Jane Pauley’s Plastic Surgery: The CBS Sunday Morning Host Suspected of Facelift; Her Face Doesn’t Show Signs of Aging!


Jane Pauley's Plastic Surgery: The CBS Sunday Morning Host Suspected of Facelift; Her Face Doesn't Show Signs of Aging!

Jane Pauley is suspected of having plastic surgery, especially a facelift. The CBS Sunday Morning host has never admitted to artificially enhancing her looks though. Let’s learn more about Jane Pauley’s plastic surgery and facelift.

Jane Pauley is an American television host and author, who you might recognize for being active in news reporting since 1972. If you watch CBS Sunday Morning, then she’s not an unfamiliar face. She first garnered mainstream kind of fame when she joined the NBC morning show Today as a successor of Barbara Walter at the age of 25. She served as co-anchor for the show from 1976 to 1989. She also took the anchor position at Dateline NBC from 1992 to 2003.

Pauley got her own show The Jane Pauley Show in 2003 which got canceled after one season. From 2009, she hosted a weekly segment sponsored by AARP called Your Life Calling for The Today Show before she finally got CBS Sunday Morning in 2016.

Jane Pauley might have had a very tumultuous life but people do not have much interest in that. Seeing her on CBS Sunday Morning, people are very curious to know if she has had plastic surgery. A lot of people suspect that she’s had a facelift.

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Jane Pauley’s Plastic Surgery: Has The CBS Sunday Morning Host Had Facelift; Why Does Her Face Look So Fresh?

Jane Pauley (@RealJanePauley) is believed to have taken the aid of plastic surgery to delay her aging, especially a facelift.

It’s been more than five years since we have been seeing Jane Pauley every Sunday hosting CBS Sunday Morning. She took over the news television program as a host in 2016 following the retirement of Charles Osgood. She was already in her mid-sixties then. And she is still hosting the program now as of 2022 at age 71. In those five years, a lot has changed but Jane Pauley’s face is not one of the things that have changed. Could plastic surgery be the reason?

She was already 66 at the time she started as an anchor on CBS Sunday Morning. She didn’t look her age then. So, if she didn’t look her age then, it’s kind of foolish to assume that she would look any different and more age-appropriate in the five years since she started CBS Sunday Morning. Because she doesn’t look like someone who is 71 now.

So, naturally, Jane Pauley has started to be targeted about speculations of plastic surgery. Because how else would you defy aging? What is the reason her face is almost free of wrinkles, save for a few here and there? Why are her cheeks not sagging? As people get older, gravity kind of becomes very functional and everything droops down and points downward. But in the case of Jane, her face still looks very tight and smooth for her age. Did she have a facelift to stretch out her skin on the face?

Speaking of getting older with the natural process of aging, cheeks also lose fat as you grow old and they sink into your face and they look hollow. But does Jane Pauley have hollow sunken cheeks? No, she has perfect cheeks and a perfect face! Like there are no wrinkles on her forehead. Just a hint of crow’s eye. People her age generally tend to have such lines etched permanently on their faces.  Her full cheeks. There’s a reason why people suspect that she has had plastic surgery, especially a facelift.

And her lips- they have not thinned at all and are still plump like in young people. Also, where are the laugh lines? What is it that causes her chin to still be sharp and her jawline to be very prominent even now? Surely, the answer is plastic surgery!

Because Jane Pauley’s face looks very fresh and doesn’t show any significant signs of aging, people suspect that she’s had a facelift. A facelift is a cosmetic surgical operation that is unusually done to remove unwanted wrinkles by tightening the skin of the face. In other words, it delays or stops the effects of aging on people’s faces. Just like what has happened with Jane’s face.

However, the television host has yet to confirm or deny any rumors of plastic surgery and facelift. Looking at her face, she looks younger than her age. Sure, she doesn’t look 20 but she doesn’t look 71 either and she looks like she hasn’t aged a day since she hit 45. That would be more than enough for everyone to scream foul play for cheating in aging and suspect facelift. But those are always just opinions and not facts until the person in question admits the procedures they have had.

And Jane Pauley has never done that. Never ever revealed any plastic surgery procedures people suspect her of undergoing. So, that would rule out a facelift even though people would bet their bottom dollar on that procedure.

However, there was this time when she once shared a plastic surgery story. She had once paid a visit to a cosmetic surgeon. But she couldn’t completely give herself to what he (the surgeon) had in mind for her. She said that there were a lot of areas that she didn’t want him to go near which made him think that she wasn’t motivated enough and implied that she would never have plastic surgery.

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