John Mulaney’s Weight Gain Following Rehab: All the Facts Here!


John Mulaney's Weight Gain Following Rehab: All the Facts Here!

John Mulaney’s weight gain is pretty evident in 2022. Previously, he got into rehab after he was excessively addicted to drugs, alcohol, and cocaine. However, at the end of 2020, he decided to get help and went to a recovery center. John Mulaney later gained some weight since his recovery. Also, John shared his thought on addiction and his current life on the previous episode of SNL.

John Edmund Mulaney (born August 26, 1982) is an actor, writer, and producer from the United States. He is most known for his work on Saturday Night Live as a writer and for his stand-up specials The Top Part (2009), New in Town (2012), The Comeback Kid (2015), and Kid Gorgeous (2018), for which he won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Special.

Mulaney is also known for his children’s musical comedy special John Mulaney & the Sack Lunch Bunch, which was released on Netflix (2019).

Mulaney (2014–2015), a semi-autobiographical series about his life, was created and starred by him. Mulaney is also known for his role as George St. Geegland in the comedic duo George St. Geegland with Nick Kroll. He’s also known for his role as Andrew Glouberman in the Netflix original animated series Big Mouth, which he voiced.

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John Mulaney’s Weight Gain: How Was He Able To Gain His Lost Weight?

Following a relapse of his addiction to alcohol, cocaine, and prescription drugs, comedian John Mulaney entered a Pennsylvania recovery center in December 2020.

Mulaney, a Netflix stand-up comedian, and alum of Saturday Night Live has been open about his past struggles with addiction. He has told stories of his early years of partying and drug misuse, including how he first became sober at the age of 23.

John had lost over 105 pounds due to his addiction. He was almost on the verge of dying. However, he decided to get help and stay clean at the end of 2020. He came back to host his show in March 2021. Everyone was impressed by his comeback and decision to help himself.

Similarly, he had gained some weight as well which he had lost during the peak of his addiction. He is doing good now and looks perfectly fine as of February 2022.

John Mulaney spoke on his decision to become clean while hosting Saturday Night Live for the fifth time in February 2022.

He said, “For many, many reasons, I’m grateful to be here tonight after a very complicated year. It is wonderful to be in a place that’s always emphasized sobriety and mental health. Since I last hosted, different things have happened,” he shared, referring to his December 2020 intervention. “Do you know how big of a drug problem you have to have if you open a door and see people gathered, your first thought is that this is probably an intervention about my drug problem?”

John Mulaney (@johnmulaney) has become an inspiration to many people now and continues to speak or sometimes make fun and motivate people to get rid of addiction whenever he gets the chance.

Addiction is something that could ruin our entire life. John has proved that life is full of opportunity and we should grab every possible opportunity to make our life better.

John Mulaney Speaks About Addiction Battle in Touching and Funny Saturday Night Live Monologue

John Mulaney, a longtime writer for Saturday Night Live and a successful stand-up comedian, hosted SNL for the fifth time Friday night at Studio 8H. Of course, he received a well-deserved five-timers club sketch on the show, but it was his humorous and emotional monologue that got people talking.

The new father, who sought treatment during the pandemic, spoke candidly about his addiction struggles and where he is today in his life.

John Mulaney talked about his personal problems for around seven minutes. He talked about realizing he had a problem as soon as he went into his intervention and realized he was getting an intervention. He talked about discovering that his drug dealer only dealt with him and the bond he had with his son because his beloved pacifier was recalled.

Since his departure from Saturday Night Live, John Mulaney has gone through a lot. He was a member of the show’s writing crew for four seasons and appeared on Weekend Update on occasion. He’s since had his own sitcom, written for a variety of other projects, and performed stand-up specials.

He also had a public divorce, had a child with actress Olivia Munn (@oliviamunn), and, as he mentioned in his monologue, struggled with substance problems, for which he entered rehab in December 2020.

John Mulaney’s episode was also enjoyable. The show included a Ukrainian choir, which was a very considerate gesture. Mulaney also received his five-timers club sketch, which featured Paul Rudd, Tina Fey, Steve Martin, Candice Bergen, Elliott Gould, and Conan O’Brien, among others. Of course, he traveled to some strange areas.

John had a sketch about a family gathering where he talked and did the Cupid Shuffle the whole time. He appeared in a Covid comic about how difficult it is to talk about anything Covid-related with other people, and he wrote a musical about buying churros on the Subway.

SNL had been off for a while previous to John Mulaney’s broadcast last night, but it’ll be back on for a few weeks with some interesting new hosts in the coming weeks. Oscar Isaac will host the show on March 5th, with Charli XCX as the musical guest.

Then, with musical guest Rosalîa, Zoe Kravitz will take over the show the following week. Then, by that time, we’ll be well into the speculating season, trying to figure out who will stay and who will leave.

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