Shanshan Feng’s Weight Loss; The Professional Golf Player Has Announced Her Retirement!


Shanshan Feng's Weight Loss; The Professional Golf Player Has Announced Her Retirement!

Shanshan Feng’s weight loss has taken over the news of her retirement. Fans believe that the professional golfer looked fitter in the recent Zoom call she did with the media to announce her retirement. Whether the weight loss is true or not, Shanshan Feng has not responded to that. 

Shanshan Feng is a former Chinese professional golfer who used to play on the U.S.-based LPGA Tour. In 2008, she became the first player from China to qualify for the LPGA at age 18 as she earned her card in her first attempt at what was formerly a qualifying school. She has 10 victories on the tour, including the 2012 LPGA Championship, a major title, in which she shot a bogey-free 67 in the final round to win by two strokes.

With the LPGA championship, Shanshan Feng became the first player from China to win a major championship. She is also the first player from mainland China (male or female) to win any major championship. With the victory at the 2012 Kraft Nabisco Championship which was her best finish in 16 previous majors with a tie for 22nd, she moved from tenth to fifth in the Women’s World Golf Rankings.

In 2016, Shanshan Feng won the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship and made history once more as the first Chinese player, male or female, to win one of golf’s major championships. The same year, she also became the first from China to represent her country in golf at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, where she won the bronze medal. The honor earned her an opportunity to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping. From November 2017 to April 2018, she was first in the Women’s World Golf Rankings.

After all the achievements in golf, the player recently announced her retirement. This recent news has put her in the spotlight, prompting fans to dig up various aspects of her life. That got them searching for information about her weight and wondering if she had a weight loss.

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Shanshan Feng’s Weight Loss: The Chinese Golfer Looks Much Slimmer!

Shanshan Feng (@shanshanfeng_golf), who is now being scrutinized to check for weight loss, has always been a foodie by her own admission. And she has never fit into the slim beauty standards and has been more on the heavier side. It may be because she freely indulges in eating whatever she likes. She has said on the record how one of the favorite aspects of being on the tour was that she could try different food from different countries. She said,

When I was on the tour, I was able to go to so many other countries that I could taste different food from different areas. That was the most exciting part. 

When she gave the news of her retirement from her home, people thought that she looked a little fitter than before and they now think she might have undergone a weight loss. While she did look slimmer than before, it does not seem that she has had a massive transformation to make all this fuss surrounding her weight loss.

And whether she has actually had a weight loss and if she has, how many pounds she lost, Shanshan Feng herself hasn’t said. And it does not look like she will ever. Because she rarely bothers with rumors and speculations like this. So, she looks like she has undergone a weight loss but she has not had a major transformation.

Shanshan Feng’s Retirement: The Golf Player Has Now Bade Farewell To The Sport!

Shanshan Feng recently made an announcement from her home of her retirement just three days before her 32nd birthday. After about two decades of her career in golf, she has taken the decision to officially quit playing professionally in order to pursue other opportunities both in and out of the game. And this decision was taken with no regrets as we could see a fit and happy Shanshan Feng announcing her retirement from her home.

She even joked after being introduced during a Zoom call with golf media for the announcement of her retirement,

I thought you were going to say you were so happy to hear I was going to retire!

This news was just a confirmation of what had been reported by Golf Channel more than a year ago at the 2021 KPMG Women’s PGA Championship. The retirement was not abrupt. It was being talked about before as well. Apparently, this decision was several years in the making. She had initially made plans of playing golf professionally for ten years and then retiring from the sports.

But after golf made a return to the Olympics, she deviated from her initial plans and decided to prolong her career in golf in order to compete in the 2016 and 2020 Olympic Games. And her career was extra extended due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Shanshan Feng sat out the 2020 LPGA season which was shortened due to COVID because she didn’t want to be quarantined for weeks as she commuted between China and the United States of America. After 16 months of break, she finally made a return to golf in the competition at the 2021 Chevron Championship, where she dazzled with an opening-round 67.

And now she’s going on retirement. The former professional golf player revealed what her plans were like after her retirement. She shared that she was approached by the Chinese national team in December 2021 to lead the women’s golf program. She has taken the job and said that she hasn’t practiced since then. She has shifted all her attention to now enjoying her new free time. She said that she is now loving the opportunity to not have to follow a schedule and wake up of free will without having to set an alarm clock in the morning. Plus, she’s beyond excited that she can eat what she wants when she wants.

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