz

Harry Styles has chin scar and Taylor Swift knows all about it.

Harry Styles has a chin scar which is a memento of the brief romance he had with Taylor Swift in 2012. The pop star was left with that mark as a result of the 20 stitches he had to get on his chin following a snowmobile accident that happened while he was on a skiing vacation with Swift. Fans love to look for Harry Styles’ chin scar but it’s not very prominent.

Harry Styles is undoubtedly one of the most famous pop stars in the world right now. It’s not just his music that has contributed to his fame, it’s also his personality. There’s something about him that’s so captivating and mesmerizing. It’s like he was born to be a star. He’s so charming and he’s hella charismatic. He’s got millions of girls swooning over him. He is the object of their daydreams because they see in him everything they want in their lover. But is he really the ideal partner?

The newly released (vault) songs from Taylor Swift‘s rerecorded album 1989 (Taylor’s version) say otherwise. Oh, yeah, it has happened. Yeah, gather around, people, and let’s hear the tale of how our beloved Harold wasn’t the best boyfriend to Swift from her songs. Her short-lived romance with Styles has been rehashed with the release of the new songs and this time, with extra details and extra spice. Fans cannot get enough of it. Other than the snowmobile accident, there’s much to know but it seems as though fans are still fixated on Harry Styles’ chin scar!

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Harry Styles’ Chin Scar: How Did He Get It?

Harry Styles (@harrystyles) will always have a memento of his romance and time with Taylor Swift on him. Yeah, that chin scar. All of us have seen it but do we all know of it? If you are one of the few who don’t, I’m here for you.

Harry Styles has a chin scar and there's an interesting story behind it. houseandwhips.comHarry Styles has a chin scar and there’s an interesting story behind it.
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So, rewind to 2012 when it was the ‘Haylor’ era. The sweet country music sensation Taylor Swift and the most popular member of the boy band One Direction were dating and their fans were going gaga over it. They made the cutest adorable couple but little did people know then that it was just them because their relationship was kind of a mess. Their short-lived romance was not an easy one and they had lots of issues. But they got out of that relationship just fine. Except for Harry Styles who got a chin scar.

Yeah, that’s right. Styles has never been the same since his relationship with Swift because he did not have that unnoticeable white mark on his white face before that. Really look into it and you will find out that it’s basically nothing. But because he was and still is one of the most famous people, people went crazy when they came to know the tale of his chin scar. Maybe it was the manner in which they learned about it that made them go insane but the point is they went insane.

How Harry Styles happened to get his chin scar was spelled out by his ex-beau in her song Out of the Woods from the album 1989. “Remember when you hit the brakes too soon/ Twenty stitches in a hospital room” more than says it all, I think. The lines, as it turned out, were referring to the snowmobile accident that happened when the pair were on a skiing holiday.

The Tale of Harry Styles and His Chin Scar!

Harry Styles got injured in a snowmobile accident after which he had to get 20 stitches. houseandwhips.comHarry Styles got injured in a snowmobile accident after which he had to get 20 stitches.
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The Sign of the Times hitmaker, according to the narrative in Taylor Swift‘s songs, was a bad driver and that resulted in the much-talked-about snowmobile accident in which he got injured. You do remember how he was pictured with a bandage on his chin in late 2012, right? Yeah, that’s right where his scar is. Fans wanted to know what had happened then but he gave his chin scar more privacy than his fans wanted him to. In response to fans’ curiosity, he only posted,

Chin chinnigan, chin chinnigan..

Umm…thanks, Harold! That explained it all!

If it was for Harry Styles, the world would have never known what happened then. But what happened didn’t just involve him, it also involved another famous person. So, it came out when that famous person (Swift) referenced that incident in her song. Only then was it revealed that he had gotten injured after he crashed a snowmobile he was riding with her while on a vacation? He was rushed to the hospital soon where he got 20 stitches. And that’s how he got that chin scar.

It’s not that noticeable on his pale skin but whenever he notices it, it serves as a reminder of his relationship with Taylor Swift and also of the fact that he is a terrible driver and that he probably shouldn’t hit the brakes too soon.