Steve Wilkos Weight Loss: Is The TV Show Host Sick?


Steve Wilkos has had weight loss and fans are concerned that he is sick.

Steve Wilkos appears to have undergone a dramatic weight loss, looking at his recent Instagram pictures and reels. The television personality used to be quite massive but now he has gotten noticeably skinny and people are worried that he is sick. Steve Wilkos has not revealed how he had that drastic weight loss but some of his fans think that he lost weight by following a strict workout regime and diet plan. They don’t believe that he got skinny because he is sick as they remember that he used to be quite fit before he gained weight and he might be trying to get back in shape. 

It was spectacular Steve Wilkos went from being a Chicago cop to a breakout icon on Jerry Springer‘s talk show before finding fame with his own show. Can anyone believe that he started in 1994 as the director of security on The Jerry Springer Show, which was a gig he took when he was a cop in order to make some extra money in 1994? This led to him substituting Springer as host on several occasions.

He loved hosting and talking so much that he quit his job as a law enforcement officer to join the television show full-time in 2001. In 2007, he got his own show The Steve Wilkos Show which he has been hosting since then. His show has done very well and has had a very good run. It has been renewed for the seventeenth season which just premiered a few days ago.

With the release of the new season, viewers have seen for themselves that Wilkos has had weight loss and gotten incredibly skinny compared to the last season and now, many of them are worried that he might be sick. He used to be quite massive. Now, it looks as though he has lost half his weight and fans want to know. While some think it’s because he’s sick, others think that he changed his diet plan and started a workout routine to get fitter. Let’s discuss Steve Wilkos’ weight loss!

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Steve Wilkos’ Weight Loss: Did He Get Skinny Because He is Sick?

Steve Wilkos has undergone a dramatic weight loss recently. houseandwhips.comSteve Wilkos has undergone a dramatic weight loss recently.
Image Source: Deadline

So, Steve Wilkos (@thestevewilkosshow) has had a weight loss as revealed from the recent pictures and reels he has posted on his Instagram page and from Season 17 of his self-titled talk show. The question his fans have is: How did he lose weight? They specifically want to know if he lost weight because he’s sick because many of them seem to think so.

Wilkos is a very large man and his huge stature was one of the reasons why he was asked to provide security on The Jerry Springer Show. People are used to seeing him with a massive frame. So, it came as a surprise to them when he showed up on the latest season of The Steve Wilkos Show looking a lot smaller than before. They were so shocked to see him so skinny in his recent pictures that they couldn’t take his weight loss off their minds.

The former Chicago cop’s fans began to get concerned that he might be sick because what else could explain how he suddenly lost so much weight? Also, they think that he looks very weak and ill with his considerably smaller frame. Even though Steve Wilkos has not once made any mentions of his illness that might have caused him to lose weight like that, many people are convinced that he is sick. His weight loss is eating at them.

However, not all of the viewers buy that he is sick. There are lots of people who speculate that he lost weight deliberately as he was trying to get into shape that he had before. If you remember clearly, he was not always massive. Sure, he had a large frame but he was quite fit. He had a very muscular physique and he was not considered fat at all. He didn’t need to have weight loss at that weight.

What Workouts Did Steve Wilkos Do For Weight Loss?

Steve Wilkos lost weight because he wanted to get in shape not because he got sick, his fans say. houseandwhips.comSteve Wilkos lost weight because he wanted to get in shape not because he got sick, his fans say.
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Only around 2010 or 2011 did Steve Wilkos start to gain weight and by gain weight, I mean balloon up because that’s what he did. He blew up literally. Turns out he had hurt his back and had to get operated on several times so he was unable to work out and exercise like he did before which eventually led to him getting fat. He appeared to have let himself go at the time, now it looks as though he is trying to attain the fit physique he had before by embarking on a weight loss journey.

Just because Steve Wilkos has gotten skinnier than before does not mean that he is sick. He simply could have been trying to maintain himself.  And I’m sure that his weight loss is deliberate because there has been a rise in his gym and workout content in the past few years. Though we cannot be sure what routine exercises and workouts he does to keep fit, the rumor has it that he does the bench press exercise, an average of 240 pounds.

Steve Wilkos also supposedly has been focusing on cardiovascular exercises to keep fit and prevent gaining excess weight as he gets older. He apparently owns a gym in the Fairfield County area of Connecticut. If these rumors are true, he really seems determined to get back in shape and so far, he has made a lot of progress, seeing his weight loss. But since he has not yet verified or falsified the rumors, we can’t tell for sure.