Josh Mankiewicz Weight Loss: Details About His Atkins Diet!


Josh Mankiewicz had a weight loss of 47 pounds, following the Atkins diet.

Josh Mankiewicz underwent a significant weight loss of 47 pounds by following the Atkins diet. The journalist had an incredible transformation in the process of doing a report for the NBC show Dateline. Josh Mankiewicz went from fat to fit as he showed that a low-carb diet can contribute massively to weight loss. 

Josh Mankiewicz is most recognized as the host of Dateline NBC because he has been reporting the show since 1995. It’s almost three decades now. Prior to that, the American journalist reported for The Today Show, NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, and Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly. He also worked as a producer and reporter for ABC News before he joined NBC.

He has covered a wide range of stories but it’s most likely his report on the Atkins diet for Dateline NBC that is most watched and that he is most known for. It was a very compelling case he made in favor of the diet because of how he went from fat to fit. The viewers were fascinated to see him lose 47 pounds after he started following the low-carb diet. The presumption that eating fat-rich food causes people to be fat (that most Americans have) was shattered by his report. Let’s learn more about Josh Mankiewicz’s weight loss and the Atkins diet!

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All About Josh Mankiewicz’s Weight Loss and His Physical Transformation!

Josh Mankiewicz underwent a dramatic weight loss of 47 pounds (21 kgs) after he took up the Atkins diet to report about it on Dateline NBC.

Josh Mankiewicz had a weight loss of 47 pounds while on the Atkins diet. houseandwhips.comJosh Mankiewicz had a weight loss of 47 pounds while on the Atkins diet.
Image Source: Politico

It has almost been two decades since the journalist did a report on Dateline NBC about the Atkins diet but it is still talked about. Really, people still have a hard time processing that having low carbs and more fat can lead to weight loss as they were taught from very early on to avoid fat and consume carbs as much as possible to maintain the body. Well, that was not right.

Josh Mankiewicz losing a whopping 47 pounds by following a low-carb diet proved that. His personal progress on the show, as he did the diet, was very fascinating to watch. The results of it, his physical transformation were incredible and amazing to behold as he went from fat to fit. His weight loss really gave hope to millions of people who were struggling to lose weight. He inspired many and for that, people are always going to be thankful to him.

The Dateline NBC host himself must have been thankful for the time when he was tasked with doing a practical report on the Atkins diet for the show because have you seen his after pictures? Josh Mankiewicz became svelte and slim like he was never before and he seemed a lot more confident after his physical transformation. His weight loss did not just change him in terms of his physicality but it also did a lot for him mentally.

Josh Mankiewicz’s Atkins Diet and How It Led To His Weight Loss!

Josh Mankiewicz went from fat to fit and all he had to do for his weight loss was follow the Atkins diet. It’s a low-carb diet that was devised by Dr. Robert Atkins in the 1970s when the concept that eating less fat and more carbs is the best to maintain health and physique was at its height. The diet was a bit controversial at the time Josh reported on it because it was believed to ‘promote unlimited consumption of protein and saturated fat’ which increases one’s risk of developing a heart disease.

Josh Mankiewicz reported about the Atkins diet on Dateline NBC. houseandwhips.comJosh Mankiewicz reported about the Atkins diet on Dateline NBC.
Image Source: NBC News

However, it did not take long for the Atkins diet to catch up to people because they were impressed with Mankiewicz’s weight loss and because they had tried all sorts of diets to no avail and they saw how Atkins worked for Mankiewicz. Also, people didn’t mind that one can eat as many calories as they want as long as they stay away from carbs under this plan. They were tired of having too much carbs anyway.

So, they were fascinated and glad to learn that you can eat fat and get thin after Josh Mankiewicz reported on the Atkins diet. It was very freeing to unlearn that if you eat fat, you get fat and not feel guilt whenever dining in a steakhouse. They had seen first-hand how it helped in weight loss. It gave millions of people who are struggling with their weight new hope.

Now, low-carb diets are very popular among people who are trying for weight loss because they do not put restrictions on the calories you consume as long as you eat fewer carbs and you can still lose weight with that. There’s a reason why Josh Mankiewicz’s report on the Atkins diet is still talked about even now.