Has Barbra Streisand Had Plastic Surgery?


Barbra Streisand appears to have had lots of plastic surgery except for a nose job. houseandwhips.com

Barbra Streisand has been rumored to have gotten plastic surgery in order to fight the effects of aging and look young. She is said to have gone overboard with Botox and fillers. She also supposedly got breast implants and an eye lift. But fans refuse to believe Barbra Streisand would ever give in to plastic surgery because she has stood her ground in not getting a nose job despite extreme pressure on her to change her nose because of how long it was and the large bump it had.

Barbra Streisand is an iconic talent who has excelled at everything she did. In a golden career that spanned over six decades, she has done it all, music, films, televisions, and theaters, and she has shined at it all. She is probably the only one who has had success in multiple fields of entertainment. She’s one of the very few performers who has an EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony) to her name.

You would think such a once-in-a-lifetime, generation-defining talent would be highly appreciated and valued for her contribution to cinema and music but no, for every woman who rises beyond all expectations and success, society always finds something to take her down a peg. For Barbra Streisand, it was her looks that people weaponized to “contain” her. She’s an unconventional beauty with a large nose with a prominent bump and people always took shots at it. But she never got a nose job even though that was an easy way out. She never said yes to plastic surgery which is very impressive. But has that changed now? There are rumors that she has. Let’s find out!

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Barbra Streisand’s Plastic Surgery: What Does She Look Like Now in 2023?

Barbra Streisand (@barbrastreisand) is rumored to have had plastic surgery to reclaim the youth aging took from her. She allegedly had Botox and fillers, and also breast implant and eye lift, but never a nose job.

Barbra Streisand appears to have had plastic surgery to fight the effects of aging. houseandwhips.comBarbra Streisand appears to have had plastic surgery to fight the effects of aging.
Image Source: Billboard

If someone ever brings up Barbra and says that she has had cosmetic treatments, most people would not believe it because she’s the woman who had been extremely pressured to get a nose job in her prime because she had an unconventional nose but never gave in to that. So, people would find it hard to believe that she would get plastic surgery now.

But rumors say otherwise and just look at her and think about it. What does Barbra Streisand look like now? If you have been keeping up with her, you just know that she’s been trying to look young with the aid of cosmetic procedures because she does not look like herself now, she looks like a wax statue of herself that does not even resemble herself much anymore. Yeah, I would say that she has had plastic surgery, most likely.

The rumors may not have been so unfounded after all. Everyone thought that the Globe magazine was trashing Streisand for clout and clicks when they claimed that she had spent $360,000 on facial reconstruction and overhaul in order to save her marriage with James Brolin. But aside from the $360, 000 and saving the marriage part, they might not have been bluffing about the plastic surgery because she seems to have gotten some treatments to “fix” aging. She no longer has wrinkles and lines and her cheeks look extremely plump as well.

As per New Jersey cosmetic surgeon Dr. Lyle Back, Barbra Streisand has gone overboard with Botox and fillers, and she also had breast implants, eyelifts, and teeth veneers.

She’s pumped so much botox in her forehead, it looks like a cue ball, getting rid of every possible wrinkle at the price of making the eyes look like a pair of sleepy slits. She’s put so much (fillers) in the cheeks that instead of getting the intended youthful shapeliness, the skin looks bloated and fat. It actually makes her look older.

Another plastic surgery expert Dr. Anthony Youn, in conversation with Radar Online, said that the EGOT winner seemed to have had some tiny cosmetic changes done to make herself look younger. Youn believed that she had gotten Botox injections on her forehead and fillers in her cheeks. He didn’t think she had any invasive surgery but even without it, her face looked a lot different. Except for her nose.

Did Barbra Streisand Get Plastic Surgery to Look Young? She Never Got a Nose Job!

Barbra Streisand never got a nose job even though she was pressured to. houseandwhips.comBarbra Streisand never got a nose job even though she was pressured to.
Image Source: Rolling Stone

Streisand never changed her nose. She really stuck to her guns on that one to all the people who directly or indirectly put pressure on her to get a nose job because she had an unconventionally large nose with a prominent bump. Now, she may have lost to aging and gave in to plastic surgery to look young, but when it comes to her nose, Barbra Streisand won.

She has talked about it in her memoir My Name Is Barbra. In an excerpt of the memoir, she wrote that she was repeatedly told that she would not be a success in showbiz until she got a nose job and capped her teeth. But she believed that she could make it on her talent and besides that, she was scared that the plastic surgery would affect her voice. She thought it was too risky so, never went through with it.  Also, Barbra Streisand never had a problem with her nose, she always liked that bump on her nose and long noses in general.

I thought, Isn’t my talent enough? A nose job would hurt and be expensive. Besides, how could I trust anyone to do exactly what I wanted and no more? It was too much of a risk. And who knew what it might do to my voice? Once a doctor told me I had a deviated septum … maybe that’s why I sound the way I do. Besides, I liked long noses … the Italian actress Silvana Mangano had one, and everyone seemed to think she was beautiful.

Barbra Streisand, in the interviews she gave in the late 200s, said that she didn’t trust a doctor’s aesthetic sense to not botch her nose. That’s why she never got plastic surgery to change her nose. Speaking of why she chose not to get cosmetic treatments in the past, she said,

Many reasons … A, I didn’t have the money, B, I don’t like pain, [and] I don’t trust the doctors. I don’t trust that I would come out with[out] a funny nose job, which is worse. ‘I actually like my nose, it’s a little big, but you can’t have everything.

No nose job worked out well for her so, all’s well that ends well and she deserves some serious appreciation for not bowing down to unnecessary demands from society and showbiz. About other plastic surgery such as Botox and fillers, Barbra Streisand has not admitted to them and till she does, they are just rumors.