Daniel Andrews Weight Loss: Was He Conscious About His Weight?


Daniel Andrews appears to have had a bit of weight loss. houseandwhips.com

Has Daniel Andrews had weight loss? With his name splashed everywhere after the news of his resignation as the premier of Victoria, he is on everyone’s minds right now and from his recent appearance, they have perceived that he has lost a little bit of weight. Given some of his past comments on other’s weight, it’s possible that Daniel Andrews embarked on a weight loss journey because he’s conscious about his weight. 

Daniel Andrews is one of the most prominent figures among progressive politicians in Australia. He used to serve as the 48th premier of Victoria up till recently when he resigned. The Australian former politician held the office of the premier from 2014 to 2023. He was appointed the leader of the Victorian branch of the Australian Labor Party (ALP) in 2010 and he also was a member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly (MLA) for the division of Mulgrave from 2002.

The longest-serving Labor premier and the fourth most tenured premier in Victorian state history, some of the major accomplishments of Daniel Andrews’ government include the ‘Big Build’ infrastructure projects, legalization of medicinal cannabis, voluntary assisted dying, decriminalization of sex work, and compensation reform for victims of institutionalized child sex-abuse. You can tell a lot of people are sad to see him go.

But can you also tell that a lot of people are discussing his weight loss because that’s what’s going on? Many people have perceived that he looked slightly thinner than before. Nothing drastic but they think the change is big enough to not go unmissed. Some wonder if he has embarked on a journey to lose weight because he’s conscious about his weight. Let’s discuss Daniel Andrews’ weight loss!

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Daniel Andrews’ Weight Loss: Many Think He Appears Slightly Thinner Than Before!

Daniel Andrews (@danielandrewsmp) is speculated by many to have undergone a bit of weight loss because, according to them, he has started to appear slightly thinner than before.

Daniel Andrews is believed to have had a bit of weight loss. houseandwhips.comDaniel Andrews is believed to have had a bit of weight loss.
Image Source: The Australian

Andrews is resigning from politics and he is supposedly proud that he did not waste a minute in saying goodbye to politics. On Tuesday, he shocked everyone with the announcement that he was stepping down as premier after almost nine years because it was time to go and he did not want to resent his job. The longest-serving Labor premier of Victoria officially retired the next day.

With the news of his retirement, Daniel Andrews’ name has been splashed everywhere. Right now, he may have already left politics but he’s truly on everyone’s minds. It’s because of this that he is facing intense scrutiny which has led to people perceiving that he has had a bit of weight loss. To many, he has started to look a bit skinnier than he was before.

The former politician was not overweight but he was not the epitome of fitness either and he could do with losing a few pounds and looks like he has. Daniel Andrews has not undergone any drastic physical transformation. In fact, you would not even notice that he has had “weight loss” at all if it wasn’t for the scrutiny that came with the announcement of his resignation because the little change his body has been through is so negligible.

The only way you could tell that the former premier of Victoria has lost a bit of weight is if you noticed how his once prominent double chin is no longer there and his face does not look as chubby as it used to. As a matter of fact, his face looks noticeably slimmer than before and that is why people have arrived at the conclusion that he has had a weight loss.

Did Daniel Andrews Have Weight Loss Because He’s Conscious About His Weight?

After noticing that Daniel Andrews has had a slight weight loss, many people were reminded of the time when he was accused of mocking someone for being a little overweight and wondered if he lost weight because he was conscious of how unfit he had started to become.

Daniel Andrews once made a joke about someone's weight. houseandwhips.comDaniel Andrews once made a joke about someone’s weight.
Image Source: The Guardian

In 2016, Andrew Katos who was the Liberal MP representing the electorate of South Barwon, called out Andrews for joking about his weight. He said that he has always had problems with his weight which sometimes troubled his mind and he didn’t appreciate it when Daniel Andrews thought it was funny to mock him about it when he was asking a serious question about crime in his electorate.

To his question, Labor MPs sarcastically remarked, “We didn’t see that coming” but he didn’t mind it as much as when Daniel chipped in to say, “First time anyone has said they didn’t see his coming” referencing his weight. This incident caused much outrage back then after which Daniel had to apologize. Anyway, the point is that he mocked someone’s weight and could it be that he started to become conscious of his own weight as he grew older and not fitter? If so, did it drive him to embark on a weight loss journey?

I know it’s a reach but it is possible. But it could have been a light-hearted comment that was not taken well because it was the opposition it was directed at. Anyway, Daniel Andrews seems to have had a bit of weight loss and we don’t really know the reason and we won’t until he himself talks about it.