Johnny Rotten Had Weight Gain After He Turned to Food For Comfort!


Johnny Rotten underwent weight gain after he lost his wife. – Johnny Rotten underwent weight gain after he wrecked himself with alcohol and microwave meals following his wife’s death. The last time he put on weight was in 2018 when many worried that he had some medical issue. He seemed to have slimmed down since then. But after his wife passed away, Johnny Rotten let himself go and had weight gain again. 

Johnny Rotten, whose real name is John Lydon, scandalized the media during the 1990s and 2000s when he was the lead vocalist of the punk rock band Sex Pistols with his outspoken personality and rebellious image. He pushed society to the edge with his controversial lyrics. He has been known to cause the “greatest outbreak of pop-based moral pandemonium” in Britain. There’s a reason he was considered to be a figurehead of the burgeoning punk movement.

After The Sex Pistols was disbanded in 1978, Johnny Rotten founded another band called Public Image Ltd the same year. He fronted the post-punk band as the lead vocalist from 1978 to 1993 and again from 2009. This one was much more experimental in nature. It was described in a 2005 review as “arguably the first post-rock group” by NME. He was a hit with both of his bands and is regarded as one of the most influential acts in the history of pop music. As such, people are always interested in him and lately, they are interested to know about his weight gain specifically.

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Johnny Rotten’s Weight Gain: Has He Gotten Fatter and Bloated Like Before?

John Lydon (@pilofficial), who is known by his former stage name Johnny Rotten, revealed that he underwent weight gain in the aftermath of his wife’s death.

Johnny Rotten revealed he had a weight gain after he lost his wife. houseandwhips.comJohnny Rotten revealed he had a weight gain after he lost his wife.
Image Source: The Sun


The punk legend said goodbye forever to his beloved wife Nora in April when she breathed her last at the age of 80 after a two-year battle with Alzheimer’s. Though he said that it was ‘almost a relief’ when she passed away because she was free from her battle, the loss of his wife has been tough on him and it has been showing in his physique. Since his wife was gone, he has not been taking care of himself. He has kind of let himself go which has resulted in his weight gain.

Scroll through Johnny Rotten’s Instagram profile and see if he has not been looking bloated and bigger in the last few months (Spoiler alert: He isn’t in the best shape). It’s not very shocking to see that he hasn’t been himself lately and hasn’t been looking after himself because losing someone you love so deeply can be very painful that no words can express. His weight gain because he let himself go only shows a little of it all.

How did he let himself go? And what exactly is it that made him pile on pounds after his wife’s passing away? During an appearance on Good Morning Britain, he was discussing how he had been coping with the loss of his spouse with the hosts Susanna Reid and Ed Balls when he was asked by Reid if he really found solace in alcohol and food like he had mentioned earlier. In response, Johnny Rotten revealed that he didn’t really find solace in drinking and eating, and doing those things only led to his weight gain.

I tried to but, it didn’t really work all it did was make me put on weight. I never got drunk and I thought, ‘This is stupid’ so I stopped but, the trouble is it’s not just the brandy, it’s the instant microwave meals that go with it and you just wreck yourself and the only way I know how to get fit is it to get back on stage.

Johnny Rotten Had Drastic Weight Gain in 2018 As Well!

Johnny Rotten got his fans concerned with his drastic weight gain in 2018. houseandwhips.comJohnny Rotten got his fans concerned with his drastic weight gain in 2018.
Image Source: The Sun

Though the Sex Pistols frontman has put on weight over the last few months noticeably, it was nothing as compared to what he underwent in 2018. He was never as fat and heavy as he was that year. Many fans were concerned to see him like that. They feared for his health and his life, he got that big. Like The Sun reported when he was spotted waiting for his luggage at Los Angeles airport, he looked as if he was carrying the weight of the world. Johnny Rotten‘s dramatic weight gain did not look healthy at all.

His fans were concerned that he had some medication problem because he was not just fat but he looked bloated. He was puffy and swollen above the extra weight he had gained and some speculated that he might be abusing alcohol. You could make the argument that he just gained weight as he got older because the metabolism slows down with time.  But nobody would believe that it was a normal weight gain because he looked very unhealthy.

An insider from Johnny Rotten’s team said, in response,

John’s weight fluctuates quite a lot. He’s having a gruelling time on the road with PiL, touring and promoting. “It’s harder for him to maintain a steady diet and exercise plan.

But fans never believed it. They forgot it because he lost his weight in the following year. He slimmed down considerably before he underwent weight gain again this year after he lost his wife.