Jo Koy Sees What People With Plastic Surgery Don’t!


Jo Koy does not look like he has had plastic surgery. – Jo Koy has now become the latest subject of plastic surgery speculations after his hosting gig at the Golden Globe Awards. Even though the comedian looks very natural, fans want to know if he has had any work done. He probably hasn’t even had Botox. Jo Koy has not yet responded to those plastic surgery speculations. 

You probably recognize Jo Koy from the six comedy specials that were released by Comedy Central and Netflix. He was one of the many comedians who rebuilt their career and garnered a new audience when the streamer churned out several stand-up specials in 2017. His comedy album Live From Seattle went on to be a chart-topping hit in 2019 and he won the Stand-Up Comedian of the Year Award for Just for Laughs comedy festival in Montreal in 2018.

Did you also know that Jo Koy is the one who frequently appeared as a panelist on E!’s late-night show Chelsea Lately? If you didn’t, now you do, and by now, you probably know everything about him and everything he’s done because he’s the first thing you googled after you watched the Golden Globes Awards or maybe, even during. Anyway, you must know that he’s currently the latest subject of plastic surgery speculation. So, let’s talk about that!

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Jo Koy’s Plastic Surgery: Why Is He The New Subject of Cosmetic Surgery Speculations?

Jo Koy is the latest target of plastic surgery speculations on the internet. houseandwhips.comJo Koy is the latest target of plastic surgery speculations on the internet.
Image Source: Rolling Stone

Jo Koy‘s (@jokoy) plastic surgery is trending on the internet and don’t say why because you know why. It’s certainly not because he has that surgery look to him. He probably hasn’t even had Botox.

Jo Koy is the man of the moment now. Everyone’s talking about him and how he sucked as a host on the Golden Globe Awards, how his jokes were so terribly, and unfunny and didn’t land, and how he messed up his opportunity of hosting such a prestigious award show. He is on everyone’s minds right now and on every corner of the internet. Like I said, he is the man of the moment, and being that has come with consequences. One of the consequences is all the plastic surgery speculations.

If you are thinking along the lines of “What’s going on with all the speculations of Jo Koy’s cosmetic procedures? How did we get there? We were just talking about how he managed to ruin the ambiance at the Golden Globes Awards with his unfunny jokes that he crashed. What does his appearance have anything to do with it?”, then stop being so harsh on him (he had less than two weeks to write all the jokes) and understand that his appearance has got nothing to do with the plastic surgery speculations about him. Such speculations are just a rite of passage that people of the moment go through.

Anyone who is a part of pop culture and who takes over the internet because of whatever they do or say or whatever happened to them, no matter how briefly, is bound to have people think about whether or not they are natural. I mean, there are very few people in Hollywood who haven’t gone under the knife. The entertainment industry has gotten shallower than ever and it’s the plastic surgery era so, the general public is obsessed with figuring out what cosmetic work celebrities have had. Hence, the rise in Jo Koy’s cosmetic surgery speculations.

Jo Koy Doesn’t Look Like He Has Had Plastic Surgery At All!

Jo Koy does not look like he has had any work done on him.
houseandwhips.comJo Koy does not look like he has had any work done on him.
Image Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Note that ironically, the comedian’s appearance has nothing to do with all the speculations that people on the internet are making about him on social media because there’s nothing about his face or his body that suggests that he has ever gone under the knife for aesthetic reasons. He looks like any regular man who is well-groomed. Nothing too unrealistic about his looks. He is not too impossibly handsome that it blinds you when you look at him nor does he look like a wax statue. Jo Koy does not look like he has had plastic surgery on either of those grounds.

He probably hasn’t even had Botox and that’s like a norm in Hollywood. Given how his face moves and he has wrinkles and crow’s feet, he most certainly has not had an anti-wrinkle injection. The speculations about his cosmetic surgery is an open-and-shut case because he so obviously hasn’t had any work done on himself. Hollywood might be plagued with plastic surgery but he is kind of immune to it because he is a comedian whose career has little relation with his appearance. Also, he seems like more of a person who mocks people who choose to get work done.

Jo Koy has not yet responded to the plastic surgery speculations because there’s nothing there that gets him. Maybe he will choose to make fun of this moment sometime in the future.