Islam Makhachev Weight Loss: How Did He Lose 2 Stones in 2 Weeks?


Islam Makhachev had a significant weight loss ahead of his UFC 294 headliner.

Islam Makhachev underwent a significant weight loss of 2 stones 6 pounds ahead of his match at the UFC 294 Championship in just two weeks. People are shocked to see that he made the 155-pound mark, given how much he struggled with the weight cuts over the years. Islam Makhachev has not shared how he managed to pull off that drastic weight loss but there have been accusations that he illegally used an IV to rehydrate. 

Islam Makhachev is one of the fiercest and the most dedicated professional mixed martial artist. A former sambo competitor (he became a combat sambo world champion in 2016), he currently competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in the Lightweight division and is the current UFC Lightweight Champion. He has been in the MMA for more than a decade. He started competing professionally in 2010 and since then, he has become a two-time Russian national champion at 74 kg, once in 2014 and another time in 2016.

On October 24, 2023, he was ranked second in the UFC men’s pound-for-pound rankings after his match with Alexander Volkanovski. His fans were delighted to see him have yet another win but that excitement for him and his latest achievement did not deter them from talking about his weight. Islam Makhachev has undergone a serious and unbelievable weight loss and they would like to learn more about that!

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Islam Makhachev’s Weight Loss: He Got Too Gaunt in a Very Short Time!

Islam Makhachev (@islam_makhachev) has undergone a very drastic weight loss of about 2 stones 6 pounds in just two weeks. He has had a very serious physical transformation in such a short period of time that his fans are left in shock. They are literally stunned to see him lose so much weight even though they were aware that he was trying to lose weight because they didn’t think that he could actually reach his goal weight.

Islam Makhachev had a weight loss ahead of his UFC 294 headliner.
houseandwhips.comIslam Makhachev had a weight loss ahead of his UFC 294 headliner.
Image Source: Essentially Sports

Did you know that Makhachev knocked out Alexandra Volkanovski with a head kick followed by a ground-and-pound finish in round one of the UFC 294 headliner just three days ago? You had to know that! It was all over the news till the discussion about his weight loss took over. Now, people are talking more about his weight and the change in his appearance with his weight fluctuation than they are cheering for his victory.

You might be thinking along the lines of ‘surely, any detail of one’s appearance cannot be more interesting than a UFC match’ and you are probably right but people just couldn’t get over the gaunt face of Islam Makhachev. It was a pretty dramatic weight loss transformation he went through, that too in a very short time. He was supposed to lose about two and a half stone ahead of his rematch with Volkavonski to qualify for the Lightweight championship and he astonishingly lost it.

The Russian star weighed 191lbs (13st 6lb) just two weeks ago, which meant that he was not eligible to compete in the lightweight championship to defend his title. He had to make the 155-pound mark (11st) for that which meant that he would have to lose 2st 6lb in two weeks which he did. Yeah, he really had a weight loss of more than 2 stones in just a fortnight.

What Did Islam Makhachev Do For Weight Loss?

Is that possible? One might wonder. It didn’t seem possible to me but Islam Makhachev has proved it is. Given how ambitious he is, we should not have been shocked to see that he managed to pull off that serious and unbelievable weight loss transformation after all. You know what he said about the welterweight title? He said that he was ready for any fights because it was his dream to get a second belt. Seeing how his goal is to be a double champion, he sure would go to any length to defend his lightweight title. So, the possibility of the transformation is not the question.

Islam Makhachev was accused of using IV illegally to rehydrate. houseandwhips.comIslam Makhachev was accused of using IV illegally to rehydrate.
Image Source: CBS Sports

The question is, how did Makhachev do it? How did he manage to lose 2 stones in just two weeks? Just what did he do for that? Fighters are said to cut weight by reducing their water intake for a few days to dehydrate themselves and by sticking to high-protein foods such as spinach, chicken, and broccoli.  Did he do the same thing or does he have some other secret of his weight loss?

Now, we don’t know exactly what Islam Makhachev did because he has not shared what he did but there have been some rumors that he illegally used an IV to rehydrate. Though those accusations have been promptly dispelled, because people have seen him struggle to cut his weight in the past, they have few reservations about the rumors. As it turns out, people are inclined to believe that he took shortcuts for his weight loss that didn’t appear organic and natural at all.