Norma Hunt Plastic Surgery: She Looked Good For Her Age!


Norma Hunt may not have had plastic surgery. – Norma Hunt has most likely not had plastic surgery. She entered her eighties looking great but not youthful. She might have gotten laser treatments and may have benefitted from a great skincare regimen. Norma Hunt doesn’t have a plastic surgery face.

Norma Hunt, the “First Lady of Football“, was the only woman of the four members who are in the ‘Never Miss a Super Bowl’ Club. After getting married to a sports tycoon Lamar Hunt, she didn’t stay a passive wife and instead matched strides with her husband and contributed to making the American football scene what it is today. She was alongside him supporting him as he merged the AFL with the NFL and founded a professional soccer team which is known as the Kansas City Chiefs today.

Up till Norma Hunt passed away in June 2023, she was present at every Super Bowl game, all 57 of them from Super Bowl I (which the Chiefs lost) to Super Bowl LVII (which the Chiefs won). She made going to watch the Super Bowl a family tradition. She went to the first 40 games with her husband Lamar and after he died in 2006, she continued the tradition with her sons. The 58th Super Bowl (which the Chiefs won) was sadly the first one without her in attendance. Even in the win, they felt the void in her absence. She’s in everyone’s minds right now and the memories of her have led to discussion of her plastic surgery on social media.

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Norma Hunt’s Plastic Surgery: Did She Get Surgery to Look Young Before She Died?

Norma Hunt looked quite good for a woman in her eighties in her final years but not extraordinarily and artificially youthful in a sus way. It’s more likely that she has not had plastic surgery than she has.

Norma Hunt does not appear to have had plastic surgery. houseandwhips.comNorma Hunt does not appear to have had plastic surgery.
Image Source: People

All the memories of the late matriarch of the Kansas City Chiefs around the 58th Super Bowl which is the first one since its inception that she missed, have translated into the trendy social media discussion of her cosmetic surgery. Just to make it clear, there’s nothing about her appearance (in her final years) that has led to a rehashing of the previous speculations. No new photos of her have surfaced either. It’s just a rite of passage that any public figure who’s in the spotlight goes through. So, not even Norma Hunt, who is dead and was not in the entertainment industry when alive, could evade plastic surgery speculations.

But still, if we were to determine whether or not she had work done, I have seen more people lean toward ‘she’s not had cosmetic procedures’ than ‘she’s definitely gone under the knife.’ Remember how she looked in her final years. She was in her eighties and she looked quite good for a woman in her eighties. But that’s not to say that she looked too youthful in a way that concealed her age. If she had looked much younger than her age, there would not have been much doubt regarding her plastic surgery, would there?

Norma Hunt looked good does not mean that she had no wrinkles and her face was spotlessly smooth. It’s just that was very well-maintained and seemed healthy. She didn’t appear to have defined aging from any angle. You could see that her face reflected the years she has lived, the hard ones and the comfortable ones as well. There was no youthfulness to her face that would hide her age. She certainly hadn’t gotten plastic surgery to fight the effects of aging.

Norma Hunt Does Not Have a Plastic Surgery Face!

Norma Hunt may have gotten laser treatments. houseandwhips.comNorma Hunt may have gotten laser treatments.
Image Source: Dallas Morning News

Given that no matter how wrinkled her skin was, she did seem to have good skin for someone in their eighties, there’s a chance that she has had laser treatments. She may have mostly allowed herself to age naturally and just benefitted from a great skin care regimen. Everyone knows that she can afford the most expensive and qualitative skincare products. She may have taken care of her looks that way, in a non-invasive way. If Norma Hunt had had plastic surgery, the result would have been that either she would look much younger and better (in case her work was subtle and good) or she would look painfully artificial (in case her work went botched).

The fact that she looks just great in a normal way and not in a ‘rare’ way (as in it’s impossible to look that good at her age which makes it sus) can tell you that she has not had cosmetic treatments, not invasive ones at least, to borrow youthfulness. She just looks like any rich lady with access to the greatest dermatologists, nutritionists, personal trainers, and the most expensive skincare products. Norma Hunt may not spent her money on plastic surgery. She seemed to be too focused on Chiefs to be preoccupied with her looks either way.