Joss Stone Thinks Her Weight Loss Is Irrelevant!


Joss Stone's fans want to know about her weight loss. – Joss Stone does not appear to have had weight loss in recent times but she has always been extremely slender, at least ever since she came to the consciousness of the public. As a teenager, the singer was overweight and though she went on to say that her weight is irrelevant, she put lots of effort into losing weight when she was young. Since then, Joss Stone has maintained her weight loss.

Joss Stone is one of the best-selling soul artists of the 2000s and the best-selling British artist of her time overall. She broke into the music scene in late 2003 with her debut album The Soul Sessions which took the UK by storm. Everyone was blown away by her exceptional vocal skills and her ability to interpret classic soul songs with sheer talent and depth. There’s a reason she was deemed the ‘white Aretha Franklin‘ on her arrival, and that’s a very good reason.

Joss Stone has won several accolades including two Brit Awards and one Grammy Award out of five nominations. Her music has not been just a commercial success but it has been a critical hit as well. She has also tried her hand at acting. She debuted in the film scene with the 2006 fantasy adventure film Eragon and she made her television debut in 2009 with The Tudors. Throughout her career, when it comes to her personal stuff, her weight has often been the topic of discussion. So, let’s talk about her weight loss!

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Joss Stone Weight Loss: She Has Always Been Slender!

Has Joss Stone (@jossstone) undergone weight loss recently? Why has there been a rise in Google searches about her weight if there hasn’t been some recent fluctuation? Let’s find out!

Joss Stone's weight loss speculations is trending on the internet. houseandwhips.comJoss Stone’s weight loss speculation is trending on the internet.
Image Source: People

Well, speaking of The Soul Sessions vocalist and her weight, it does not look like she has lost weight recently. Sure, she looks very slender but that’s how she has always looked. Ever since she came into public consciousness, ever since she became famous and a public figure, she has been nothing but slim. People don’t remember her being anything other than that. In that regard, her weight loss speculations are very baffling, to say the least.

However, as it turns out, Joss Stone has always sparked curiosity among her fans about her physique which has, at any point of time, been less than well-maintained. She is always trim and she has not been through a lot of weight fluctuations except the times when she was pregnant and gave birth to her children. This has made people wonder how she’s doing it, maintaining her figure like that. This is what has led to questions about her weight loss.

The singer is not gaining weight and even though it does not look like she’s losing it either, every time people look at her, she appears to be more slender than she was before. The optics of it is that she is getting skinnier with time and this is what has raised questions about her body figure and what she has been doing to keep herself fit and fitter than ever. In other words, what is the secret of her weight loss or the secret to maintaining it?

What Has Joss Stone Said About Her Weight Loss?

Joss Stone once said that her weight is irrelevant. houseandwhips.comJoss Stone once said that her weight is irrelevant.
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Well, Stone has never outright said what she does to lose or maintain her weight but from what she has said, we can make a guess that her diet is largely at play in her fitness and the maintenance of her figure. She is a vegetarian who has never touched meat. The things she eats which include bean crepes, pitta bread, quorn, and salad sandwiches, have never been known to bulk you up. So, as Joss Stone eats that, she’s not bulking up, and when she’s not bulking up, she is having a weight loss.

If you were to ask her directly about her weight, she would say that her weight is irrelevant. She once said that it doesn’t matter how thin she was because she is not a model. That’s what she thinks in order to keep things in perspective if she has gained weight or gotten fatter. She basically said that she does not care about her weight loss.

Thank God I can sing [for a living] because it really doesn’t matter how thin I am. It’s irrelevant! That’s what I think when I feel that I’ve put on weight. I quickly remind myself, I’m not a model. That’s not important.

However, Joss Stone was not always thin. In fact, she was quite chubby in her teens and she had tried very hard to shed weight as she got older. She did a good job of maintaining her weight loss since she lost weight. She has never gained back the weight she lost and that absolutely does matter no matter what she says. Even if she says things like her weight is irrelevant to keep things in perspective, she seems to care about her weight.