Jo Brand Weight Loss: A Look at Her Healthy Lifestyle!


Jo Brand Weight Loss: A Look at Her Healthy Lifestyle!

Jo Brand has reportedly undergone a significant amount of weight loss in recent days. It seems like she has started to take her health very seriously.

Josephine Grace Brand aka Jo Brand is an English comedian, writer, presenter, and actress who began her career in entertainment by transitioning from psychiatric nursing to the alternative comedy stand-up scene and early Saturday Live appearances. Later, she went on to appear on The Brain Drain, Jo Brand Through the Cakehole, Getting On, and other television shows.

Similarly, she also appeared on BBC Radio 4 on a regular basis in series such as The News Quiz and Just a Minute. Since 2014, she has been the host of The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice. Furthermore, she was named one of the 50 funniest acts in British comedy by The Observer in 2003.

Recently, Jo Brand is back on our screen with the new season of The Great British Bake Off with a stunning appearance. According to reports, she had recently undergone a weight loss journey to maintain her looks and health. Well, here is what we’ve discovered about her lean body transformation.

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Jo Brand Looks Incredible in Her New Weight Loss Appearance!

If you’ve been following Jo Brand‘s (@iamnotjobrand) comedy since the beginning, you may be aware that the comic was not always overweight. However, the radio and television personality began to gain weight as she reached her 30s. But she wasn’t burdened by her weight; in fact, she made use of it as a tool.

Jo Brand before and after weight loss. houseandwhips.comJo Brand before and after weight loss.
Image source: House & Whips

Jo Brand exploited her weight gain as hilarious material in her acts once she gained weight. She stated that she utilized her weight to improve her show. According to the comedian,

I say to people that I do those joked to pre-empt heckling, but I really do them because I think they’re funny. If you’re a fat person – and especially if you’re a woman – at all stages of your life you’ll get abuse for it, so you have to work out a way of dealing with it. The best way is to be humorous about it – that diffuses any tension. If someone thinks it’s your Achilles heel, they’ll just dig, dig, dig away at it.

Jo Brand was satisfied with her body size because she was using it to her advantage, but something happened. At the time Professor Greg Whyte, who was evaluating her, directed her attention to the possibility of weight gain. According to the source, Professor Greg told Jo Brand,

The weight that you carry is non-functional and when it comes to walking, it will lower your ankles, knees, hips, and lower back. You are going to have to carry that weight around with you hour after hour, mile after mile.

But Jo seemed unconcerned with Greg’s worries at the time. However, the comic then modified her lifestyle. The 66-year-old began to persevere with her long treks. Later, she explained,

One reason I want to do this is that I’m getting older, and as women age, they’re presumed by the rest of society as dowdy, blobby and in many ways pretty useless. They just become more invisible as they get older…I want to do this. Hopefully, me doing this will call other women my age with my level of fitness to arms. Maybe they’ll see me and think ‘it’s not as bad as you think.

Since then, Jo Brand continued to lose weight and get in better shape as a result of the hike and walks. The comedian emphasized that she is getting fitter and does not reward herself with large meals after working out.

Jo Brand Admits She Doesn’t Understand the Body Acceptance Movement After a Lifetime of Fat Shaming!

Jo Brand has been a victim of body shaming for a very long. houseandwhips.comJo Brand has been a victim of body shaming for a very long.
Image source: GH Gossip

Jo Brand admires the body positivity movement but believes it is too late for her. She claimed on the podcast, Get It On that after years of being ridiculed for her appearance, she doesn’t understand how young women can wear tiny plus-size ensembles with confidence. She explained:

There’s a very different attitude towards it now, which I kind of admire in a way, but I’m saddled with the “you shameful hulk” attitude that we had in my day. It was always the first thing people commented on. 

She further continued,

I just got used to those blows and dealing with them, and it’s fine. But I couldn’t bring myself in this day and age to wear what much bigger women wear confidently. I don’t understand how they can do that, but I do admire it.