Jon Rahm’s Weight Loss: How Did The Golfer Lose Weight?

Derick Scholz

Jon Rahm's Weight Loss: How Did The Golfer Lose Weight?

Jon Rahm appears to have undergone a weight loss recently as he showed up to the Masters 2023 looking much slimmer than before. The golfer, as it turns out, has been training hard and working out a lot which has made him fitter than before. The gym sessions he has been having are the reason for Jon Rahm’s weight loss.

Jon Rahm Rodríguez was the number one golfer in the World Amateur Golf Ranking for a record 60 weeks and he is the world number one in the Official World Golf Ranking. He first achieved that rank after winning the Memorial Tournament in July 2020 and has held on to it for a while. In June 2021, he became the first Spanish golfer to win the U.S. Open. He recently won the Masters Tournament 2023 for his second major championship.

But all people could focus on as he won the tournament is how he had changed since his last public appearance and had undergone a weight loss. He did look much less bulky and smaller in terms of his size than before but his change was not drastic. He had been gradually losing weight in the time he was rising in golf. Let’s discuss Jon Rahm’s weight loss!

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Jon Rahm’s Weight Loss: The 2023 Masters Winner is More Focused on Fitness and Has Been Training a Lot Harder These Days!

Jon Rahm (@jonrahm) has the appearance of a much slimmer man currently. We all saw it as he turned a two-shot deficit into a four-shot victory to capture the 2023 Masters. Fans couldn’t help but notice that he has undergone a weight loss when he emerged as the winner of the Masters and got a second major to go with his 2021 US Open victory.

Jon Rahm is a huge man. He always towered over his competition and not just in the rankings but with his stature of 6’2″ and he pretty much intimidated them too with his sheer size. Like I said, he used to be a huge man. Even for a man that tall, he looked like he had extra weight on him, However, it was never an indication of lethargy as his games would prove. So, he didn’t really care for weight loss.

Jon Rahm appears to have undergone a weight loss in the recent Masters.

Jon Rahm appears to have undergone a weight loss in the recent Masters.
Image Source: People

Jon Rahm might have been that way because he didn’t train much since he was playing in college. When he was younger, there were a lot of limitations for him and he used to prepare by hitting balls and he just never went to the gym. So, all the time he was practicing to play professional golf, he spent without training and working out. Fitness and physicality were neglected, so he never was fit. If he had, there would be no need for weight loss later on.

But as Jon Rahm started to play professionally, in the years that followed, he started to evolve in his training. And when he began to prepare for golf those days, he worked out in the gym as well as a part of the preparation. So, he has been slowly getting slimmer and slimmer since then. His weight loss has been gradual people might not have noticed in real time. Only now that they saw him after a long time do they begin to realize that he has ‘drastically’ changed in terms of weight.

Jon Rahm neglected to work out before while he was practicing to be a pro golfer.

Jon Rahm neglected to work out before while he was practicing to be a pro golfer.
Image Source: PGA Tour

In an interview with CBS Sports, Jon Rahm said that his workout and diet routines have changed a lot since he arrived in the United States from Spain. That is the reason he underwent weight loss and has a different body than he had before. Ever since he turned pro, a lot of thought goes into what he does and what he eats. So, what he puts in his body and what he does while practicing gold has been altered. To check what he ate, he visited a nutritionist and they did a blood sample to do a sensitivity test to see what his body was reacting to and wasn’t processing properly.

Jon Rahm also went from lifting a lot of heavyweights in Spain (that just made him more muscular, bulkier, and bigger) to focusing more on agility and mobility in the United States. He said that it was a significant change. And it was important because, as he said, fitness is extremely important in preparing for tournaments because golf is seen more as athletes rather than just golf players.

No wonder Jon Rahm was in the process of gradual weight loss as he achieved a lot of things in golf. Because distance had become a huge factor in the game of golf and being able to hit it very far with strength requires golfers to be physically fit. Hence, fitness is extremely essential for golfers. And where Rahm is, fitness and diet aided him in reaching where he has.

Jon Rahm started training properly after he turned pro.

Jon Rahm started training properly after he turned pro.
Image Source: The Independent

Jon Rahm just didn’t get there by just being around. He committed to a process to improve his body, his swing, and his on-course performance. And in the process of improving his body, fitness and weight loss just happened. Because his backswing is notoriously short and he has limited internal rotation in his hips, his fitness routine has focused on mobility, stability, and sequencing. This is the reason he is able to generate plenty of clubhead speed, recently hitting 144 mph with a weighted club, despite his shorter backswing.

Jon Rahm has come so far with the training and with his fitness and his weight loss as well. He appears much less bulky and smaller in terms of his size now. That would be because of his intense workouts in the gym. He said that he focuses a lot on compound movements and lifts. He also noted that he did deadlifts, then he followed it with something bodyweight-related or explosive immediately after because he wanted to keep asymmetry in his work, both in body and energy.