Shane Lowry’s Weight Loss: How Did The Golfer Lose Weight?


Shane Lowry's Weight Loss: How Did The Golfer Lose Weight?

Shane Lowry looks like he finally underwent a significant weight loss, fans thought after watching him at the recent Masters. It was surprising because the Irish golfer had never been much for fitness despite being mocked for his weight. The pandemic seemed to have changed things for Shane Lowry as he started going gym to stay fit and he continued to stay active like that even after the pandemic. That might be the reason he had that weight loss.

Shane Lowry has played professional golf on the European Tour and the PGA Tour. Till now, he has had many notable achievements like winning the Irish Open as an amateur. He also won the 2015 WGC-Bridgestone Invitational and the 2019 Open Championship. But he has been pretty chill about it and what people like to talk about more than his achievements is how he has never paid attention to critics who want him to lose weight.

People aspire to have cool like him. He was mocked for being a bit overweight ever since he started his career as a pro golfer. But he never once paid heed to it. If it was someone else, they might have felt cornered to have a weight loss. But not him. However, he looks much slimmer now. Did he finally give in? Let’s talk about Shane Lowry’s weight loss!

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Shane Lowry’s Weight Loss: He Lost Weight When He Started Working Out in Gym During the Pandemic; He Continued to Go to the Gym After the Pandemic!

Shane Lowry (@shanelowrygolf) looks like he underwent a weight loss, people gathered as they watched him play at the recent Masters. They wondered what he did to lose weight as he finished joint 16th – 10 shots behind the winner Jon Rahm. They thought about what it was that finally made him decide to lose weight as he made three-putt bogeys at the third and fifth holes, bogeyed the 14th, and double-bogeyed the par-five 15th.

Shane Lowry appears to have undergone a weight loss in the recent Masters.

Shane Lowry appears to have undergone a weight loss in the recent Masters.
Image Source: Golf Digest

After all, Shane Lowry was always the ‘lazy’ down-to-earth golfer who was always mocked for his weight but he just wouldn’t do anything about it. He was just okay doing nothing about his weight. He was overweight and people made fun of him for it but he just ignored it or he just couldn’t care less about it and he never had thoughts of weight loss. He weighed almost 16 stones and he never thought of getting slimmer.

It seems as though Shane Lowry has finally given up on that attitude and has begun to focus on fitness after all. At least that’s how it appeared from the recent Masters. The golfer looked much slimmer than how he used to look. This threw off his fans for a little while because they never expected that he would change and make efforts for weight loss, knowing he had ignored all the critics who went on about his weight.

Do you remember when Shane Lowry threw away a four-shot lead at the 2016 US Open and a journalist decided that it was his weight that hindered his game? He even suggested that his mates tell him to lose some pounds to improve his concentration. Lowry almost won but bogeyed three straight holes on the back nine of the final round and lost by three and other were more frustrated about his weight than himself for this one. But even then, he didn’t have a change of heart and he didn’t go for weight loss because, with others putting blame on his weight for loss, anyone would have done it out of guilt or self-consciousness but not him.

Shane Lowry was always mocked for being overweight.

Shane Lowry was always mocked for being overweight but he always ignored that.
Image Source: Golf Channel

An Irish Examiner columnist Kieran Shannon could not celebrate how far Shane Lowry had reached in the game but only could fixate on how it was his weight that stopped him from getting ahead in the game. So, he suggested that he work for weight loss so that this would prevent a similar thing from happening in the future. He wrote,

You’d hope so with all the friends he has, that some of them will be frank and honest enough with him to tell him a couple of home truths, over a few pints if it needs be: to give yourself the best chance to win majors, you’ve got to lose some more of that weight. A contributing factor to Lowry’s slippage had to be mental fatigue brought on by physical fatigue. The more tired you are, the more prone to being distracted you are.

Shane Lowry didn’t even bother responding to that one and he never let anyone think that his weight affected his game in any way. The only time we have seen him talk about staying active was in 2019. It was the time when he ought to have been competing at the Masters in Augusta but because everything got shut down due to the pandemic and instead he had to speak to Off The Ball from his temporary Florida home about he was disappointed with the way things had turned out.

With golf out of the equation, Shane Lowry had been determined – was it the first time ever – to keep himself active. What he did then might have resulted in a little weight loss or the journey might have started from there. He equipped his home with a homemade gym because he realized that it is kind of a big thing to maintain an active lifestyle after seeing a lot of people on social media keeping healthy.

Shane Lowry made efforts to stay active during the pandemic which resulted in a bit of weight loss.

Shane Lowry made efforts to stay active during the pandemic which resulted in a bit of weight loss.
Image Source: Irish News

That was definitely a start for him in terms of being active and he might just have embarked on a weight loss journey because since then, he has started to look much fitter. It was the best thing for his fitness that he felt that it put him in a better place when he got out for a little walk or run. He didn’t really get out, he had one of those Peloton bikes and he would finish in the top 10 or 15%.

However, Shane Lowry insisted that him doing gym and exercises during the pandemic didn’t really change anything on his stance about his weight loss, which was that he did nothing about it. He had always ignored the critics and he was not going to stop that. He made sure to note that he was not looking to lose loads of weight during that or change his body shape or anything like that. He said that he was just looking to get a little bit fitter and a little bit stronger to help with his career.

That whole staying fit thing seems to have continued to stay after the pandemic. Shane Lowry now frequently has gym sessions. You can scroll through his Instagram profile and come across several pictures of him working out in the gym. I think we now know how he underwent that weight loss.