James Gregory’s Weight Loss: Did The Comedian Lose Weight Due To Health Problems?


James Gregory's Weight Loss: Did The Comedian Lose Weight Due To Health Problems?

James Gregory apparently had a weight loss of 15 pounds. The comedian revealed himself to be a lot slimmer after the lockdown was over. But because James Gregory is indisposed to talk about his weight loss, most people assume that it must be because of some health problems or some illness. 

James Gregory is an American stand-up comedian who has established himself as the funniest man in America. He was born on May 6, 1946, in Lithonia, Georgia. He worked as a salesperson till he was 36 before transitioning into comedy for his career.

He made the transition after he got a job at Atlanta in The Punch Line comedy club where he had to introduce performers. Starting as someone who introduced performers, James Gregory worked his way up to being a performer himself and that’s the story of how he got started. His first feature act at the Punch Lime was on February 17, 1982.

Besides doing stand-up and performing, James Gregory has appeared on a regular basis as a guest on several syndicated radio shows, including the John Boy and Billy Show, Rick and Bubba, the Bob and Tom Show, and Steve and DC. Some of his most notable works include a video called Grease, Gravy & John Wayne’s Momma, an album and a book titled It Could Be A Law, I Don’t Know.

The funniest man of America supposedly had a weight loss recently. Some people believe that he has lost weight because of health problems. But, what’s the truth? Read to find out!

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James Gregory’s Weight Loss: The Comedian Lost 15 Pounds As Per Rumors!

James Gregory, the funniest man of America, allegedly had a weight loss of 15 pounds.

Lately, rumors have been flying around about James Gregory’s death. But those rumors are hard to trace to find out where they came from as it doesn’t seem to have any truth. At least no verified sources and publications have reported on it. So, take those talks with a grain of salt. Besides, the comedian is currently on a tour. And you can’t go on a tour if you are dead. So, there’s that.

Anyway, this unsubstantiated claim of James Gregory’s death has sparked curiosity about the comedian’s health and there was another rumor that he had undergone a weight loss because of some health issues.

As per the reports, James Gregory has always been an overweight person. He was considered obese by many. But he never cared for it, neither his weight nor people’s opinions about it, never gave a thought to weight loss and went on as he liked, performing and making people laugh. But later he was forced to stop living without care for his weight when he had a stroke which was said to be caused because of his heavy weight partially.

The comedian’s memory was affected by his stroke and it impacted his performance. He found it hard to recall the details of his routine. He laughed it off but he had to do something about it. This was what led him on the path of weight loss, it is believed.

And James Gregory most likely worked on losing his weight during the lockdown in the pandemic because when he returned to perform after things turned to a bit normal, his weight loss shocked his fans. He had apparently gotten a lot slimmer than before. He didn’t discuss much his weight loss journey though.

When he was asked about it in a show, ‘You seem like you have lost some weight now? How did you do that? Are you exercising?’, he didn’t seem like he was much disposed to discussing weight loss and he didn’t answer properly and used humor to avoid the question altogether.

James Gregory, speaking of what he did for weight loss, said,

Oh, exercise is hard. I just bought a bigger shirt. It fools everybody. 

But that didn’t seem genuine on his part because he seemed to have lost at least 15 pounds. And it’s not simply possible to look 15 pounds slimmer just by wearing an ill-fitted shirt.

James Gregory just didn’t seem to like the idea of weight loss. He even mentioned how he hated going to the doctors because whatever health problems you have, doctors always tell you to lose weight and exercise which he just didn’t want to hear. So, maybe he was telling the truth all along.

But because he didn’t seem much taken with the idea of weight loss and exercise, (he even refused to consider being overweight a problem) people began assuming that he had some illness that caused him to lose weight. Unless he confirms it, we can’t tell for sure.

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