What Caused Jennifer Crumbley’s Drastic Weight Gain?


Jennifer Crumbley has had dramatic weight gain since 2021. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Jennifer Crumbley has undergone a noticeable weight gain since she went to prison in 2021. She was quite lean back then but in her trial that’s going on currently, she looks much bigger and heavier. Don’t expect Jennifer Crumbley to address any questions you might have about her weight gain because trying not to get sentenced is her priority.

Jennifer Crumbley is not winning any “Mother of the Year” Awards but far from it, she might possibly be getting sentenced to prison on the charge of involuntary manslaughter. Her 15-year-old son, Ethan Crumbley, committed a school shooting in 2021 which resulted in the death of four students, and she is accused of neglecting his son’s mental health issues despite being aware of it and failing to take some ordinary actions that could have prevented her son from carrying out the attack.

Jennifer Crumbley’s freedom hangs in the balance. Would it be justice to the victims of the school shooting, dead and injured, if she was sentenced to prison even though it was not her who pulled the trigger? But if she was proven to be innocent and went free, who’s to take responsibility for the horrific shooting done by the disturbed teenager who was struggling mentally if not the parents who were raising him? That is something the court will decide. May the justice prevail! This is a very serious issue so, I can’t believe that I’m going to say this but let’s discuss her weight gain because the trend in Google searches shows that people clearly want to!

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Jennifer Crumbley’s Weight Gain: She Has Gotten Bigger Since She Went to Prison!

Jennifer Crumbley has definitely undergone weight gain since the horrific school shooting that her teenage son committed in 2021.

Jennifer Crumbley has had a dramatic weight gain since she went to prison. houseandwhips.comJennifer Crumbley has had a dramatic weight gain since she went to prison.
Image Source: NBC News

Not to undermine the seriousness of the shooting that was carried out in Oxford High School in November 2021 by 15-year-old Ethan Crumbley which took the lives of four people and injured seven in any way but because, going by the increase in Google searches of Jennifer’s weight, there are lots of people who want to know the details of her weight gain. So, here’s an article about it!

Jennifer Crumbley and her husband were arrested shortly after the mass school shooting which was carried out by their son Ethan Crumnbley a few days after Thanksgiving in 2021. They were charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter each so, they went into hiding but they couldn’t escape. Anyway, coming to the issue which is up for discussion which is Jennifer’s weight, she was quite lean back then. In fact, I would go on to say that she was very tiny and thin. So, it’s quite shocking to see that she has had a weight gain since then because she looks very big now.

The trial of Jennifer Crumbley is being held currently and you might not even be able to place her because she looks completely unrecognizable with all the extra weight in her. She has gained a lot of weight and now, she’s no longer petite and skinny like she was back then. She looks much heavier than before and it can get a little jarring to see the drastic difference. After noticing that she had weight gain, lots of people who have been following the case are scouring the internet to see if there’s anything about what happened that made her put on so much weight but so far, nothing.

Jennifer Crumbley Might Have Had Weight Gain Because of Stress or Prison Food!

Jennifer Crumbley might have gained weight because of stress or prison food. houseandwhips.comJennifer Crumbley might have gained weight because of stress or prison food.
Image Source: Yahoo News

I can understand that people are curious about Jennifer’s transformation into a much heavier woman because it was a very dramatic change. It took a little time for many to figure out that the woman dressed in a knit sweater, who appeared very emotional and was audibly sobbing as she pushed her glasses to wipe away her tears, was actually the defendant of the trial Jennifer Crumbley herself. Without the glasses, I don’t think anyone would have recognized her easily. They would think where’s Crumbley in her own trial and wonder who the heavy woman was for a long time before they pieced it up together. Her weight gain is indeed curious.

However, I really don’t think there’s much to it. Jennifer has spent the last two years in prison and she can’t exactly be doing fitness exercises while she awaits the trial that will determine if she will spend her life behind bars or not. She might be stressed and also, it might be the prison food. I don’t imagine that anyone would care if the food made in prison is fattening or not. And no inmates are in any position to decline the food that prison offers because they have too much fat or carbs. This might be all there is to Jennifer Crumbley’s weight gain.