Jai Nice Lies About Her Cosmetic Works Before She Confirms Them!


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Jai Nice denied having her breasts and butt done for the longest time. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Jai Nice tried covering the surgical enhancements she had for the longest time before she eventually opened up about her breast implants and butt injections. She pretended that it was her weight gain and hard work at the gym that made her butt bigger. She is also suspected of having lip fillers and a nose job. Jai Nice has not yet acknowledged those speculations in particular.

Jai Nice is a prominent social media sensation who has pulled in a huge number of followers with her fashion sense. She is a renowned fashion designer who is recognized for her unique, eco-friendly, and genderless styles. The style expert owns and is the director of the fashion website Kloset Envy which she launched to sell secondhand clothes. She was always interested in fashion since she was a child so, she started a channel about fashion on YouTube in July 2015. Since then, she has leveraged her social media presence and reached where she is now.

Jai Nice has hosted many fashion shows and she has notably dressed artists such as B.o.B., Jhene Aiko, and more. Aside from fashion, she has penned several cookbooks. But let’s not talk about her career today. Let’s talk about what cosmetic work she has had because it’s one of the things about her that people like to talk about. Her followers especially are more interested in it because she keeps on covering it with such obvious lies. Anyway, here’s what we have observed about her looks and how she looked before going under the knife!

Jai Nice’s Body Was Very Thin and Flat Before She Went Under The Knife!

Jai Nice has admitted to having plastic surgery on her breasts and butt but she has yet to acknowledge the speculations of a nose job and lip fillers. She denied having cosmetic surgery on her body for the longest time before she eventually got around to it.

Jai Nice lied about her butt injections and breast implants for the longest time. houseandwhips.comJai Nice lied about her butt injections and breast implants for the longest time.
Image Source: Yahoo News

Does anyone remember how Jai used to look before she got all glammed up and became a proper influencer (@jai_nice)? She was very thin and flat, wasn’t she? She had no curves at all. She must not have liked that because, in no time, she developed a very curvaceous figure. She went from having a rectangle-shaped body to an hourglass-shaped figure. And because it happened within a very short period of time, everybody was obsessed with the transformation and the surgical enhancements they thought were obvious.

Only Jai Nice denied going under the knife and insisted that it was her weight gain and intense workouts at the gym that developed her curves. The way she went from being completely flat in the chest and the butt to having very large breasts and a huge butt, it looked like she had inflated herself. You could definitely tell that those were artificial enhancements because of how unnatural they looked but she would never accept that. It amused her followers to see how hard she went to cover the so-obvious cosmetic alterations she had.

For the longest time, Jai Nice tried to sell that she got a rounder behind by doing squats and that it was the weight gain that went to her boobs. She would block anyone who pointed out her surgery. She said something along the lines of she had never had facial surgery or lipo or a BBL, and stuck to it for years. She eventually admitted to having breast implants. That she had enhanced her boobs with the help of artificial enhancements got more obvious when she lost weight. As someone said about Jai Nice on a forum,

Her boobs are the worst. They do look stiff and like they were just placed there like 2 golf balls. Her butt has become very detectable with her weightloss. Thats why girls go straight to the gym after healing from those injections…to build muscle. Everything needs to blend. Otherwise it just stands out from the rest of your body.

What Aesthetic Treatments Has Jai Nice Admitted To Till Now?

Jai Nice is suspected of having a nose job and lip fillers as well. houseandwhips.comJai Nice is suspected of having a nose job and lip fillers as well.
Image Source: Yahoo News

She took her time in revealing that she had had breast implants but she took even more time in admitting that she had her butt done as well. Even though her hips looked very weird and disproportionately big and it was visible that it was unnatural, she would only say that she was just growing into her body. She just wouldn’t confirm the artificial enhancements. She only revealed that she had gotten work on her behind in 2022.

Jai Nice kind of slipped in that she had butt injections when warning young girls to not have it as putting foreign chemicals into our bodies could be risky. She suggested that they get BBL instead. Well, that was not much of an admission as it was an allusion. It seemed to only come about because Jai Nice could no longer keep her obvious cosmetic work under wraps because she never acknowledged the fact that she blatantly lied about it for so many years.

The fashion influencer is also suspected of having lip fillers because her lips are much larger and plumper than before and is believed to have had a nose job because her nose is much sharper and refined now but she has not acknowledged the speculations. There’s a possibility that Jai Nice has gotten work done on her face as well but she won’t admit to it if she can ignore it.

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