Cassidy Hutchinson Weight Loss: Did She Get Thin?


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Cassidy Hutchinson does not appear to have had weight loss.

Cassidy Hutchinson does not appear to have had weight loss, nothing noticeable at least. So, the speculations about her weight fluctuations can seem confusing because they have literally come out of nowhere. Don’t expect Cassidy Hutchinson to be addressing the discussions about her weight loss anytime soon because the rumors are baseless.

Do you remember Cassidy Hutchinson from the time she served as an assistant to former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows during the Trump administration? She was thick as thieves with the Republicans. So, you might be shocked to learn that she has switched sides now. The former White House aide now stands against what she once stood for.

Cassidy Hutchinson sparked outrage from allies of Trump when she testified on June 28, 2022, at the public hearings of the United States House Select Committee about the conduct of Trump and his senior aides and political allies before and during the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021. Several media outlets labeled it “compelling” and “explosive”, which is what they have labeled her new book Enough as well.

With the new release, she has garnered a lot of interest from people who are now discussing her weight loss. It’s a bit surprising because there is nothing that suggests that she has gotten thinner than before. The speculations have literally come out of thin air. Anyway, whatever it may be, let’s discuss Cassidy Hutchinson’s weight loss!

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Cassidy Hutchinson’s Weight Loss: Does She Need to Lose Her Weight?

There’s surprisingly been a lot of chatter about Cassidy Hutchinson‘s weight loss but it does not seem like there is nothing much to discuss because she looks the same as she’s ever looked.

Cassidy Hutchinson's weight loss speculations have taken over social media. houseandwhips.comCassidy Hutchinson’s weight loss speculations have taken over social media.
Image Source: Vanity Fair


So, the former White House Aide has released a new book Enough where she tells the story of how her life took the trajectory of a good girl gone Trump and also offers some fresh insights into the intricacies of the Trump administration, and now, it’s her in every next headline in the politics section. It also appears that the interest in her revelations has entered the personal domain as the speculations about her weight loss have taken over the internet.

That’s right. People are talking about Cassidy Hutchinson’s weight? It’s confusing and I can’t figure out how they went from talking about her book to talking about her weight but they have somehow reached there even though nothing suggests that there has been fluctuation in her weight. She does not appear thinner than before. She does not seem to have undergone weight loss, at least nothing significant and noticeable.

The politician reportedly weighs around 55-60 kilograms and she has never strayed too far from that. She had always appeared to be around that ballpark. Cassidy Hutchinson was of average weight. Not fat but not too slender as well. She definitely didn’t look like she needed to lose weight because she looked fit like she had no extra weight in her. So, imagine the surprise when social media began to get flooded with discussions about her weight loss.

Most of them were probably thinking along the lines of ‘Did she even have to lose weight or did she get skinny because she is sick or something’ until they saw her in interviews after which they learned that she has not really lost weight. She looks the same as she had always looked. No change in her physique. The speculations about her weight loss were baseless.

Cassidy Hutchinson Does Not Appear To Have Had Weight Loss!

Cassidy Hutchinson has not had a weight loss recently. houseandwhips.comCassidy Hutchinson has not had a weight loss recently.
Image Source: CNN

Many people sought her before and after pictures to see how much she had changed but on comparing her pictures from her recent interview to old photos, they realized that she had not changed at all. Not even a bit. She has definitely not gotten slimmer or fitter. She is in the same shape as she has always been. Like there are literally no grounds for discussion about her weight loss.

According to rumors, Cassidy Hutchinson follows a very healthy lifestyle and she has managed to have a steady weight despite her busy life by maintaining a balanced approach to workouts and diets. Not much is known about what she eats but surely, she had to have a diet rich in essential nutrients including fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats. People with healthy diets like that would never have to embark on a weight loss journey because they would always be fit.

As for Cassidy Hutchinson’s workouts, nothing is known about them either but speculations have it that she most likely does cardiovascular workouts, strength training, and flexibility exercises to maintain her stamina and fitness. If that’s true, good for her. But even if that’s not true, she has always been fit and it wouldn’t look healthy if she had a weight loss.

Note that Cassidy Hutchinson has yet not addressed the speculations about her weight loss.