John Roberts Eyes: Did The Fox News Correspondent Get Eye Surgery?


John Roberts from Fox News hurt his eyes when he was reporting in the war zone in 2022.

John Roberts’ unusual eye color has intrigued the general public. The Fox News correspondent posted a close-up picture of his eyes which showed that he has pupils of two different sizes. According to rumors, they were not always like this and this change happened as a result of the injuries John Roberts sustained while he was reporting near Kyiv, Ukraine in the midst of the war. The Fox News journalist was worried that he had to have surgery on his eyes but the injury was not as serious. He was also rumored to have gotten an eyelift in 2018.

John Roberts currently serves the Fox News Channel as the co-anchor of America Reports. The Canadian-American television journalist has been with the channel ever since he joined the network in January 2011. Before he took up co-anchoring America Reports, he worked as the network’s Chief White House Correspondent covering the Donald Trump presidency from 2017 to 2021, and before that, he was a national correspondent for the channel.

Before his stint on Fox News, he served as an anchor and Senior National Correspondent at CNN. He also worked at various radio and television jobs before he joined CTV in 1990, CBS News in 1992, and CNN in 2006. John Roberts was inducted into the Canadian Broadcast Hall of Fame on March 12, 2009. He has garnered immense credibility and respect in the field of journalism.

After the recent reports about him having suffered injuries on his eyes while he was reporting near Kyiv, Ukraine in the thick of war in 2022 and returning to work very soon after, people have showered him with even more appreciation for his dedication to keeping the public informed. They are also curious to learn more about the happenings. Let’s discuss what happened to the eyes of John Roberts from Fox News! Also, is it true that he got an eyelift in 2018?

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John Roberts Fox News Eyes: What Happened To Them?

John Roberts (@johnrobertsFox) from Fox News piqued the general public’s interest in his eyes who now want to know what happened to them and wonder if he had had surgery after he tweeted a picture of a close-up of his eyes which showed that his pupils were of different color.

After the above tweet sparked concerns about his eyes, several reports as to why emerged which detailed that he suffered an eye injury while he was reporting in Kyiv, Ukraine, which was in the thick of the war in March 2022. While he was busy covering the continuous Russian attack on Ukraine, an unforeseen incident occurred which caused damage to his eyes.

Though it’s exactly not clear what happened, reports suggest it was either a piece of debris that struck John Roberts in the eyes or shrapnel from a nearby explosion that got him there. Whatever the reason, the point is that the Fox News correspondent’s eyes were harmed in the unforeseen incident which created an air of panic initially. But as a professional who was reporting from a war zone, he was not a stranger to the underlying dangers of reporting from the conflict zone and he was quite resourceful in dealing with the incident.

Did John Roberts From Fox News Have to Get Surgery On His Eyes?

Following the terrifying incident, John Roberts was immediately taken by the Fox News team to the nearest hospital in the neighborhood to get him the required medical attention in order to avoid further damage to his eyes. Fortunately for him, the injuries, though frightening at the beginning because he couldn’t open one of his eyes, turned out to be not as serious as they thought. He was relieved after that as he had thought that there was a possibility that he had to get surgery to remove whatever it was that got inside his eyes.

John Roberts from Fox News did not have to get surgery on his eyes.
houseandwhips.comJohn Roberts from Fox News did not have to get surgery on his eyes.
Image Source: Deadline

After learning that there was nothing to be scared about, John Roberts tweeted that he was “doing okay” to reassure the general public and colleagues who had been worried about him. He took a couple of days off to give rest to his eyes and then, he was back in the war zone reporting the Russian invasion. Back wearing an eye patch and looking more determined than before.

John Roberts’ eyes are fine. At the very most, the injury he sustained then seems to have affected one of his pupils which is bigger than the other one. However, we cannot be entirely sure that it was the injury that affected his pupils because he has never confirmed it and it could be because of other reasons as well. We just know that his eyes were not always like that. Because his pupils are of different sizes, it looks like his eyes are of different colors.

On a totally unrelated note, did you know that there were rumors that the Fox News journalist John Roberts had surgery to lift his eyes in 2018? His eyes did seem much rejuvenated after (they weren’t of different colors then) but how much truth there is to the rumors, we can’t tell now because his eyes have been through a lot since then.