Hermione Norris Openly Admits to Receiving Plastic Surgery


Hermione Norris Openly Admits to Receiving Plastic Surgery houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Hermione Norris has openly admitted having numerous plastic surgery procedures including a tummy tuck and boob lift. The actress claimed to be concerned about the expectations imposed on young people to have an idealized body image and cosmetic surgery was an option for her.

Hermione Norris is an English actress who studied at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art in the 1980s before playing minor roles in theatre and television. She landed her breakthrough role as Karen Marsden in the comic drama television series, Cold Feet.

Recently, Hermione Norris appeared in the BBC‘s Silent Witness final season and stunned everyone with her new appearance. Since then, many viewers have been curious to know if she underwent plastic surgery to enhance her appearance. Well, here’s everything we know about her transformation.

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Hermione Norris Previously Opened Up About Her Plastic Surgery Enhancement and How It Help Her Maintain Her Appearance!

Talking about Hermione Norris‘s (@hermione_norris) plastic surgery enhancement, she previously chose a non-surgical facelift technique known as the CACI facial. This therapy uses LED lights and micro-electric currents to remove wrinkles and stimulate muscles, resulting in a more youthful appearance. The goal was to renew face features without intrusive surgery.

But with time, she claimed to have achieved inner peace with plastic surgery and even admitted she would still consider undergoing the full works of the cosmetic enhancement. She said: ‘It has taken me until I’m 52 to really feel I’ve grown into myself. I love being the age I am now. The experience you have gleaned by this chapter of your life means you feel more comfortable in your own skin, more at ease.’

Hermione Norris before and after plastic surgery. houseandwhips.comHermione Norris before and after plastic surgery.
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Hermione Norris and her husband, Simon Wheeler, have two children, Wilf and Hero, yet she remains concerned about the demands on young people for conformity to an idealized body image. So, she admitted that cosmetic surgery was the only option for her. Later, in an interview with Woman & Home magazine, she said: ‘I’d have the full works. I’d have a tummy tuck, a boob lift. I’d have it all – if it made me feel better.’

Likewise, The actress also admitted that when she turned 50, she experienced both appreciation and sadness. As per her, “When I turned 50, it was a time for reflection, and within that there was huge gratitude and grief. You realise there are things that are no longer available to you. Doors have closed and you don’t realise that until you’re there…”

However, Hermione Norris believes that there is something rather nice about being at this point in her life, saying, “There is also a sense of real liberation and freedom. The maps are laid down and there is a sense of satisfaction and joy.” She then explained,

I appreciate the sense of security as a woman. It’s more of an internal journey and I find the peace of that hugely liberating. It’s a fantastic time moving beyond 50. It where it’s at, for me. I have looked forward and grown into myself.

Hermione Norris’s Renowned Husband Stars in BBC’s Silent Witness as the Drama Reaches an Intense End!

The latest season of BBC‘s Silent Witness ends, and among the regular cast members, viewers may identify guest star, Hermione Norris, who played CS Sheila Court in the show that aired on February 12. Acclaimed for her portrayal of Karen Marden in the comedy series, Cold Feet, she assisted her fellow cast members in identifying, The King’s Cross Serial Killer.

The 57-year-old actress has had a great career since her début in 1990, appearing on episodes such as Drop the Dead Donkey, Casualty, and Luther. Despite her success in acting, she aspired to be a ballerina before enrolling at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

Hermione Norris has been married to Simon Wheeler since 2002. houseandwhips.comHermione Norris has been married to Simon Wheeler since 2002.
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According to OK! Magazine, Hermione Norris has been happily married to scriptwriter and television producer, Simon Wheeler, since 2002. The pair met while working on the crime series, Wire in the Blood, and they now have two children, Wilf and Hero. In a previous interview with The Guardian, she discussed her path to motherhood:

I wasn’t yearning for marriage or motherhood I loved my work but all that changed after my son and daughter were born. They are my life’s greatest gift.

Likely, Hermione also previously spoke with Good Housekeeping about her marriage and the value of trust, explaining, “There are people you have mad passionate affairs with and people who you marry.” She continued,

Marriage is finding somebody who you can raise a family with, grow old with and who you want to come home to. It’s hard raising a family so you need someone who you can trust to do it with.